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Nevis Company Setup

Cost: from 5699 EUR


Nevis Company Setup: Sprint Faster to an Offshore LLC and an Account

Nevis Company Setup

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An LLC in Nevis (a Limited Liability Company) is an excellent asset protection vehicle. Choosing an offshore country for starting an international business, a holding company, a trust, or a fund is always a risk-sensitive endeavor. To ensure that your decision meets your needs, goals, and objectives, please rely on our expert help.


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Nevis – Superb Prospects for Your Offshore LLC  

Nevis today is perceived in Europe as a country that retains the benefits of an offshore jurisdiction yet avoids sanctions. This is a critical competitive edge for a small island state while the international trend of deoffshorization (i.e. the policy of discouraging or eliminating the use of offshore locations for business operations or financial transactions) is gaining momentum under the pressure from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and some other international bodies. To avoid being blacklisted, Nevis has submitted to the EU requirements and amended its laws to comply with the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) promoted by the OECD. At the same time, the benefits and incentives for international companies remain virtually unaffected.

The country has adapted very well to the new economic conditions. Clients, as before, can open a Nevis company really fast and enjoy exemption from corporate and many other taxes if profits are generated abroad. Besides, asset protection is also at an all-time high in Nevis, as foreign court decisions are not recognized here. 

An LCC in Nevis has proven to be a very lucrative form of a trading company in many different areas. Moreover, because of the asset protection law, some of its features are very similar to trusts. You should also consider the benefits of an ultimate asset protection combo if you set up an LLC in Nevis and form a Nevis trust.    

It is important to note that Nevis maintains neutral relations with its neighbors and has earned the respect of the USA.

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Please note: No offshore LLC or another type of company can do business without a bank account. Open a corporate bank account in Nevis for your offshore company. We can help you choose the most suitable Nevis bank by rates and fees, financial instruments, and special offers.


Offshore Asset Protection – a Reason for Your Nevis Company Setup 

Asset protection in Nevis deserves a separate discussion. Let us give you an example: judgments rendered by a court of a foreign country are not automatically recognized in Nevis. So, the Nevis government requires that any charge be proven in a local court, and only then can sanctions be imposed on the company.

However, any creditor needs to first file a bond of USD 100,000 to bring legal proceedings in Nevis. The risk that the creditor will lose is always quite high. If the creditor wins the lawsuit (which is most unlikely), he or she may only claim the compensation from the company that lost in court: capital gains, dividends, etc. The corporate property and the main assets cannot be taken away from the company. 

Also, the creditor can receive payments only within 3 years, after which the execution of court decisions is terminated automatically.

A lawsuit can only be filed against a company, but if the law was broken by a company employee or co-owner, only that person will be liable to pay for the damage.

To be protected by the court, the company needs to be at least one year old and have no criminal record. A class action lawsuit cannot be filed against a company in Nevis.

If the director of the company feels that the business owner is being pressured to make decisions against his or her will, he or she has the right to refuse to follow orders.

Nevis Company Setup – Terms and Requirements for Your LLC in Nevis  

Features of an LLC in Nevis:

  • An LLC in Nevis is a legal entity.
  • No offshore LLC in Nevis is taxed on worldwide income, dividends, interest, and capital gains.
  • Information about members of an LLC in Nevis is locked in the office of the registered agent and remains private.
  • Nominee service is allowed, but bearer shares are prohibited in Nevis.
  • Members of an LLC in Nevis have limited liability commensurate with their contributions.
  • There are no currency controls, so an LLC in Nevis is free to deposit and withdraw money in any currency.
  • Reporting requirements for any LLC in Nevis in 2023 stipulate that company documents must be kept for 5 years. They must be turned in only when requested by the Nevis government or other inspecting agencies.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement in Nevis.
  • LLC in Nevis can be established by one shareholder (physical or legal person) who may be a citizen of any country.
  • The meetings of the LLC Board of Directors or shareholders can be held anywhere in the world.
  • Also, mergers of two LLCs in Nevis as well as amalgamations with other businesses are allowed in Nevis.

Registration of Your Offshore LLC in Nevis

To open an offshore Nevis company, you need to take several steps, the main one being the search for a registered agent and the preparation of documents for the LLC registration. To avoid fraud and deception, we advise you to refer all your questions to our experts. Our team has extensive experience and a high reputation in the field of offshore company setup and registration.

To open an offshore LLC in Nevis, you will need to submit the following:

  • The provisional company name. Please note that you will need to use the abbreviations LCC, LC, Limited, etc. in the name. There is a list of words that are strictly prohibited in company names, and there are some words that can be written only with the permission of the authorities.
  • A brief description of the provisional activities of your Nevis company.
  • Information about each shareholder and director of the company, including professional directors.
  • The legal local address that is usually the address of the registered agent.
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Documents required for a Nevis company setup:

  • Certified copy of the passport, and the driving license (the additional ID).
  • Certified proof of address (not older than 3 months).
  • Professional letter of recommendation.
  • Resume.
  • Letter of recommendation from the bank (you can use the draft provided by us).
  • Proof of origin of funds (bank statement).
  • Completed and signed due diligence and order form.

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Documents must be translated into English or compiled in English. The offshore LLC registration takes not less than 10 working days, not including the opening of a corporate bank account in Nevis.

Cost of Nevis company setup and maintenance (an offshore LLC in Nevis with a corporate bank account in Nevis):


Offshore LLC setupUSDWait time
The basic corporate package: 
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Endorsement Certificate
• Articles of Incorporation
• Certificate of Notary Public
• Designation and acceptance of Registered Agent
• Transfer of Subscription Rights
• Appointment of director
• By-Laws
• Written resolution of the Director
• Register of Directors
• Register of Officers
• Register of Shareholders
• Share Certificate/s
USD 1,8992-3 business days
A set of Apostilled Documents:
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
· Appointment of director
· By-Laws
· Written resolution of the Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
· One set of apostilled copies of all corporate documents
USD 2,499 5-6 business days
Annual renewal of the Nevis company:
– State renewal fee
– Registered Agent Services in Nevis
– Registered office (legal address) in Nevis
– Scanned copy of renewal certificate.
USD 1,6993 business days
Substance arrangements for the Nevis company:
Financial report (up to 20 transactions)USD 1,900As agreed individually
Financial report (from 20 transactions)from USD 1,900As agreed individually
Web Site Design, Registration Services, Registered AgentThe price depends on the complexity of the serviceAs agreed individually
Virtual office (Panama)
– Address
– Mail/Transfer to courier
– Telephone with a voice recording function.
USD 3,000Up to 7 working days

Corporate Bank Account in Nevis for Your Offshore LLC in Nevis  

Having set up a Nevis company and its corporate bank account in Nevis is a great advantage. It is much easier and faster to open a bank account in the country of the company incorporation. 

What are the benefits of opening a corporate account with the Nevis bank recommended by our experts?

  • This Nevis bank has extensive experience in international business and processes fast transfers in euros and dollars, as well as in other currencies. 
  • This Nevis bank uses SWIFT. 
  • Besides, this Nevis bank has established long-term cooperation and has accumulated years of experience with such world giants as JP Morgan, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, etc.
  • Clients can use an escrow account for major transactions such as the purchase and sale of real estate, securities, and other property. 

The following types of accounts can be opened with this Nevis bank:

  • Personal account
  • Private banking account
  • Business-account
  • Escrow-account.

The minimum deposit needs to be transferred to the Nevis bank account within 5 days after the account is validated. For a corporate account, the deposit is USD 100,000. This deposit is not required as the balance and can be spent as needed. This sum can be deposited in fiat money (euros, dollars, or other accepted currencies) or securities.

Each client before opening a corporate bank account in Nevis has to go through due diligence. The compliance check is performed by a dedicated company and costs USD 3,000. You will need to pay for this service only if your application to open an account with this Nevis bank is approved.

The account can be validated within 15 days after you have submitted your application and the required documents to the Nevis bank.

Persons from the following countries are blacklisted by the Nevis bank: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Belarus.

Documents for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Nevis 

List of documents for the Nevis bank account opening:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company that will be the account holder 
  • A copy of the Certificate of Good Standing for the company (if it has been registered more than 3 months ago)
  • Copies of incorporation documents – the Memorandum, Articles of Association, By-Laws, etc.
  • A copy of the Resolution on opening the account and appointment of a signatory at the bank in Nevis (with the owner’s signature)
  • Certified copies of two different IDs (a passport plus another document bearing the photo of the applicant) issued by the government body  
  • A copy of the Proof of physical residence address (a utility bill no older than 3 months)
  •  A signed application to the Nevis bank and a signed contract.

Every document needs to be issued in English or translated into English by a certified translator.

All documents need to be certified by a Public Notary. 

All documents must be scanned in high quality. Also, by the time of submission to the bank, the documents cannot be older than 3-6 months. 

The bank may ask for additional documents, be prepared to submit them quickly.

Turnkey Service – Your Offshore Nevis Company Setup with Corporate Bank Account in Nevis


Please send to our e-mail address given at the top of this page your message stating your intention to register an LLC in Nevis.


Prepare all the required documents and submit their e-copies by e-mail to our expert for inspection.


Pay our service in the amount of 5699 EUR.


Having received your fee and documents, we will check them and proceed with the registration of your company in Nevis and the opening of a corporate bank account in Nevis.


As soon as the company is registered and the corporate bank account is opened, we will send all the corporate documents to you. Then you can start your business.

If you have any questions left unanswered in this post, please send them to our e-mail address given at the top of this page.

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