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Oakwood Meadows: Elite Villas in Bodrum, Muğla – the Turkish Riviera

Bodrum is a peninsula and a Turkish resort with the same name located in the province of Muğla, in the place where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. This fabulous Turkish Riviera is surrounded by forest, rocks, and tangerine groves. There are a lot of bays scattered along the sandy shore, while ancient streets and fabulous houses surrounded by palms win your heart at first sight with their elegance.

Oakwood Meadows

And all of that can become your permanent place of residence in the nearest future! We propose unique elite villas at a beneficial price that are ready for occupancy. Luxurious villas with their own pool are located just 100 meters from the seashore, are fully equipped with modern appliances, and give the right to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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The seasoned experts of our portal will be glad to help you buy a villa on the Mediterranean coast at a profitable price or choose an apartment in one of the Turkish cities. Select real estate to qualify for an investment program and take advantage of the opportunity to relocate abroad in the near future!

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Stone Villas in the Turkish Riviera: Project Description

The stone villas in Bodrum, Muğla, that we offer make up a complex of 5 buildings on the Turkish Riviera coast that occupy an area of 2,500 m2. Each villa has its own mini garden, pool, and modern technical appliances, so you will be able to live at the seaside all year round.

Oakwood Meadows
Oakwood Meadows

Project Description of Villas

  • Project type villas
  • Layout: 4+1
  • Price: from $1,836,665 to $1,836,665
  • Address: Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
  • Total area of each house: from 133 to 703 m2
  • Project status: 100% ready for occupancy
  • Distance to the sea: 100 meters
  • Distance to the city center: 15 km

And all of that can become your home that you can buy today by getting in touch with our specialists using the contacts specified on the portal.

Exterior of Stone Villas in Bodrum

The villas for sale are built using a hybrid technology of stonework with reinforced concrete load-bearing structures, which makes them long-lasting and aesthetically attractive. The natural stone also has high heat and sound insulation properties, which guarantees that the owners will feel cool on hot days and enjoy the warmth on winter evenings.

Oakwood Meadows
Oakwood Meadows

The outer décor and overall furnishing of each house impress and attract those who value an ideal in each detail. The apartments on offer are located in an area of 400 m2 where the architects and designers arranged the following:

  • An outdoor pool with sunbeds
  • A flower garden
  • A patio
  • Walking paths
  • A technical warehouse
  • A car park for personal vehicles

The villa’s authentic style charms by its exquisite beauty, while the proximity of the seacoast plunges you into the magic atmosphere of an ancient city where each detail is exclusive and you feel the touch of an experienced artist in the smallest details of the house of natural stone.

Interior of Houses and Technical Characteristics

Each villa is a work of art that combines grace and comfort. The designers used all décor elements typical of rural style but preserved high quality and up-to-date feel.

The items you will be surprised at in Bodrum houses in terms of interior and aesthetics:

  • High ceiling
  • Stained-glass windows
  • Open terraces with terrazzo mosaic floors
  • A living room with a fireplace where you can get warm in winter time
  • Modern kitchen equipment
  • Built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms
  • Cable and digital TV
  • High-quality finishing of walls and floors in a different color palette
  • Wooden chairs and tables, and many other things

The windows offer a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape, and you will get to the seaside for a walk in just 2-5 minutes.

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If you are interested in other elite villas in Turkey that are ready for occupancy, please study several projects and receive complex assistance: the experienced specialists of our portal will help you easily register the right of ownership.


Elite Housing in Turkey for Investments and Citizenship

Expensive apartments, villas, houses, cottages, and rooms in Turkish hotels will help you quickly obtain a Turkish passport, a residence permit, and relocate from any country of the world. In addition to becoming a Turkish passport owner, many people are interested in the investment prospects of such projects as they want not just to buy real estate but also receive income from it.

The obvious sources of profit are rent or property sale afterward (in 3-5 years of ownership). Either of these options makes villas in Bodrum profitable for investors as their price is growing, the resort town is very popular, and the project is unique. 

If you wish to buy a house/villa of stone on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast and obtain a residence permit and Turkish citizenship (not only for yourself but also for your family), please contact our experts and receive instructions to follow.

If you have no time to go abroad to execute the documents and register the right of ownership, we will help you solve all administrative issues remotely (on the basis of a power of attorney), and also:

  • Open a personal or corporate bank account in Turkey and abroad.
  • Help you make all arrangements at the new place of residence (if you are going to relocate).
  • Provide the services of real estate management, including renting the villa out and payment of utility bills.
  • Provide support with business relocation abroad and all the arising issues.
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