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Cost: from 201,000 GBP


Northern Cyprus Real Estate: Luxury Apartments in Tatlisu, Eastern Kyrenia

Prudent investors always stay ahead of trends, investing in real estate not at the peak of prices but at the start. After some time, they happily “reap” their well-deserved benefits through rising prices for purchased houses, apartments, and offices. One of these promising projects is apartments in Northern Cyprus, in the Tatlisu area, Eastern Kyrenia. Apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms in the Natulux project are located in a picturesque location on the island, right by the seashore.


Tatlisu Real Estate 

Tatlisu is the most beautiful bay in Northern Cyprus, with pebble, rocky, and sandy beaches, pristine nature, and a warm sea. History buffs can immerse themselves in exploring the sights and unique local culture.

Tatlisu is a small village with traditionally built houses. Its luxurious sea views, warm climate, and affordable prices attract investors in real estate.

Farm fields and olive and fruit groves surround Tatlisu village. However, active construction of residential townhouses, villas, and complexes is underway in and around it.

Even though the village population is only 2000 people, the local infrastructure is quite well-developed. Here you can find:

  • post office;
  • sports grounds;
  • police station;
  • pharmacy;
  • market;
  • cafes, bars;
  • some shops.

For sizable shopping, you must go to Famagusta or Kyrenia.

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One-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu

The Natulux project is located on the seashore. Apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms are available for sale.

Distance to important sites from the location of Natulux:

  • cafe – 1 minute;
  • bank and ATM – 1 minute;
  • gym – 1 minute;
  • restaurant – 3 minutes;
  • beach – 5 minutes;
  • Kyrenia Hospital – 35 minutes;
  • Ercan Airport – 45 minutes by car;
  • Larnaca airport – 70 minutes by car.

All apartments offer first-class equipment for maximum convenience and comfort.

One-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu
Property TypeAreaBedroomsBathroomsPriceInstallmentCompletion Time
One-bedroom apartment60 m²11£201,00037 monthsMay 2026

Two-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu:

Two-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu:
Property TypeTotal AreaUseful AreaBalcony-Terrace AreaBedroomsBathroomsPriceInstallmentCompletion Date
Two-Bedroom Apartment137.3 m²85.5 m²51.8 m²22£270,00037 monthsMay 2026

Three-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu:

Three-bedroom apartments in Tatlisu
Property TypeTotal AreaBedroomsBathroomsPriceInstallmentCompletion Date
Three-Bedroom Apartment134.25 m²33£478,00037 monthsMay 2026

Example of an Installment Plan 

Possible schedule of payments for a one-bedroom apartment priced at £201,000:

  • Down payment of 35% or £70,350;
  • Monthly payment of £3,216 from April 2024 to April 2026; then
  • Monthly payment of £4,182 From May 2026 to April 2027.

It is possible to discuss installment terms individually in each case.

Buying an apartment in North Cyprus

By contacting us you can make sure that the transaction will be successful. We will help you choose the optimal property ideally suited to your objectives. We offer professional support at all stages of purchase.

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