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LLC Registration in Poland. Part I

Poland is one of the EU countries to consider if you would like to register a business company in Europe, invest into real estate there, and ultimately relocate to the Old World. An Eastern European state, Poland is catching up with its neighbors to the west at a rapid pace, as far as the country’s economic development is concerned. The living standards in Poland are nearly as high as those in Western European countries.

We invite you to consider the opportunity to register a company in Poland that can serve as a gateway to the European markets for you. The new legislation in the country allows foreigners to obtain legal residence permits in Poland if they register a company there.


Below we will discuss what forms of company ownership are available in Poland. With some of them, one person is enough to start a company. This information will be of interest to citizens of non-EU countries wishing to legalize their extended stay on the territory of the Union.

Foreign nationals can register companies in Poland of the following forms of ownership:

  • A Joint-Stock Company (abbreviated as „S.A.” in Polish);
  • A Limited Liability Company („Sp. z o.o.” in Polish);
  • A Commandit Partnership (” Sp. komandytowa” in Polish);
  • A Mixed Partnership (known as „Sp. komandytowo-akcyjna” in Poland).

Requirements to companies registered in Poland

  • The most popular form of company ownership for small- and medium-size businesses is the Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • The minimum required amount of the charter capital in Poland is 5,000 zloty (approximately 1,200 EUR at the current exchange rate); the charter capital of a Polish-based LLC shall be deposited in full;
  • A Polish LLC shall have at least one director;
  • Foreign nationals are eligible for registering LLCs in Poland without any restrictions: they can be company owners in the country;
  • A Polish-based LLC shall prepare and submit annual reports; the financial records shall be kept at the company’s office in the country.

The cost of registering a Limited Liability Company in Poland is from 1100 EUR to 1,700 EUR.


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Online company registration in Poland will cost 1100 EUR and notarial company registration will cost 1,700 евро.

The price above covers company registration in the names of maximum two individuals. If the number of company founders is higher, an additional 150 euros is due for each extra company founder.

The procedure of registering a company in Poland is as follows:

  • Registration of the company Charter with the notary public;
  • Registration of the company with the State Register and acquisition of the KRS;
  • Registration of the company with the tax authorities in Poland and acquisition of the NIP and VAT numbers;
  • Registration of the company with the Statistical Bureau and acquisition of the REGON;
  • Registration of the company with the customs authorities and acquisition of the EORI number (if your company in Poland is going to engage in import-export operations);
  • Opening an corporate account with a Polish bank;
  • Renting a company office in Poland (we will suggest several options);
  • Consultations on your arrival to Poland;
  • Ordering a company seal and business cards (100 pieces);
  • Development of the company logo (visual identification);
  • Registration of the company in main catalogues of the Polish Internet.

The company registration timeframes are from three days if you opt for online registration and four to six weeks if you opt for notarial registration.

Acquiring a VAT number is going to take an additional month. номера придется потратить от 1 месяца дополнительно. We will be happy to provide support in acquiring a VAT number for your company in Poland even though we cannot guarantee the success of the endeavor. The cost of the support services is 200 euros.

Now let us say a few words about acquiring a virtual office for your Polish-based company. A virtual office allows saving on the company maintenance costs but it allows working efficiently anyway as far as company administration and business operations are concerned. If you are only starting to do business in Poland, a virtual office is what you need.  

The virtual office includes the following items:

  • A telephone number in Poland;
  • A fax number;
  • A mailing address for official correspondence;
  • Storage space for company correspondence and documents.

The cost of the virtual office service is EUR 250 per year. The cost of courier delivery and ordinary mailing services is included.

Accounting support for your Polish-based LLC

The basic cost of the accounting services is EUR 100 per month. The exact cost of the services will depend on the company turnover and the number of accounting operations per month. The service cost can vary especially for larger companies.

Stages of company registration in Poland:

Stage 1: Consultations on registering an LLC in Poland.

Stage 2: Signing of a service agreement, payment of the service costs.

Stage 3: Issuance of a Power of Attorney that authorizes us to register a company in Poland on your behalf.

Stage 4: Notarization of the Power of Attorney and signature samples and delivery of the notarized documents to our office in case you cannot be present in Poland when the company is registered there (the notarization costs will be about 15 euros per document; the ultimate cost will depend on the country, the city, and the particular notary public).

Stage 5: We register a Limited Liability company in Poland on your behalf.

Stage 6: You receive the company documents that will be sent to you with a courier (you will receive scanned copies instantly and the document originals after some time).

If you are interested in registering a company in Poland, please inform us about your desire by writing to We will attach a form that you will have to complete to the reply to your message. Then our consultants will get in touch with you.

Please read the second part of this article to find out what documents are required to register a Spółka z o.o. (LLC) in Poland and how much time the procedure is going to take. 

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