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Cost: from 1100 EUR


LLC Registration in Poland. Part II

Below we describe our services related to registering a company in Poland. You can find the first part of this text here.


Packaged service “LLC registration in Poland”. The service cost starts at 1100 EUR and the price includes the following:

  • Registration of the company Charter with the notary public;
  • Registration of the company with the State Register and acquisition of the KRS;
  • Registration of the company with the tax authorities in Poland and acquisition of the NIP and VAT numbers;
  • Registration of the company with the Statistical Bureau and acquisition of the REGON;
  • Registration of the company with the customs authorities and acquisition of the EORI number (if your company in Poland is going to engage in import-export operations);
  • Opening an corporate account with a Polish bank;
  • Renting a company office in Poland (we will suggest several options);
  • Consultations on your arrival to Poland;
  • Ordering a company seal and business cards (100 pieces);
  • Development of the company logo (visual identification);
  • Registration of the company in main catalogues of the Polish Internet.
  • Company legal address for one year.

Every LLC registered in Poland has to have a charter capital (fund). Many companies registered there have the minimum legally required charter capital of 5,000 zloty (around 1,200 euros).


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However, if you are planning to engage in serious business operations in the EU and trade with large companies, we recommend that your Polish-based company should have a larger charter capital. Please apply for a personal consultation on this matter.

The charter capital is divided into shares with the nominal price of one share being 50 zloty (around 12 euros). So if the company charter capital is 5,000 zloty, the minimum share of 50 zloty amounts to 1% of the capital. The shares can be distributed between the company owners in any way you like. For example, the company can have two founders with one of them holding 99% of the ownership shares and the other one holding only 1%. The ownership shares can be distributed between the company owners in any other proportions. Depending on your business objectives, we can help you solve the issue of company ownership shares distribution.

Let us now discuss what application documents are required when registering an LLC (or Spółka z o.o., in Polish) in Poland. We will describe two options that you have when registering a company in the country. Whatever option you choose, we will be happy to assist you with company registration in Poland.  

Documents required for registering a Spółka z o.o. in Poland:

Option I: Documents required when registering an LLC in Poland on a personal visit to the country (you have to spend one day in Warsaw):

  • Your foreign passport to show to the notary public who will write down the passport information.

Option II: Documents required when our lawyer holding a Power of Attorney registers an LLC in Poland on your behalf (that is, you can register a company in Poland remotely, without paying a personal visit to the country):

  • A notarized Power of Attorney authorizing us to register a company in Poland on your behalf;
  • A copy of your foreign passport;
  • Notarized signature samples for prospective company officers. We will take care of preparing all other application documents.

A Polish Spółka z o.o.: registration timeframes

Registering an LLC in Poland will take between 3 and 30 days from the date when the registration documents are filed to the Polish company registration bureau. There is a possibility to accelerate the registration process for an additional pay.

What you pay for when applying for our assistance in registering a Spółka z o.o. in Poland

The cost of our services including the payment of all state duties, registering the company with all official bodies in Poland, and technical expenditures is from 1,100 EUR to 1,700 EUR depending on the registration method that you prefer.

Please bear in mind that if the company is founded by more than two people, an additional 150 EUR is due for every extra company founder.

We would also like to warn you that translation of the application documents will have to come at an additional cost. We do not know in advance how many documents you will have to have translated by a sworn translator and we want to be open and honest with our clients.

The technical expenditures related to registering an LLC in Poland include the legal, notarial, and state duties.

If you are interested in registering a company in Poland and if you would like to discuss the issues related to this procedure, please do not hesitate to write to us to [email protected]. We will be happy if we can be of assistance to you!

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