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Legal residence in Switzerland by tax agreement

The information below may be of interest for well-to-do residents of non-EU countries. Switzerland offers a legal opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the country and then full citizenship. Swiss residence is an expensive product but it brings numerous weighty benefits.

Reasons for obtaining Swiss residence by tax agreement

Acquiring a legal residence permit in Switzerland by making an agreement with the local tax authorities opens a wide range of perspectives to a foreign national. Below please find an incomplete list of advantages that you can make use of if you become a legal resident of Switzerland.

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High living standards. Multiple surveys clearly show that the Swiss are deeply satisfied with the quality of medical services in the country, housing and communal services, cultural environment, personal development opportunities, and overall security. Tuition fees are among the lowest ones in Switzerland while the education quality is, on the contrary, exceptionally high. We should also mention the low unemployment rate, the high average salary, and life expectancy. These facts explain why the vast majority of the Swiss are perfectly happy with the lives they live.  

Strategic location, picturesque landscapes, great ecology, and a comfortable climate. Located at the center of Europe, Switzerland borders on the most successful countries in the region: France, Austria, Italy, and Germany. Mountains and piedmont areas take up the best part of the Swiss territory. Due to such landscapes, the weather in Switzerland can change quickly. However, there are different climatic zones in the country and you can find the one that suits you best: a snow-covered hilltop, a cool alpine meadow, or a warm and sunny valley. Switzerland is also famous for taking serious measures to protect its ecology: the Government and the people of the country take great care of the air, water, and soil purity.

Multicultural environment and tolerance. Switzerland has three official languages: German, French, and Italian. In addition to that, most adult citizens of the country speak good English. This fact will certainly make integration into the Swiss community easier. Besides, the Swiss are generally amiable and tolerant to differences.

A stably growing economy. The pillars of the Swiss economy are financial and legal services, hi-tech machinery production, agriculture, and tourism. Swiss banks are famous all around the world for the high quality of services that they provide and their rigor in protecting the clients’ information. This greatly contributes to making Switzerland an international financial center. Thanks to the economic stability, the country can afford to keep away from the European Union, have its own national currency, avoid taking in refugees, and remain neutral in all military conflicts. 

Favorable business environment. Switzerland is always at the top of various ratings that assess the opportunities for doing business in different countries. This is not surprising at all, as there are some objective reasons why Switzerland ranks so high. The tax rate are comparatively low in the country, corruption is almost nonexistent, property rights as well as investors’ rights are well-protected by the law, and the level of technological development is fantastic.

Low risk of natural disasters. Every year, natural disasters cost national economies over a hundred billion dollars. However, different regions of the planet are affected by natural catastrophes to different degrees. Switzerland is a safe country to live in: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. hardly ever occur there.


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Swiss residence by tax agreement: who is entitled to apply and on what conditions

According to the Swiss legislation, foreign nationals and members of their families (spouses and underage children) can apply for legal residence in Switzerland by signing an agreement with the tax authorities of one of the Swiss cantons. This opportunity is available to non-EU citizens only.

Some cantons allow foreign nationals to reside on their territories in exchange for an annual payment (tax). The amount of the tax will depend on the person’s expenditures in Switzerland.

This opportunity is available to foreigners who are not engaged in any business activities in the country. The federal tax to pay is 400,000 Swiss francs and the cantonal tax varies from one canton to another.

To issue the residence permit the local immigration authorities will want to ascertain that the applicant has sufficient funds at his/ her disposal and that he/ she actively participates in the social, economic, and cultural life in Switzerland.

As far as the time frames of residence permit acquisition are concerned, about five months will pass before the applicant can obtain the permit.

Swiss residence by tax agreement: application documents required

When applying for legal residence in Switzerland, you have to submit a package of application documents that includes the following ones:

  • A copy of a valid passport;
  • A proof of residential address;
  • A police clearance;
  • An insurance policy valid in Switzerland;
  • A detailed résumé;
  • A letter of intent not to engage in entrepreneurial activities in the country;
  • The agreement with the cantonal tax authorities;
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds;
  • Confirmation of the legality of their sources;
  • Confirmation of a stable income sufficient for covering the tax.

If a family is applying for Swiss residence, the following documents also need to be submitted:

  • The questionnaire for each family member – completed and signed;
  • Marriage/ divorce certificate – legalized;
  • Birth certificates for underage children – legalized.

Swiss residence by tax agreement as a route to Swiss citizenship

When you first apply for Swiss residence, you will be issued a temporary residence permit (provided that you satisfy all the conditions specified above). After living in the country for two years, you will become eligible for a permanent residence permit. After spending ten years in Switzerland, you can become a full citizen of the country by naturalization.

It is worth noting that since 1992, the Swiss legislation allows dual (triple, multiple) citizenship so you will not have to renounce your current citizenship (provided that dual citizenship is also allowed in your country). This will give you an opportunity to use whichever passport you want depending on the situation.

The Swiss passport is a very powerful travel document. It is the 6th strongest passport in the world and it is comparable to passports of such countries as Canada, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, and South Korea. You can travel without visas to almost any country of the world with the Swiss passport including the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Swiss residence by tax agreement: apply for immigration agent services

If you would like to acquire Swiss residence by tax agreement, you can save a lot of time, money and nervous cells by applying for the services of a certified immigration agent. Our partners in Switzerland will be delighted to help you prepare the application documents and provide support to you at all stages of applying for Swiss residence. In case you plan to file a family application, the cost of our Swiss partners’ services is 35000 CHF. You will have to pay only half of the sum when signing the service agreement.

Should you have any questions related to obtaining Swiss residence by tax agreement, please contact us at without hesitation. We always respond quickly!

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