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LLC in the Marshall Islands with an Account in the UK Payment System

We offer you the service of creating a limited liability company (LLC) in the Marshall Islands and opening a corporate account in the British payment system. The key advantage of the offer is the opportunity to perform all the procedures 100% remotely.

The best option in the Marshall Islands is to start a company that would own ships and yachts, as this is the place of one of the largest shipping registers in the world.

LLC in the Marshall Islands

This company is perfect for developing an Internet business or conducting other trading operations. Another advantage here is the absence of a lower limit on the constituent capital. Also, it is quite easy to manage the funds that need to be distributed among the founders of the company. The founders themselves are liable only to the extent of their share of the capital.

You cannot create a company for gambling, open banks or trusts, conduct business operating in insurance or reinsurance. It is important to bear in mind that there is a strong dependence of this ocean state on the United States of America. This does not mean that the leaders of America will necessarily drop in and get the information about all your financial transactions. However, it does mean that this country most likely has the ability to do so.

Now let’s discuss the main advantage – the opportunity to designate it as a form of SLLC, that is, Serial Limited Liability Company in the process of registration of an LLC. In fact, creating this form of company means establishing a number of businesses (or divisions) in the form of an LLC. Each division can engage in its own financial operations, and it risks only its own funds. Each division can have a separate bank account, separate management staff, and so on. This flexibility opens up great opportunities, limited only by your goals and ambitions.  

Registration of a Company in the Form of an LLC in the Marshall Islands

You can name a company in the Marshall Islands in any language, but the name needs to be spelled in Latin letters. It is better to think of alternative options, because there is a possibility that the first name is already taken. The company name must end with the words “Limited Liability Company” (or LLC for short). The company name should not contain the words Trust, Foundation, Bank, Re-Insurance, etc.

The founding capital can be in any amount and in any currency.

Since October 2019, the Marshall Islands have been excluded from the EU offshore blacklist. The country is implementing all the requirements of the European Union in the area of information exchange. Thanks to this, the reputation of the jurisdiction and its companies has improved, attracting the attention of new entrepreneurs.


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Documents Required for Registering an LLC Company

To register a company, you will need:

  • Notarized copies of the founders’ passports;
  • A document confirming the place of residence (for example, certified copies of passports confirming the owners’ places of registration);
  • If you choose to create a company managed by corporate bodies, registration documents for these legal entities are required.

In 2018, some innovations aimed at combatting the transfers and laundering of illegal money appeared in the legislation of the Marshall Islands.

Now, from the moment of registration or from November 9, 2018 (in case the company was registered before that date), it is necessary to confirm the list of current directors, managers and other persons involved. If the information is not confirmed, or if the authorities find some false information, the business company faces a fine of up to 50,000 USD or even the possibility of liquidation.

Costs for Registering and Maintaining an LLC Company

Registering a company in the Marshall Islands costs 3,285 USD. For this money you get:

  • Company registration;
  • Payment of the state registration fee;
  • Services of a registration agent;
  • A legal address of the office;
  • A set of original documents;
  • Delivery by courier to a destination anywhere in the world.

It is possible to obtain a set of documents with apostilled copies. This process may take about 5-6 working days, and the price will increase by 500 USD, so you will pay the total of 3,785 USD.

The registration of an LLC should be renewed every year. The cost is 2,250 USD. The following is included in the price:

  • State renewal fee;
  • A legal address of the office;
  • Services of a registration agent;
  • The package of documents that you receive upon registration includes:
    • Certificate of registration;
    • Operating agreement (optional);
  • First year service fee.

Table with additional services

A set of copies of apostilled documents $ 1,900
Amended Articles (plus additional capitalization tax, if applicable (Capitalization tax applies to corporations with registered capital exceeding five hundred (500) shares of no par value, or with a total par value of more than US $50,000 or the equivalent of that sum). $ 1,200
Amended and supplemented BC Charter $ 1,625
BC merger agreement $ 900
BC Certificate of Conformity $ 1,500
Registered Corporate Record Book for BC, LLC, LP, or GP $ 750
BC Registered Charter $ 750
BC Registered Power of Attorney $ 500
BC Liquidation Certificate $ 600
Revocation of the Voluntary Dissolution of BC $ 2,250
Certificate of Appointment of BC Directors and Officers $ 900
Certificate of Appointment of BC Directors and Officers (with Apostille) $ 1,400
Declaration of BC Shareholders and Beneficial Owners of Bearer Shares $1,200
Certificate of Authorization, for (without Apostille) $ 900
Certificate of Authorization, BC, LLC (with Apostille) $ 1,400
Certificate of Good Standing (original) for BC, LLC, LP, or GP (without Apostille) $ 750
Certificate of Good Standing (original) for BC, LLC, LP, or GP (with Apostille) $ 1,250
BC Registration Certificate $ 750
Certified copy of a registered document for BC, LLC, LP, or GP $ 700
Registered BC Charter $ 800
Registered BC Corporate Record Book $ 800
BC Articles of Domestication $ 1,500
Certificate of BC Transfer to Another Jurisdiction $ 2,500
Registered BC Power of Attorney $ 700
LLC Certificate of Amendment $ 1,200
LLC Certificate of Conversion $ 1,500
LLC Certificate of Cancellation $ 1,000
Registered LLC Operating Agreement $ 750
Certificate of LLC Domicile $ 1,500
Change certificate for LP, GP $ 1200
Cancellation of LP Certificate $ 1000
GP Liquidation Certificate $ 900
Apostille $ 500
Financial Report (up to 40 transactions per year) $ 2,400
Financial Report (from 41 to 150 transactions per year) $ 4,500
Financial Report (over 150 transactions per year) on request
Virtual office – in Panama
/per year
 • Address
 • Mail/Transfer to courier
 • Telephone with message recording function
$ 3,000
Professional director services $ 3,400 + expenses

Corporate Account in the UK Payment System

The British payment system is a tool that offers a wide range of options: payment and transfer operations, access to transactions from anywhere in the world, invoicing, marketing and IT development, services for crypto-currency projects, a huge selection of foreign currencies, etc.

You can quickly access all the information about financial transactions and get a statement in PDF format. Opening an account via the Internet is the main advantage.

List of Documents for Creating an Account in the British Payment System

It is necessary to provide a detailed and high-quality scanned application form for opening a corporate account.

In addition to it, you need the following:

  • Certified copies of travel passports;
  • A short autobiography;
  • Proof of residence (lease agreement, either original or notarized copy).

Documents for a company:

  • Copy of Registration Certificates;
  • Copies of the company’s Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association/Operating Agreement;
  • Evidence of business activities (bank statements, financial statements, certificates of registration with the fiscal authorities).
  • The overview that gives the idea of the company’s activities, turnover, main counterparties, payment schemes, fixed assets, etc.

Notice blue

Please note that each document must be translated into English. In addition, other documents may be required.

The payment system commission for opening an account is 1000 EUR, the cost of maintaining an account is 100 EUR per month. Incoming payments are free of charge, the commission on outgoing SEPA payments is from 45 euros, the fee for cross-border outgoing transfers is from 75 eurosо.

The term for consideration of all documents is 7 working days from the date of submission.

The Procedure for Registering an LLC in the Marshall Islands and Opening an Account in the UK Payment System

  1. Let us know about your interest in opening a company in the Marshall Islands and getting a corporate account. Contact us at
  2. Submit to our consultant all the documents necessary for us to provide the service.
  3. Pay for the service. The fee is from 5999 EUR.
  4. Prepare a complete set of documents for opening a company and an account.
  5. We carry out the procedure of registering a company and opening an account for you.
  6. We will contact you if any additional documents are required.
  7. We will send you the original documents and you will start your business activities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I register an offshore company LLC in the Marshall Islands?

To register an LLC or LLC in the Marshall Islands, you will need to follow a simple procedure:
— E-mail us at and tell us about your request;
— Prepare the documents: copy of your passport and proof of residential address;
— Pay the cost of registering a company and the state duty.
After that, you will be able to manage your offshore business.

How long does it take to register an offshore company?

Offshore registration will take from 3 working days. The exact time depends on the specific jurisdiction, the set of documents required (copies with an apostille require additional preparation), as well as time zone differences. Another thing that also affects the time is the speed of your own actions – how quickly you provide the needed documents. The time of opening an offshore company is always indicated from the moment of submission of a complete set of documents.

Is it legal to open an offshore company in the Marshall Islands?

You have the right to open a company in any country in the world. The law does not prohibit the purchase of foreign assets, including offshore companies. The only thing to remember is that an offshore company, like any other company, must comply with the rules. If you do not engage in money laundering, do not evade taxes, and file the financial reports on time, there will be nothing wrong for you in this endeavor.

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