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Magnificas Villas in Istanbul: Luxury and Comfort for Wealthy Investors

If you are considering the opportunity to purchase property in Turkey and relocate to the country with your family, you should pay special attention to the district of Istanbul called Beylikdüzü. 

Beylikdüzü is a luxurious district in the European quarter of Istanbul on the coast of the Marble Sea. It has good transportation links with all other parts of Turkey. Due to the advanced infrastructure and plentitude of tourist attractions in the area, it is extremely popular with visitors from all over the world. What is more, the real estate prices have been growing steadily in the district. We are bringing for your consideration an incomplete development project that you can invest in. When purchasing a building under construction, you stand a good chance of selling it at a much higher price when the construction work is complete.  

Magnificas Villas

Magnificas Villas for sale are premium class residential accommodations in Istanbul. Their construction is expected to finish in 2024. 

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Beylikdüzü district, Istanbul: a nice place to invest

The Istanbul district of Beylikdüzü is located in the European part of the city and it is highly popular with investors from other countries. The area has a strategic location, well-developed infrastructure, and fantastic natural sites. Besides, there you can find European lifestyle.  

Below please find the main reasons why you should consider buying a villa (or some other piece of property in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul:

  • The demand for newly built houses and apartments is growing in the area.
  • A foreign investor purchasing property in Turkey that costs at least US$ 400,000 qualifies for citizenship of the country. Villas in Beylikdüzü cost more.
  • The infrastructure in the area is already superb but it keeps on improving anyway. For example, a new subway line between İncirli and Beylikdüzü will soon be put into operation. You can find numerous recreation centers, shops, and educational institutions in the district.
  • Due to the increase in the number of investors in the district, an exponential growth in the number of new elite villas, apartment buildings, malls, and universities can be found in Beylikdüzü. This, in its turn, increases the attractiveness of the district. And this is certainly not a vicious circle but a virtuous one.      
  • The district has its own world-class marina, which will be of interest to yacht owners and boat ride lovers.
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European-style villas in the center of Istanbul

Magnificas Villas development project has two significant advantages. These are proximity to the sea and a great infrastructure. You can live in a luxurious villa there permanently, use it to stay on vacations, or let it on a lease. Whatever use you put the villa to, you will gain financial benefits and find peace of mind.

Magnificas Villas

General characteristics of the villas in Istanbul

Magnificas Villas is a residential complex that consists of 8 two-story villas 350 m² each. This is a gated community and it has all the amenities that you can think of. Here are the basic characteristics of the development project:

  • Construction stage –27% complete;
  • Year of construction completion – 2024;
  • Opportunity to qualify for Turkish citizenship by investment – available;
  • Villas’ interior – modern household appliances, good furniture, and perfect finishing (when the construction work is complete);
  • Every villa has a swimming pool and a garage.

If you don’t feel like swimming in the pool, the beach is within a 5-minute walk.

Villas’ exterior and interior design

An elite villa in Istanbul can become your home and you will probably be reluctant to live anywhere else when you move in. The designers and the architects have done a great job decorating the exterior and the interior of the villas. Not a single little thing is missing.

Luxury Villas in Istanbul
Luxury Villas in Istanbul
Luxury Villas in Istanbul

Villas’ exterior:

  • The architectural style combines modernity and minimalism. No detail disturbs the eye and the sharp lines give the villas an aristocratic look.
  • French windows fill the room with sunlight and the blinds will help if there is too much of it.
  • Every villa has a yard with a swimming pool and sun loungers.
  • Each villa is fenced and the area feels private.
  • A summer gazebo surrounded by greenery is a wonderful place to spend evenings in good company.

Villas’ interior is meant for relaxation and peace:

  • Art Deco, brutalism, classics, minimalism, and modernity are the decor styles that exist in harmony inside the villas There you will find an impeccable ensemble of expensive poufs, luxurious chandeliers, sofas and comfortable beds.
  • The bathrooms are equipped with modern sanitation facilities finished with marble and decorative stone. The doors are fabulous and the lighting system is safe.   
  • The bedrooms have closets and there is a separate walk-in closet with hangers and shelves.
  • The kitchen is at the heart of the house. There you will find everything that you need for cooking, having meals, and preparing morning coffee to drink on the balcony or the terrace.
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If you find this offer attractive, we are ready to launch the purchase process straight away. What we need from you is your desire, documents, and consent. What you will get from us is a luxurious villa, citizenship of Turkey by investment, a free consultation, and additional support should you require it.  

Technical characteristics of the development project

You can use a great number of modern facilities without leaving the premises if you buy a villa in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul. The facilities include the following ones:

  • A car park and a garage;
  • A garden and a playing ground;
  • A fitness center;
  • A restaurant/ café;
  • A Turkish Hammam;
  • A swimming pool;
  • Cable and satellite TV;
  • A water pump and a water reservoir;
  • Natural gas supply;
  • An electricity generator;
  • Central hot water supply;
  • A steel entrance door;
  • An automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Smoke and fire detectors;
  • Video surveillance cameras;
  • Round-the-clock security;
  • A video intercom.

Please note that some Turkish banks will be ready to give you a mortgage if you express the desire to purchase one of the villas.

Magnificas Villas, Istanbul: the infrastructure

Shops, parks, recreation areas, and administrative institutions are located close to the district:

  • Distance to the city center: 35 minutes;
  • Distance to the airport: 35 minutes;
  • 250 meters to Gürpınar beach;
  • 10 km to Yakuplu and Büyükçekmece piers;
  • Lots of clinics and hospitals around;
  • 4 km to Arif school and international  Al Aqsa school;
  • 4 km to Perlavista and Paradise shopping centers and many other stores;
  • 7 km to E5 highway;
  • Parks and recreation areas all around the place.

In addition to that, you will find banks, administrative buildings, office buildings, nightclubs, entertainment centers, and many other amenities in the vicinity.

Prices for villas in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul

You can buy a fully furnished or a partially furnished villa. Besides, you can design the interior of the villa to your liking. The price range is from US$ $1,080,000 to US$1,700,000. Each villa has 5 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms.

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If you are looking for a less expensive apartment in Turkey, please request a personal consultation with our experts. We will gladly help you find an investment object in the country that will make you qualified for legal residence there. You can purchase residential accommodations in Turkey remotely if you wish.

Advantages of living in the European part of Istanbul

Over the last couple of years, the prices for villas in Beylikdüzü have grown significantly. The increase is attributable to the following main factors:

  • Proximity of the district to the subway and E-5 highway.
  • Preparedness of the developers to furnish the villas in accordance with the prospective buyer’s desires.
  • Lush green vegetation, proximity of lakes and beaches of the Marble Sea.
  • A high level of technical equipment of villas and apartments in Istanbul. This holds both for the exterior and for the interior of the buildings.
  • Plenty of administrative centers and office buildings, which makes it possible to engage in active business operations in Turkey while living in the district.
  • Luxury, comfort, and European quality of every detail. You don’t feel squeezed and overloaded with noise in Beylikdüzü unlike in some other districts of Istanbul. The distance between houses is long, the streets are wide, and you can use any means of transportation to move around the area.
  • There are many nightclubs, parks, and malls that shopaholics will love.
  • The beach in the district of Beylikdüzü is 12.4 km long and the West Istanbul Marina is where you can keep and maintain your yacht. The marina can host up to 1,260 yachts (on land and on water) and it is a world-class facility as far as the quality of the services goes. 

A foreign national buying a villa in Beylikdüzü can count on accelerated residence permit acquisition. You can pass through the best part of the bureaucratic procedures without visiting Turkey. You will have to pay a visit to the country at the final stage only when you open a bank account there.

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Our experts will be happy to help you open a bank account in Turkey. When you set up a bank account in the country, you can easily invest in property there and enter business agreements with local entrepreneurs.

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