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Cost: from 139000 USD


Luxury Apartments for Sale in Prestigious Grandeur Heights Apartment Complex

Luxury apartments are for sale in the Grandeur Heights real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a prestigious apartment complex in the Eyüp Sultan district of Istanbul. The district is one of the most authentic, indigenous, and unique places on our planet.

Best city to invest in real estate in

With its backbone enterprises, trade companies and shopping centers, cultural facilities and entertainment venues, Istanbul is a major seaport and a huge popular metropolis. This unique city is indeed one of a kind. It spreads out both in Europe and Asia, which brings a special kind of charm, unforgettable flair, and a thrilling atmosphere. Istanbul boasts a rich and eventful history. Throughout it, the metropolis used to be the capital of three great empires, including the Roman, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman ones. Istanbul today remains a huge modern city with the population of over 15 million. With that many people, the life here is rather dynamic. Tourists, businessmen, and immigrants are flocking to Istanbul for various purposes and make the city prosper.

Innovative investment project Grandeur Heights

It is the course of nature that every person is looking for comfort. You will sure find it in the Grandeur Heights apartment complex, together with the feeling of warmth, security, and relaxation that you’ll have here. You’ll be at peace with yourself and people around you. The Grandeur Heights real estate complex in Istanbul, Turkey makes use of the rich professional experience of those experts, who have an eye for the needs of big city dwellers.

Grandeur Heights

Project specifics

The innovative Grandeur Heights investment project may be found in the historic Eyüp Sultan district of Istanbul, Turkey. Both residential and commercial real estate are for sale here. The Grandeur Heights apartment complex is your best choice if you dream of living in a popular yet comfortable place.

It takes 29 mins to get to the Grandeur Heights apartment complex from the airport, 7 mins  – from the beach, and 7 mins – from the Downtown Istanbul.

The Grandeur Heights apartment complex is a modern, warm, and eco-friendly universe in the unforgettable district of Istanbul, Turkey. The best architects and engineers carefully designed it down to the last detail, so that you and your loved ones could enjoy the finest of this world in their earthly life.

Luxury new construction prevails in the Grandeur Heights apartment complex. This real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey encompasses 7 individual apartment blocks in 2 residential quarters. The Grandeur Heights apartment complex is designed with due regard  to up-to-date technologies. It offers you the high living standards, increased comfort, and improved apartment layouts you will enjoy. The project is the largest in Istanbul. This newly-built real estate in Istanbul, Turkey is noted for the comfort and security the local dwellers enjoy.

You have a golden opportunity to choose from its 2288 apartments. Around 50 layout options are offered to potential real estate investors. The buyers are lucky to pick any of the project’s multiple apartments, from 2-room premises to 5-room residences. All of them enjoy a top-quality finish. The apartments boast unique layouts, are nicely furnished and fitted with up-to-date home appliances. Below, the facilities are mentioned you will get access to if you invest in a Grandeur Heights apartment in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • CATV and satellite TV
  • main hot water supply
  • natural gas supply
  • electric power generator
  • elevator.

The Grandeur Heights apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is designed to account for all your needs. With its superb amenities, including a swimming pool, a sauna, a hammam, restaurants and coffee houses, a car park, recreation areas, playgrounds, and sports grounds, this real estate project personifies a city of the future.


The apparent advantage of the Grandeur Heights apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is that it is a guarded private territory with a convenient location. Getting to any key infrastructure objects of Istanbul is no problem. This is how long it will take you to reach them from the Grandeur Heights apartment complex:

  •  airport – 30 mins
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge – 10 mins
  • Isfanbul mall – 10 mins
  • Istanbul Bilgi University – 10 mins
  • Taksim Square and Beşiktaş District – 20 mins.


Apartment prices in the modern Grandeur Heights apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey range from USD 139,000 to USD 365,000.

Have a look at the table below for more information:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

An 8% discount of the total apartment price is granted to all buyers paying for their Grandeur Heights apartments in Istanbul, Turkey in cash.

Real estate market in Turkey and pandemic

The spreading COVID-19 virus resulted in a global crisis. Many companies have become bankrupt, and stock has dropped. The real estate market is also going through some rather turbulent times.  The vaccination gave us all hope for a better future, and the economy resumed its growth in many countries worldwide. We may observe that real estate investors are getting more active by the day. All this resulted in a major real estate sales growth in Turkey. In the long run, this growth may hit an all-time record. Hence, now is high time to invest in real estate,


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International Wealth experts will take note of all your wishes and offer the perfect options you may require. We have the best of the best, and not just in Turkey. Our portfolio includes attractive investment offers in various jurisdictions. We also assist you with legal support of your real estate purchase and sale deals and provide many other useful services for both investors and businessmen.

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Where can I find the Grandeur Heights apartment complex?

The Grandeur Heights apartments are situated in the Eyüp Sultan district of Istanbul, Turkey. The complex is just several minutes from the Downtown Istanbul and the beach. The airport is also close by. Take a look at the Google city map to learn more.

How much are the apartments in the Grandeur Heights?

The prices for the Grandeur Heights apartments in Istanbul, Turkey are not too high. The standard 2-room apartment will cost you around USD 139,000 or more. The most expensive option is a 5-room residence with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2.5 bathrooms. The prices for such residences may reach USD 365,000.

Does the developer offer any discounts for apartments in the Grandeur Heights apartment complex?

Quite obviously. Those purchasing apartments in the Grandeur Heights apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey will enjoy an 8% discount provided they pay in cash.

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