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Cost: $296,000 - $870,000


Luxury apartments in New Istanbul at a budget price – the first step to Turkish citizenship

Istanbul, Turkey’s second capital, is the dream city of many foreigners and a favorite holiday destination for tourists. One of its oldest suburbs is the Beylikdüzü District. In recent years it has enjoyed well-deserved popularity among investors and individuals looking for a quick path to Turkish citizenship through purchasing real estate.

Espaci Home

Comparatively low prices do not always mean low quality and lack of benefits. Apartments in the new Espaci Home Residential Complex are elegant and luxurious; they offer an impeccable combination of a high level of comfort with a splendid geographical location near the sea in one of the one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly areas of Istanbul. Low prices are an additional bonus from the developer. The sales of apartments start at the stage when construction is still unfinished.

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Buying an apartment in Istanbul is just one of the tasks you will have to deal with. To complete this sort of transaction, you need to have a bank account, and that is an issue you should take care of in advance. Our experts are happy to provide professional help and assistance in opening a foreign bank account that would be best suited to your goals and objectives!


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Investment benefits of purchasing a home in the House Espasi Residential Complex, Istanbul

Several features make the property presented by the developer in Beylikdüzü one of the most attractive investments:

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul are offered at a minimum price, which will increase multiple times after the building goes into operation in a couple of years;
  • The Beylikdüzü District is one of the city’s greenest and most environmentally friendly areas;
  • It has become the permanent home for many Europeans, who make up the majority of the population of the area. Naturally, this attracts foreigners who are looking for quiet but developed regions of Turkey to buy housing not only for permanent residence but also to make a profitable resale later;
  • The citizenship by investment and residence permit programs in the Republic of Turkey allow you to:
    • Buy an apartment for 60,000 US dollars and obtain a residence permit in Turkey;
    • Buy housing for 400,000 USD and get Turkish citizenship;
  • Apartments from the developer are located in the elite Espaci Home Residential Complex and feature various layouts, from two-room flats for young families and freelancers to luxury apartments with seven rooms, which a large family with children can enjoy;
  • For property in the Beylikdüzü District in Istanbul, profitability from rent or resale reaches 8% – 10% per annum.

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Please take a look at other current offers for real estate in Turkey on the sea coast at competitive prices. We provide full support of the transaction by experienced specialists.



Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

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Let’s talk via messenger

Features of Beylikdüzü District in Istanbul

Espaci Home
Espaci Home

The Espasi House Residential Complex is located within walking distance from the shores of the Sea of Marmara. It may be attractive to investors, among other things, because of the merits of the Beylikdüzü District. Here is what you need to know about your new residence in Turkey:

  • Beylikdüzü District has only recently become independent; until 2008, it was administratively part of the Catalka District;
  • The province is the central district of New Istanbul and the most developed one, featuring advanced construction and infrastructure;
  • The district is located near the airport; it has convenient transport connections – a well-developed system of routes throughout the city and the country;
  • This district is also peculiar for an abundance of universities (Fateh, Beykent, Oceanus, and others) and shopping centers;
  • The proximity of the Marmara Sea makes the Beylikdüzü area even more exciting and attractive, and the luxury of green spaces (echoes of the past) fills the air with the smells of fresh grass and gives the streets of the province a unique atmosphere;
  • A property owner can not only live and work here but also develop their business, open a world-class company or a local Turkish company, including a business in the agricultural sector;
  • Popular tourist spots in Beylikdüzü include Rasasi/Sultan Suleiman Palace, Büyükçekmece Bridge, and Kulusi House.

Beylikdüzü District has an excellent strategic position. It is open to foreign investors looking for reasonably priced high-quality real estate in Turkey with good investment return in the future.

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The detailed guide for getting a residence permit and permanent residence in Turkey is available on our portal. To get an individual consultation with one of our experts, please leave your contacts in the online chat, and we will get back to you in the next couple of hours!

Apartments in Espaci Home, Beylikdüzü, Istanbul

We are happy to offer you luxury housing in Turkey (Istanbul) at comparatively low prices from the developer. Purchasing this property gives the owner the right to obtain a Turkish residence permit or citizenship of the republic through a simplified procedure. The properties located in guarded luxury high-rise buildings offer all the modern amenities for living, building a business, or enjoying a comfortable holiday in one of the best areas of Istanbul.

Technical characteristics of the complex

  • Property type – apartments;
  • Address: Turkey, Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, Espaci Home Residential Complex;
  • Property area: 140 — 380 m2.
  • Project completion status: completed by 28%.

The facility is equipped with modern video surveillance systems. The design presupposes high-quality wall materials, increased noise insulation, and resistance to seismic activity. All those features guarantee your safety and comfort. 

The following features can be listed among the most attractive technical advantages of the buildings in Espaci Home Residential Complex:

  • garage and parking for homeowners and guests;
  • elevator;
  • garden with seating areas and playgrounds;
  • fitness center;
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers;
  • sauna and Turkish hammam;
  • cable and digital television;
  • water booster and reservoir;
  • electricity generator;
  • natural gas stoves;
  • central water supply, which is especially important in Turkey;
  • steel entrance door;
  • video intercom;
  • closed circuit video surveillance system;
  • fire and smoke detectors.

The residential complex has 24/7 technical service support. It is surrounded by a metal fence and has cutting-edge modern equipment.


Our offer will positively interest you if you dream about living in a green space surrounded by trees and plants, with a private swimming pool, round the clock security, and a beach within walking distance, then our offer will certainly interest you. 

  • Distance to the beach – 3 minutes;
  • Distance to the center of Istanbul – 35-40 minutes;
  • Distance to the airport – 35 minutes;
  • Municipal offices, amenities, and attractions in the area: hospitals, administrative buildings, offices, banks, schools, universities, shops, shopping centers, recreation parks, entertainment centers, etc.

Living in comfort by the sea does not have to be expensive. make a successful choice, you can buy a fully furnished apartment in a modern residential complex in Turkey at the same price as a modest apartment in any large city. Please remember that you are not just making a profitable investment (you can resell it after three years of ownership with a sizeable profit). As a very convenient bonus, you get Turkish passports for yourself and your family members.

Prices for apartments in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü

The prices of apartments in Istanbul depend on the period of registration of the purchase and sale transaction and the stage of completion of construction, as well as on the material of the walls, and the furnishings and technical equipment (the owner can make the choices here).

  • 2+1– from $296,000 to $450,000, a total area of 140 m2, with 1 bathroom;
  • 3+1 – from $368,000 to $470,000, a total area of 195 m2, with 2 bathrooms;
  • 4+2 – from $448,000 to $560,000, a total area of 240 m2, with 3 bathrooms;
  • 5+2 – from $616,000 to $770,000, a total area of 335 m2, with 4 bathrooms;
  • 7+2 – from $696,000 to $870,000, a total area of 380 m2, with 6 bathrooms.

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The prices above do not include opening a bank account and certain services provided by our specialists, including translation of documents, their legalization, and representing the client’s interests in Turkish government agencies. Such expenses are paid separately.

How can a foreigner buy an apartment in Turkey remotely?

All the Turkish properties presented on our portal can be viewed in person or through an online real-time demonstration organized by our partners. In order to avoid visiting the country in person, you can complete the transaction through a proxy, which involves the following steps:

  • Consulting with our experts and choosing a villa, apartment, or commercial property in Turkey;
  • Opening an account with the help of our banking specialists;
  • Providing documents upon request; issuing a power of attorney for your representative who will act on your behalf;
  • Making an advance payment for the services of our specialists and for the object (as agreed with the seller);
  • Discussing additional services – furnishing the apartment, installing technical equipment, renting out the property, etc.
  • Waiting until the completion of the sale and purchase transaction to pay the entire cost of housing;
  • Starting the procedure to obtain a residence permit or Turkish citizenship.

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The steps listed above are given for general information only. Purchasing real estate in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other cities in Turkey may include various features and additional points. The exact terms of such a transaction can be discussed with our specialists during your individual consultation. Contact us today!

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