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Northern Star Residences – Enjoy Living and Working in Same Location

Having your house or apartment and an office under one roof is a popular trend in the Turkish capital. The Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey offer you a unique possibility to work and relax under one roof.

Northern Star

Northern Star Characteristics

The Northern Star residences are located in the modern, gentrified Sarıyer district of Istanbul, Turkey. This real estate complex is comfortably located:

  • 38 kilometers from the airport
  • 5 kilometers from the beach.
  • 11 км kilometers from the Downtown Istanbul.

The Northern Star architects thought through every aspect of these residential properties. This is why the real estate complex is now suitable for both working (doing business) and relaxing. Just imagine, you can enjoy all the pleasures and treasures of the infrastructure in the Northern Star residences and live in a posh apartment without wasting any time in work trips. This real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey provides for office premises right on its territory. Let’s go deeper into the specifics of this investment offer.

Residential properties

Residential real estate in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey is noted for an exquisite interior design, elegant and stylish exteriors, and richly diverse apartments. The latter boast well-thought layouts and are of various sizes. The following apartment types are currently for sale: 2-, 3-, and 4-room properties.

Each turnkey apartment is commissioned fully finished with high-class materials.  It has original and elite design and the most up-to-date equipment and furniture.

The neighborhood infrastructure of this apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey deserves special mention. Here is what it includes in the Northern Star residences:

  • coffee houses
  • restaurants
  • outdoor theater
  • art gallery
  • playground for kids.

The Northern Star dwellers will enjoy outdoor recreation areas, gazebos, as well as park walkways and bike lanes.

Each Northern Star apartment owner will also have their own parking space with an electric power generator.

The real estate complex is guarded 24/7.

Commercial properties

Let’s have a look at what the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey offer to business people.

The Northern Star real estate complex in Istanbul is a good choice to buy high-class office premises. Commercial properties in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey are noted for their distinct benefits:

  • Businesses in Turkey demonstrate high potential due to the country’s economic resilience. Companies in the Downtown Istanbul are bound to succeed.
  • The state supports businesses and their owners.
  • Prices for real estate in general and commercial real estate in particular squint towards constant growth.
  • The government of Turkey always welcomes foreign investors, and procedures regulating real estate purchase in the country have been simplified at the legislative level.
  • Buyers investing in the Northern Star properties in Istanbul may qualify for obtaining their residence permits under a simplified procedure.

Real estate parameters

You may establish a cool, modern, and fully equipped office in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey. The project disposes of 91 offices of 78 to 188 square meters, and you may run your business from any of them.

You can not only manage your company and operations from an excellent local office, but also enjoy your free time and relax after a hard day’s work here. You can become a regular of any local amenities that always welcome visitors:

  • swimming pool
  • SPA
  • sauna
  • fitness center
  • massage parlor.

Buyers investing in the Northern Star office premises in Istanbul will have a chance to make sure that not just the project’s location, but also its amenities will inspire your employees to work to good effect and improve your company’s efficiency. Your profit is certain to soar soon.

The long and short of it, having an office close to home is an extremely comfortable and popular opportunity these days. Exerts are sure of its high potential. If you purchase both an office and an apartment in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey, you won’t lose any more time in traffic jams. It will be a lot easier for you to monitor your employees and your company’s operations in general. Life gets a lot easier when you work close to home. You can take care of your kids or elderly relatives when and where necessary, and this will make your family a lot closer and happier.

Target investors

Those interested in purchasing an apartment and office premises in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey are foremost small businessmen and private entrepreneurs. The latter may come from a variety of industries:

  • legal companies
  • IT start up companies
  • architect firms
  • design agencies
  • counselors’ offices
  • child development centers and many more.

The Northern Star residences are well-positioned in the Downtown Istanbul. A great many people just inside this apartment complex itself will take a liking to your services. Luck will definitely be on your side.

Current real estate prices

Apartment prices in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey are listed below:

Number of roomsAreaPrice, ths. USDNumber of bathrooms

Notice blue

NB: if you pay in cash, your discount will make up 20%.

It is with great pride that the developer announces payment by installments under installment contracts. The down payment in this case shall make up 50% of the total apartment price, and is made in cash. The remaining amount shall be paid by equal installments within 12 months.

Economic citizenship by investment as an icing on your cake

Having an apartment and their own company in Istanbul, Turkey, opens the door to many big wins for a foreign investor. You should not forget about the Turkish passport that you will receive in this case, and that will come as a pleasant surprise.


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Benefits of a Turkish passport

Now that the geopolitical situation in the world is so challenging, to say the least, Russian people holding Turkish passports may enjoy limitless possibilities:

  • visit around 100 countries without a visa
  • receive visas to 46 countries under a simplified procedure
  • receive the E2 visa to the US
  • run their businesses in Turkey
  • enjoy free medical services. A holder of a Turkish passport receives access to the best healthcare services in the world
  • get guaranteed security and democracy, as well as privileges of living in a free and highly developed state.

Citizenship of Turkey by investment is a popular program that allows its foreign participants to get their residence permits and citizenship in Turkey. Turkey remains a reliable partner of Russia, even though multiple sanctions have been imposed on the Russian Federation. Turkey even simplified certain procedures in the sphere of international relations. You may apply for a citizen by investment status right away. All you need is to invest at least USD 400,000 in the local economy. An excellent option will be to purchase an apartment in the Northern Star residences (Istanbul, Turkey).

Below, you can find the terms of becoming a Turkish citizen by investment:

  1. Minimum investment amount –  USD 450,000
  2. You may invest in either one or several properties totaling USD 400,000.
  3. The investor shall submit either a sale and purchase agreement for their properties or a draft agreement therefor (where the property in question is still under construction).

You may as well become a Turkish citizen by investing at least USD 500,000 in the fixed capital, creating 50+ workplaces for Turkish citizens, setting up a bank account with the deposit to the tune of USD 500,000, or investing USD 500,000 in a VC fund.

Your residence permit application will be processed rather quickly and without any delay. It does not generate any particular problems under normal circumstances. The next step for an investor will be naturalization.

This migration strategy is the preferred option for investors intending to get their second citizenship and passport under a simplified procedure. Investors applying for it do not face any special requirements, except for the ones listed above. The applicant is not required to pass a language test or be interviewed.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship is usually quick, easy and successful. Problems arise pretty seldom.

Contact us at [email protected] if you feel like investing into the Northern Star residences. Your personal manager at International Wealth will be delighted to assist you with any issues you may have. We consult our clients, and help them with choosing the best residential or commercial properties, be it in the  Northern Star residences or elsewhere. International Wealth experts will also help you close a sale and purchase deal, transfer ownership to your assets or real estate, incorporate your company in Turkey and get your Turkish citizenship.

What is so peculiar about the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey?

The Northern Star apartment complex in Istanbul is a unique investment offer in itself. It provides for an opportunity to purchase an apartment and an office in the same apartment complex. It feels like a win-win solution to buy an office in the Northern Star residences, for it both saves your time and provides for an opportunity to control your business. Apart from this, you will be able to get an apartment here for your personal needs. The project boasts rich infrastructure and a beneficial location in the Downtown Istanbul.

Will I get an opportunity to receive a Turkish passport by purchasing real estate in the Northern Star residences?

Will I get an opportunity to receive a Turkish passport by purchasing real estate in the Northern Star residences?
You certainly will. When you invest in the Northern Star residences in Istanbul, Turkey, you become eligible to participate in the residence permit by investment program. You should note, however, that the investment amount in this case shall make up at least USD 400,000.

Is Turkish citizenship really worthy?

The citizenship of Turkey may in fact become your Plan B or an escape hatch in difficult straits. It also allows you to travel visa-free to over 100 countries and makes it possible to apply for the E2 visa to the US. What is equally important, it provides you with an opportunity to live in a secure, civilized and economically advanced country.

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