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Зарегистрировать IT-компанию в Грузии

Cost: from 8500 EUR


IT Company Registration in Georgia (3 Days): the Turnkey Business Package Offer

What do you know about Georgia, one of the Top 10 business-friendly countries in the world? Have you heard about its Virtual Zone (VZ)? This is not a geographical part of Georgia but, rather, the advantageous environment, a special preferential tax regime with access to many incentives for Georgia-registered IT businesses operating abroad. After the IT company registration in Georgia (namely, in its Virtual Zone), the only tax payable by such IT companies is the 5% dividend tax. How can you benefit from the lucrative Georgia VZ regime here and now, wherever you are? A brief answer is: buy our Turnkey Business Package to obtain the IT company registration in Georgia remotely in just 3 days and enjoy all the virtues of the Virtual Zone. 

Our Turnkey Business Package will help you avoid any waste of your time and money that would be otherwise associated with all the paperwork, translation, and other arrangements, including the need to travel in-person to Georgia. Instead, in only 3 days, we will send you the IT company’s notarized and apostilled documents. Please find in this article a more extended outline of this service and order it online. 

Remote registration of an IT company in Georgia

What does the Turnkey Business Package of your IT company registration in Georgia include?

The turnkey IT company registration in Georgia is the easiest fast track to launching your business and placing revenues and funds in your corporate account. This service will cost you from €8,500. The price covers a series of services that will reduce the standard procedure (10 to 20 days) to just 2-3 days. 

Our Turnkey Business Package of your IT company registration in Georgia includes the following 4 deliverables: the private legal counseling, the corporate legal address and outsourced accounting, the set of incorporation documents, a corporate and a personal bank accounts. 


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1. Private legal counselling on the Tax Code, prior to the IT company registration in Georgia

The world-famous Georgian openness and hospitality available to any entrepreneur, even newcomers, is a very special added value of the IT company registration in Georgia. Having ordered our Turnkey Business Package, you will appreciate the natural Georgian-style customer-focused approach of our local experts. Besides, our legal counselling during the registration will be your chance to access the comprehensive body of information, a key to understanding many issues. 

Here are some examples of what you should discuss during the consultation with our legal expert on the Tax Code in Georgia:

  • The options of how to transfer funds from some company’s account in one country to a corporate account in Georgia. (Please note that the replenishment of the charter/equity capital is a tax-free transaction).  
  • How to benefit from the law on Avoidance of Double Taxation. Georgia has concluded DTAs (DTTs) with over 50 countries. The only tax payable is the 5% tax on dividends. The Virtual Zone’s preferential tax regime is an excellent opportunity for IT companies to reinvest their profits in business.
  • The legal framework for the incoming and outgoing payments to/from your Georgia-registered IT company’s corporate accounts. Please note, that only cross-border transfers are entitled to the VZ tax exemptions and incentives.
  • The registration requirements. Availability of a minimum of one shareholder or director is a must.

There are many more other topics you should discuss with our local expert about Georgia. 

Each company is unique and requires an individual approach. That is why it is critically important to make the most of the customized legal counseling before the IT company registration in Georgia. It should cover an array of meaningful topics. To plan your agenda, please refer to our section on Georgia.

2. The corporate legal address and the outsourced accounting services 

The two main concerns that can complicate the IT company registration in Georgia are: how to obtain the registered legal address in Georgia; how to deal with the mandatory submission of monthly financial statements. To have both issues resolved for you remotely, we have included the following arrangements in our Turnkey Business Package:

  • the free-of-charge provision of a legal address to your IT company, with its free-of-charge annual renewal during the entire life cycle of the legal entity;
  • the monthly accounting services worth €500/month. This tariff covers up to 20 transactions per month. If the company performs over 20 monthly transactions, the tariff is computed individually, depending on the activity of the company. You will not have to take care of the bookkeepers’ wages, income taxes and charges, office space, equipment, supplies, and other relevant matters. By contracting an outsourced accountant instead of recruiting some staff members, you will cut the costs considerably.

3. Preparation of documents for your IT company registration in Georgia

Having received comprehensive answers to your questions during the session with our legal consultants, you will receive an application form. You will need to fill it out and send it to our expert. As soon as it arrives, our lawyers will draw the incorporation documents in English. The standard business structure types are IE, LLC, JSC, LC, LP, Coop. The type will depend on your preference, plans, the projected business activity, and the Virtual Zone stipulations. Our expert will file the application/incorporation package for the registration on your behalf. 

As a result, you will receive the following notarized documents:

  • a transcript from the state Registry
  • the by-law and the protocol of the shareholders’ meetings
  • the Memorandum/Charter
  • the Virtual Zone Resident’s certificate.

After the accounting routine is set up, we will take care of your bank account(s). Usually, this does not take more than 1 day. On the 3rd day, the full set of documents will be sent to you, and the company can already start transactions and make/receive transfers.

4. The corporate and personal bank accounts opening

Georgia is a non-CRS country yet. This means it has not entered the automatic information exchange so far. This fact makes Georgian banks very attractive: they have ample liquidity, are reliable, and maintain banking secrecy.

Our Turnkey Business Package is priced from €8,500 and covers a corporate bank account setup.

Notice blue

However, please note that if the beneficial owner of your Georgian company is not a resident of Georgia (no matter what jurisdiction he/she is a resident of, including EU countries), it will not be possible to open a corporate bank account with a bank in Georgia. Things may change, so you should ask our experts for updates by writing to [email protected]

We can help you with obtaining a resident status in Georgia. Besides, we can open a personal account for you in Georgia and a corporate account for your Georgian company with any foreign bank or payment system abroad that accepts applications from non-residents.

If you also want to open a personal account, we recommend the SOLO VIP BANKING. This service is now available for a fixed price of €2,999. We have to recognize the fact that it’s becoming ever more challenging to set up and use non-residents’ corporate accounts in offshore zones. Therefore, the following more loyal banks in Georgia can be a really perfect solution in terms of the digital nomads’ (and not only) capital management:

  • Bank of Georgia
  • Silkroad Bank

All of the above banks offer the service of remote bank account registration. They also provide their platforms for secure online banking and asset management from anywhere in the world. In addition to company documents, the business portfolio includes legal documents for the account, a bank card, and other banking instruments.

How can you buy the Turnkey Business Package for your IT company registration in Georgia?

This can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Prepare the following documents for your IT company registration in Georgia. 
  • Private persons: valid international passports of director(s), shareholder(s), and all authorized representatives of the future company.
  • Legal entities: valid international passports of director(s), shareholder(s), all authorized representatives, and the UBOs; Articles of Association of the foreign legal entity; Certificate of Registration of the foreign legal entity or a transcript from the commercial Registry.
  1. Send a message to our team specializing in offshore company registration in Georgia (at [email protected]) to start the incorporation procedure.
  2. Pay our fee for the Turnkey Business Package of your IT Company Registration in Georgia. You can do so by a bank transfer or in the payment systems of PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union.

Our manager will promptly contact you to arrange an online private session with our legal consultant. During the initial consultation, you will be explained the Tax Code in Georgia, your questions will be answered, and further legal counseling will be available to you during the entire company registration process.  

How will you benefit from the IT company registration in Georgia + the Turnkey Business Package?

Your IT company registration in Georgia is the first step in your success story in this business-friendly country. Its government is developing a very favorable legal environment and a very convenient physical infrastructure for entrepreneurship. IT startups and small businesses are given particular attention. Their needs (including confidentiality of their financial activities) are taken care of.  

By buying our Turnkey Business Package of the IT Company Registration in Georgia, you will be able to have your issues and organizational matters resolved quickly and efficiently. We will take care of all the company formation arrangements on your behalf. 

Here is the list of advantages you will secure for your business thanks to the IT Company Registration in Georgia with our help:

  • professional legal guidance in Georgia 
  • the minimum taxation (the dividend tax at 5%, exemption from other taxes)
  • a free corporate legal address in Georgia, annually renewed for free
  • the freedom to delegate the accounting and reporting mandatory matters to an outsourced professional provider for a monthly fee of €500 (unless the scope of work exceeds the specified amount)
  • a secure corporate and personal bank account 
  • a set of duly compiled and notarized incorporation documents in English.

You are welcome to book our Turnkey Business Package of the IT Company Registration in Georgia at any time. If you contact us right now for this assistance, you will be able to launch your business operations and enjoy access to all the benefits and tools available in the Virtual Zone in Georgia in 3 days

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