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Live Your Dream — Purchase Luxury Ottoman Panorama Apartment

Istanbul real estate has been rising in demand from year to year. Even though the worldwide economic crisis, the challenging geopolitical reality of today, and  lockdown restrictions do not make our lives any easier, foreign investors consider Turkey to be an attractive place to invest their money in. Turkey currently opens its doors to foreigners  wishing to get themselves a house, be it in Istanbul or any other region of the country.

The innovative and futuristic Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is particularly noteworthy in this regard.

Ottoman Panorama

Ottoman Panorama at a Glance

The fresh-out-of-the-future Ottoman Panorama apartment complex is to be commissioned on the Fatih Peninsula in Istanbul, Turkey, a peaceful and picturesque corner of the world, in 2022. 

The project sits in between the Kennedy Avenue and the historical Yedikule (English: Seven Towers) fortress. Stunning old age heritage is a second name of this territory. The 1600-year-old historical Istanbul walls are enough to impress any neighborhood visitors with the grandeur and splendor of the district.

Construction phases and essential features

The  Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is almost completed. The construction works occurred in 2 phases:

  1.  In a first phase, modern apartment blocks were erected from greenfield. The apartments therein boast versatile layouts and mostly consist of 2, 3, 4, or 5 rooms. The project infrastructure originated and grew alongside the housing stock.
  2. In a second phase, restoration of the famous Orient Express car repair shops took place. These are of high historical significance. The age of the buildings may well be over 150 years. The idea here is to restore them to their original form. The ultimate goal of this phase is to construct as many as 36 eye-catching loft apartment blocks.

 The Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey occupies a 40,000 square meter land lot. The enormous territory of 10,000 square meters is allocated for various commercial and residential real estate. The Ottoman Panorama  apartments offer a spectacular view of the sea and the mountains. The unimaginably huge area of 30,000 square meters hosts a variety of landscape objects, with swimming pools, parks, walkways, recreation areas, and bike lanes among them.

The Ottoman Panorama real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey consists of 10 individual apartment blocks, with just 112 apartments in them. This is the reason why getting an apartment in Ottoman Panorama is not exactly challenging but subject to a limited offer. Even more so, that the demand for boutique apartments in this apartment complex is extremely high. 

Conveniences accommodate CATV, central water access, hot water supply, an electric power generator and gas supply in each apartment.

The Ottoman Panorama apartment complex is guarded 24/7. An alarm system, as well as fire and smoke detectors, make living here safe and secure. The CCTV system is constantly on.

Here are the amenities the residents of the project enjoy on an everyday basis:

  • indoor swimming pool
  • gym
  • SPA, hammam, and a sweating room
  • coffee shops and restaurants.

Residents of the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey have an opportunity to use the services of the local parking lot, the playground, and the daycare center.

The project is conveniently located in the heart of Istanbul. Its dwellers will never have any trouble with reaching its major retail outlets and stores, as well as social institutions and hospitals. It will take you next to no time to get there in case of need, everything is literally in a walking distance from your home. This is how long you’ll walk or ride to the following destinations::

  • 800 meters to the Marmaray Kazlıçesme railway station
  • 2 kilometers to the Eurasia tunnel
  • 3.4 kilometers to the Yenikapı ferry quay
  • 3.5 kilometers to the Yenikapı subway station
  • 4 kilometers to the highway.

Various mass transit stations spare you the trouble of walking long distances through Istanbul.

The district offers a variety of hospitals to the local patients:

  • Yedikule teaching and research hospital for thoracic diseases
  • Istanbul teaching and research hospital
  • Haseki teaching and research hospital in Istanbul
  • Cerrahpaşa medical faculty hospital
  • Lape medical faculty hospital
  •  private hospitals.

Students from the Ottoman Panorama district of Istanbul may receive a quality education in the Istanbul university or any private universities nearby. They don’t even have to leave their district for that.

Amount to invest

Apartments in this real estate project are highly appealing to investors. Apartment prices in the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey range from USD 792,000 to USD 1,455,000, with the areas of 166 to 372 square meters.

Please, consult the International Wealth experts to receive fresh, updated information as to the prices and costs of properties in the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex. You shouldn’t forget that developer prices are the most beneficial:

  1. Investors will receive a 15% discount if they pay in cash for their apartments.
  2. You may pay by installments within a year, with a 50% advance down payment of the total apartment price.

Benefits of investing in the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Potential buyers are seduced by peculiar features and parameters of this new real estate complex in Istanbul, Turkey:

  1. Istanbul with its Fatih district is a popular Turkish resort enjoyed by many tourists and local residents. They come here to feel the drops of salty water on their skin, dive, savor the spectacular landscapes and the warm sun. Investors always have their eyes for idyllic life in this paradise they are infatuated with.
  2. Turkish weather is generally a decisive argument in favor of the purchase. With its comfortable climate and breathtaking landscapes, Turkey has immense magnetism and charm. It is a country of eternal summer. Average winter temperatures stay around + 24 С°.
  3. High living standards. In Turkey, decent life with high living standards is not a luxury but a fact of life. Istanbul is recognized for its educational facilities, high-tech sector, as well as frontline medical technologies you can afford with no major trouble.
  4. An Ottoman Panorama apartment in Istanbul will yield you high profit in the future. Even if you don’t have a good mind to live there on a permanent basis, you may rent your newly purchased property and enjoy stable passive income. It is an undeniable fact that real estate in spa areas is a big draw for investors. Tourists are ready to pay a fortune for high-quality apartments and vacations they will enjoy and remember for a long time.
  5. When you purchase an Ottoman Panorama apartment in Istanbul, you will qualify for the government immigration program with an opportunity to receive a residence permit and become a Turkish citizen by investment. For more information about this opportunity, check this article Turkish citizenship by investment.

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Things to know about the real estate market of Turkey in 2022

Golden sands, comfortable climate, and eternal sunshine – this is what we are in love with Turkey for. The political situation in the country is stable, its economy is well-developed and gives foreign investors every reason to bring their money here. Real estate purchase in Turkey may look like a tempting option.

Purchasing your own apartment in Turkey may be a safe and profitable deal, especially if you use the services of professionals.

Suppose you know exactly what you want. Your dream apartment is one in the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul. What should you do next?

The laws of Turkey provide for a simple standard procedure to buy and sell properties in this country. It consists of the following stages:


Make a draft sale and purchase agreement for your apartment. The buyer contacts the seller and the parties approve key provisions of the agreement.


Collect the necessary documents and have them and the properties checked by lawyers.


Sign the sale and purchase agreement in question and pay the apartment price in the agreed contract currency.


Register your ownership to the apartment. You should submit your application together with the supporting documents to the local cadastral agency. It takes just 5 days to record the personal data of the owner and the ownership information in the registry.

Reasons to take professional advice 

It is fairly easy to buy real estate in Turkey these days. However, complications may occur, and you may not be sure that you are aware of all the traps and pitfalls. It may come useful to employ professional services just to stay away from trouble. It is always advisable to turn to experts for assistance and consultations. These are just a few things pros can do to simplify your life:

  • Offer a wide selection of houses, villas, and apartments in Turkey.
  • Give you a few pointers on real estate selection.
  • Suggest last minute or exclusive sale options.
  • Provide full legal support for your sale and purchase deal.

So, what are you waiting for? Email International Wealth right now at We will get back to you in no time when it is convenient for you.

Why do investors gravitate to the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex?

Ottoman panorama is an innovative real estate project offered by its developer. High-quality luxury apartments, impeccable infrastructure and location of the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex certainly deserve both praise and credit. You will earn good income in future by investing in these premium quality real estate right now.

How long will it take me to make a sale and purchase deal for an Ottoman Panorama apartment?

It won’t in fact take you very long to buy an apartment in the Ottoman Panorama real estate project. International Wealth experts will gladly assist you with any transaction-related issues, procedures and documents. We will secure your legal safety and help you solve any problems you may experience along the way of ownership registration.

What other benefits may I enjoy if I buy an apartment in the Ottoman Panorama real estate project?

Any investor in real estate in Turkey, including the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex, will not only enjoy an opportunity to live in a comfortable apartment of their dreams but also be able to lease it later on, receive a Turkish residence permit and become a citizen of Turkey in the future by joining the Citizenship by Investment program. The latter provides for an opportunity to get a Turkish passport by investment of USD 250,000 plus in local real estate.

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