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Nevis Company Setup: Sprint Faster to an Offshore LLC and an Account

Register both an offshore LLC and an account in Nevis following our experts’ advice. First, this strategy of a Nevis company setup will save you much time and effort. Second, your Nevis LLC will be a great asset protection solution

Superb prospects for your offshore LLC  

Account in Nevis

Nevis today is perceived in Europe as a country that retains the benefits of an offshore jurisdiction yet avoids sanctions. The international trend of deoffshorization has become prominent worldwide. To avoid being blacklisted by major companies and banks, Nevis has adopted the EU requirements. For example, it has recently amended regulations on the implementation of the common reporting standard (CRS) regime monitored by the OECD.

The country has adapted very well to the new economic conditions. Clients, as before, can open a company in no time at all and pay no corporate and many other taxes if profits are generated abroad.

That said, asset protection from criminals, foreign lawyers, or greedy relatives is strong: no foreign court decisions are accepted here, and a large sum must be paid upfront for a local court hearing. 

Privacy is also at an all-time high. The state does not allow personal information to be made publicly available.

LCC in Nevis can be very lucrative as a trading company in many different areas, and because of the asset protection law, you can assign it with features that are very similar to some trusts.

When you ask us for help, we will help you not only to open a local company but also to open a local bank account in Nevis right away. This will greatly reduce both time and money costs since both the account and the company are in the same jurisdiction.


Asset protection in Nevis

Asset protection in Nevis deserves a separate discussion. Let us give you an example: judgments rendered by a court of a foreign country are not automatically accepted in Nevis. So, the Nevis government requires that any charge be proven in a local court, and only then can sanctions be imposed on the company.

Any creditor, when filing a case in court, needs to first pay for hearing the case. The risk that the creditor will lose is always quite high.

If the creditor wins, he or she may only claim compensation from the company that lost in court: capital gains, dividends, etc. The property and the main assets cannot be taken away. Also, the creditor is entitled to receive payments only for 2 years, after which the owner of the company has the right to cancel them and continue to run his business.

A lawsuit can only be filed against a company, but if a specific employee or co-owner of the company has broken the law, it is only him or her who is liable to compensate the company’s losses incurred.

In order to be protected, the company needs to have been in existence for only one year, and not breaching the law. A class action lawsuit cannot be filed against a company in Nevis.

If the director of the company feels that the business owner is being pressured to make decisions against his or her will, he or she has the right to refuse to follow orders.

Offshore LLC name requirements in Nevis

The standard practice is to use the abbreviation LLC at the end of the name of your Nevis Limited Liability Company. There is a list of words the use of which is strictly prohibited, and there are some that can be written only with the permission of the authorities.

Documents required for a Nevis company setup 

The following documents will need to be submitted to the registry:

  • Passport – a certified copy
  • Proof of address
  • Completed and signed due diligence and order form.

Prof hint: Documents need to be translated into English. Registration of LLC companies takes from 2-3 working days.

Costs of establishing and maintaining an LLC in Nevis


Offshore LLC setup EUR Wait time
Basic Incorporation Package:
Company Formation Government Registration fee Registered Agent & Registered Office for the 1st year

One set of original corporate documents, including:
Certificate of Incorporation
Endorsement Certificate
Articles of Organisation
Designation and acceptance of Registered Agent
Assignment of Organisation Rights
Appointment of first manager(s)
Operating Agreement
Written Resolution Of Director
Register of Managers
Register of Members
Register of Capital Contributions
Certificate(s) of Ownership
Worldwide courier delivery
1699 EUR 2-3 working days
Registration with one set of Apostilled documents:
Company Formation
Government Registration fee Registered Agent & Registered Office for the 1st year One set of original corporate documents One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents Worldwide courier delivery
2099 EUR 5-6 working days
Annual renewal of the company:
– Government renewal fee
– Registered Agent Services in Nevis
– Registered office (registered address) in Nevis
– Scanned copy of renewal certificate.
1450 EUR 3 working days
Supplementary services for the Nevis company:
Corporate account opening with a well-established Nevis bank 4,000 EUR 2-5 working days
Financial report (up to 20 transactions) 1620 EUR on a case-by-case basis
Financial report (from 20 transactions) from 1620 EUR on a case-by-case basis
Web Site Development The price depends on the complexity of tasks on a case-by-case basis
Virtual office (Panama)
– Address
– Mail/Transfer to courier
– Telephone with a recording function.
2500 EUR Up to 7 working days

Please look up updates on other details of company incorporation and other popular services in Nevis in a dedicated section

Corporate account with a local bank in Nevis

Having a company and its bank account in the same jurisdiction is a great advantage in today’s world. In this case, opening a bank account is much easier and faster. Whereas any other bank will go through every line of paperwork, the Bank of Nevis will provide you the opportunity to use its services almost instantly.

The bank has extensive experience in international business, processes fast transfers in euros and dollars, as well as in other currencies. The bank uses SWIFT. 

Besides, it has established long-term cooperation and has accumulated years of experience with such world giants as JP Morgan, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Clients can conduct large transactions using an escrow account. For example, the purchase and sale of real estate, securities, and other property. 

The following types of accounts can be opened with the bank:

  • Personal
  • Business-account
  • Escrow-account.

The minimum deposit needs to be made on the account within 5 days after the account is validated. For a corporate account, the deposit is 100,000 USD. In addition to money (euros, dollars or other recognized currencies), the deposit amount can be transferred in securities.

After the authorization, you can spend this money as you wish. There are no minimum balance requirements.

Each client before opening an account has to go through due diligence. This check is carried out by a special company and costs 3000 USD. You have to pay for the service only if your application to open an account is approved.

The account can be validated within 2 days after you have submitted an application with supporting documents.

Persons from the following countries are blacklisted by the bank: North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Iran.

Documents for a corporate account setup with a local bank in Nevis

List of documents for account opening:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company holding the account 
  • A copy of the Certificate of Good Standing for the company (if it has been registered more than 3 months ago)
  • Copy of the Memorandum, Articles of Association, etc.
  • A copy of the Resolution on opening the account and appointment of a signatory at the bank in Nevis (with the owner’s signature)
  • Certified copies of two different IDs (bearing the photo of the applicant) issued by the government body  
  • Copy of proof of physical residence address (utility bill no older than 3 months)
  •  An application signed by the customer and a contract.

Every document needs to be issued in English or translated into English by a certified translator plus certified by a notary. 

Documents must be scanned in high quality. Also, by the time of submission to the bank,  the documents cannot be older than 6 months. All of them need to be certified.

The bank may ask for additional documents, be prepared to submit them quickly.

Nevis company setup with a corporate account: the step-by-step procedure 


Please send to our e-mail address given at the top of this page your message stating your intention to register an LLC in Nevis.


Prepare all the required documents and submit them to the consultant for inspection.


Pay our service in the amount of 5699 EUR.


Having received your fee and documents, we will check them and proceed with the registration of a company in Nevis


As soon as the company is registered, we will help you open a corporate account and forward to you all the corporate documents. Then you can start your business.

If you have any questions left unanswered in this post, please send them to our e-mail address given at the top of this page.

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