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Cost: from 25 000 000 EUR


Investment in Turkey. Antalya State Lands to Earn Profit above 100%

Investing in Turkey is not limited to incorporating your own company or purchasing real estate. It is an enormous economic field with a great investment and profit potential. The International Wealth partners in Turkey offer you a unique investment project with 100% profit guaranteed. You are welcome to purchase a cheap and profitable beachfront Antalya land plot under a state-supported investment program.

Purchasing Turkish lands under the state-supported program is your chance to profit from the transaction when selling your land later on and to implement a business plan for premium hotel construction in a prestigious Antalya district.

land plot in Turkey

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An investment of EUR 25,000,000 will bring you a 100% profit with no extra financial costs and as much as USD 450,000,000 if you make up your mind to build a luxury tourist hotel on your property.

Choosing the best option is up to you. The International Wealth experts are here to provide you with an instrument to earn investment profit, arrange for legal and organizational support for your state land plot sale and purchase turnkey transaction, and assist you with hotel construction and property sale later on. Stay tuned, and you’ll learn why it is a profitable deal and what you should know about state lands in Turkey.


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Antalya land plots – profitable investment in Turkey

Antalya land plots in Turkey have recently been a popular investment opportunity. Wonder why? Properties like these demonstrate no significant price dynamics and may earn you a 15% income within a 3- to 5-year holding period.

beach in Turkey

If past experience is any guide, cheap construction land plots enjoy high demand with overseas investors. It results from several factors:

  1. Antalya is among the most beautiful Turkish cities and the 5th most populated one in Turkey.
  2. The Mediterranean coast is a tourist gem, attracting visitors and guests from all over the world. With its tourist districts, Antalya comes 3rd among regions with the highest vacationer and holidaymaker numbers globally.
  3. After EXPO-2016 in Antalya dedicated to gardening, foreign guests and businessmen became more interested in the city. Exhibitions of the kind are popular in Europe, and fairs on the subject   were held in Rostock (Germany) in 2003, Chiengmai (Thailand) in 2006–2007, Venlo (Netherlands) in 2012, and Beijing (China) in 2019.
  4. In Antalya, the annual tourist number reaches 15,000,000, largely overtaking Singapore or Istanbul.
  5. Hotel business is on the rise in Antalya, and even with 2,000 operating hotels in place, property owners never stop their activities, as the industry enjoys high demand and brings stable profits all year round.
  6. Turkey boasts a mild climate, with spring ¾ of the year, summer ¼ of the year, and no winter.
  7. The country offers beneficial citizenship by investment programs, and applicants may get a Turkish passport by investing at least USD 400,000 in a villa or an apartment in Turkey.
  8. Foreign investors are fascinated by Antalya as both tourist and economic center of Turkey, with approximately 3,000 foreign companies incorporated therein. 

Purchasing state lands in Antalya is the most profitable way to invest in Turkish properties due to a competitive interest rate and legal transaction transparency. The land plot you choose to invest in under the corresponding state program in Turkey is your entrance ticket to implementing any potential startup projects. With the land location and purpose in mind, your investment goals are numerous and achievable.

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The land plot for sale by our partners provides for an opportunity to build a 7-star hotel of any height totaling at least 150,000 square meters.

Antalya state land plot characteristics

Let’s see what land plot potential investors will receive and what it has to offer. A land parcel by the sea is a dream come true that may be fulfilled. The main thing is, you should know what to do, who to apply to, and what documents are necessary.

International Wealth and its partners in Turkey offer full legal support with your property sale and purchase transactions. The unique state land plot totaling 250,000 square meters is currently for sale in Antalya. The beachfront land parcel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is a state land, offering a breathtaking view of the sandy coastline and spectacular natural landscapes.

Turkish coast
  1. The beachfront state land plot may be used to build a 7-star hotel. In 2020, the property’s starting price made EUR 25,000,000 EUR or USD 27,557,512.
  2. It sits in the Manavgat district of Antalya, known as its tourist center.
  3. With the total area of 232,200 square meters, the state land plot will house a hotel of 150,000 square meters.
  4. The real estate is a state land plot suitable for construction with a corresponding permit therefor.
  5. Distance from the sea – 0 meters.
  6. Ancient culture monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, with national parks among them, are within a walking distance.
  7. Distance to the Antalya airport – 60 mins by car.
turkey map

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FYI: the property is ready for sale, with all the necessary documents available, including a building permit for a hotel on the Mediterranean.

Investment project – Antalya state land plot for construction at reasonable price

Here’s what a business project to invest in Turkish lands provides for:

  •  Investment purpose:
  1. purchase the Antalya land plot to sell it later on at a price significantly above the original one
  2. buy the Antalya land plot on the Mediterranean to finance hotel construction.
  •  Financial expenses:
  1. direct investments in the Antalya land plot to sell it later on – from EUR 25,000,000
  2. 5-star hotel construction – 150,000,000
  •  Investment income from the Antalya land plot:
  1. land investment – in 6 to 10 months, the property price will amount to EUR 50,000,000 – 60,000,000,resulting in USD 25,000,000 – 35,000,000 income
  2. with the direct investment of USD 175,000,000 (land + hotel construction), the property may be sold at USD 450,000,000 and above, with the investor’s net profit amounting to USD 275,000,000.

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FYI: our partners in Turkey will take care of all legal issues, including the Antalya construction land plot re-registration, project approval, construction works, documentation and permit approval, labor recruitment, searching for a buyer, commissioning the property, etc.

How to purchase Antalya land plot under state investment program

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts for a consultation at [email protected] if you feel like purchasing the Antalya land plot for sale on the Mediterranean.

Below you will find general investor requirements under the program:

  • have no affiliation with any EU sanctioned persons and no direct or indirect attitude to any blacklisted countries.
  • file a written application for the land plot purchase (the investor will be provided with a sample application and an application form).
  • obtain a recommendation letter from the investor’s bank confirming their solvency.
  • submit the incorporation certificate and owner and/or founder information.

After the corresponding Turkish government body approves your application, you will receive information detailing requirements for the investor’s documents and their financial status.

You may purchase the Antalya land plot on credit or pay for it by installments, and applying for a low-interest loan to finance the hotel construction is provided for.

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FYI: potential investors about to purchase the above Antalya land plot should remember that purchasing state lands takes longer in Turkey compared to buying land from a private party. Potential investors realizing it should have patience, and it will pay off when the investor receives high income from the property sale afterwards.

Investing in Antalya state lands to enjoy profit over 100% – summary

The above investment project is easy to get hold of. Assisted by the International Wealth pros, you may purchase it and sell at a profit in Turkey later on. Things you should know and keep in mind, if you are about to purchase the above Antalya land plot, are listed below:

  1. It is cheaper to purchase a beachfront land plot on the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey, directly from the state than from a private party.
  2. With the 7-star hotel construction permit providing for excavation works and laying of engineering and communications systems in place, the property is ready for the construction to start.
  3. Right after you have received the title to your land, you may resell it, the only exception being investors about to get citizenship by investment in Turkey. In the latter case, the holding period shall make 3 years. The requirement comes with benefits and certain positive aspects, as a 3-year period is enough to not only build the hotel but also bring it into service.
  4. You are welcome to purchase the above Antalya land plot through the International Wealth partners. They will assist you with making the sale and purchase deal, filing all the necessary permits, conducting construction works, and resolving any ongoing legal or business issues.
  5. The investor may refrain from the construction works and put all paperwork under care of the International Wealth partners in Turkey. The only thing the investor shall do is sign the necessary documents. The hotel and the land may be resold later on at a price 2 to 4 times the original investment amount.

To become a land investor in Turkey, it is enough to contact the International Wealth experts, make a corresponding agreement, and discuss the future cooperation in tiny detail.

Do foreign investors receive high profits from purchasing lands in Turkey?

The resulting profit may be above 100%. Everything depends on the land plot purpose and designated use. Investing in Turkish lands may bring you a 100% or higher profit, if you sell your asset at a favorable rate, build an industrial or a commercial property thereon, or use the lands for their designated purpose (export fruit production, warehouse facilities, lease, etc.).

When may I sell my land plot in Turkey purchased from the state for construction purposes?

If you buy the land for any purpose other than getting citizenship by investment in Turkey, you may sell it any time after you have received title documents. Where the purchase is for citizenship by investment purposes, the corresponding holding period shall make 3 years.

Who is eligible to purchase lands in Turkey under the state investment program?

Both legal and natural persons with enough money therefor able to document their solvency, with foreign investors among them, are eligible buyers.

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