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Nacre Houses – Your Wise Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Are you one of those many wishing to become a Turkish citizen, live in your own spacious Istanbul apartment, or lease it out to secure a stable source of hearty extra income? You can have it all in one package. Take a look at our intriguing real estate sale offer. Residences in the Nacre Houses apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey hit it out of the park and are sure to catch the fancy of the most demanding customers.

Nacre Houses

The Nacre Houses apartment complex at a glance::

  • apartment area 42 – 161 square meters
  • price range USD 48,000 – USD 235,000
  • completion status – 100%.

The Nacre Houses real estate project sits in the very heart of the Basin Ekspres neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey. Future dwellers will certainly fall in love with the location thereof, it is truly impossible to miss. The Bağcılar neighborhood of Istanbul is noted for its peculiar style and unsurpassed architectural characteristics. Offices and residential premises successfully mix here, and the subway line nearby adds extra comfort.

Investors in the Nacre Houses real estate in Istanbul, Turkey will find themselves enveloped in peace and tranquility. You will enjoy superb living standards offered by the district. A nice surprise for investors: foreigners who purchase real estate of USD 400,000 or above in Turkey, may apply for Turkish citizenship. No matter whether you buy one or several properties in the Nacre Houses apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, the investment is likely to become the best decision in your whole life.

Nacre Houses apartment types and prices

The Nacre Houses apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey encompasses 209 residences, 31 offices, and 2 commercial premises.

Apartment layouts offered here are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom + 1 living room
  • 2 bedrooms + 1 living room
  • 3 bedrooms + 1 living room.

The residences vary in size, with the  smallest apartment of 38 square meters, and the largest – 231 square meters.

Each apartment boasts superb fresh design, modern furniture and appliances.

Residents of the Nacre Houses apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey get not just fit for life modern multi-dwelling unit. They may as well enjoy a wide range of local amenities:

  • swimming pool
  • cinema
  • fitness studio
  • activity room
  • hammam.

You’ll have literally everything at your fingertips, from a concierge to a secretary. Your heart’s desires will start coming true after you move into your own apartment in the Nacre Houses apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

Take a look at the Nacre Houses apartment prices:

Apartment (bedroom + living room) No. of bathrooms Price, USD
Minimum price Maximum price
1+0 1 66 000 70 000
1+1 1 93 000 125 000
2+1 2 143 000 235 000
Office premises 48 000 231 000

You may pay for your Nacre Houses apartment in Istanbul, Turkey by installments, with the down payment of 50% of the total apartment price. The remaining amount shall be paid within 12 months.

This is what you will get if you purchase an apartment in the Nacre Houses apartment complex:

  1. Potentially profitable real estate investment in one of the best-developed Istanbul districts.
  2. Top-quality residence as your own real estate.
  3. Apartment boasting modern design.
  4. Unique location of the Nacre Houses apartment complex.
  5. Safety and security.
  6. Professional assistance and access to the wide range of amenities in the neighborhood.

Bağcılar district characteristics

Bağcılar is a beautiful and peaceful district in the European part of Istanbul. It is not particularly large, however, it disposes of well-developed infrastructure, transport network, as well as various cultural facilities

The history of the district dates back to ancient times. For centuries, Bağcılar has been known as an agricultural area, and the soil here is still fertile. This was the primary factor that boosted the district’s development.

Bağcılar district

With its huge population and the ever-growing modern apartment complexes and elite developments, the Bağcılar of today attracts thousands of potential dwellers. It offers them all the residential and business premises people may need for both life and work.

The Mall of Istanbul and the Istanbul Shopping Center are to be found in the district, just a short distance away from the Nacre Houses apartment complex. Local residents have an opportunity to study at the Istanbul university while living in the Avcilar campus that is also situated in the Bağcılar neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Olympic sports complex commissioned in 2001 and the CNR exhibition center attract tourists to the Bağcılar district of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is just a 15-minute walk away.

The city landscaping plan provides for the Bağcılar neighborhood to become an ideal living and working environment. This is why, if you invest in the Nacre Houses properties today, you will win a lot more in the future. It is no doubt a wise and smart investment decision on your part.


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With its fashionable resorts, as well as huge economic and social potential, Istanbul is a world-famous jewel in the Turkish crown. Many people who visited Turkey and its capital city of Istanbul once, have been totally charmed away. The enchantment is so strong that they feel the need to get their own properties in the country. Some of them are more pragmatic and purchase apartments to lease them out later on. Alternatively, people buy properties in Turkey to secure themselves a comfortable life and obtain a citizen by investment status in this state.

Note, that real estate deals in Turkey are highly specific, and it would be pretty challenging for a novice real estate investor to do everything the right way. Professional assistance comes very handy in this situation. Real estate experts will help you find your way in the tricky housing laws of foreign states. With International Wealth, your real estate investment deals in Turkey are guaranteed to be transparent and your property title clean.

Investment for a better future

If you happen to be one of those potential investors interested in Turkish real estate, go ahead and contact the International Wealth experts. We are here to assist you with any possible issues, from selecting residential real estate properties and supplying you with all the information necessary, to providing legal assistance with all your transactions. Our portfolio is by far not limited to the Nacre Houses apartment complex. Lots of other real estate investment offers are worth investigating. You can either explore potential opportunities yourself here or turn to the International Wealth experts for help. We are always ready to introduce you to the real estate market of Turkey and many more countries and help you find your way in this new and exciting universe. 

You are welcome to contact International Wealth if you need a consultation on citizenship by investment or any related issues at

Will I be able to secure an extra profit for myself if I purchase an apartment in the Nacre Houses apartment complex?

You will. The Nacre Houses apartment complex is to be found in the popular Istanbul tourist district of Bağcılar. If you purchase an apartment here and lease it out, you will undoubtedly secure yourself a good income for years to come. The Nacre Houses apartment complex boasts excellent infrastructure, and its impeccable apartments will guarantee both stability and extra income to you and your family.

Will I be entitled to a Turkish passport if I purchase an apartment in the Nacre Houses apartment complex?

Again, you will. The Citizenship by investment program offered by the government of Turkey is rather popular with foreign real estate investors. If you purchase real estate in Turkey, you will qualify for economic citizenship here. You shall invest at least USD 400,000 in the Turkish real estate to make it real. Any of the Nacre Houses apartments will be an excellent choice for this purpose.

What are the main benefits of the Nacre Houses apartments?

The Nacre Houses real estate project is noted for its favorable location and superb amenities that will make every local resident happy: they can become regulars of a local swimming pool or a fitness studio and enjoy the superb quality of apartment complexes and commercial buildings in the district. The Nacre Houses apartment complex houses 209 residences, several shops, as well as various office premises. This real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey offers comfortable life and an unlimited choice of services to its dwellers.

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