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Invest in Turkish Citizenship: Apartments in Solis Cityscape, Izmir

Discover the enticing prospects offered by Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, as a welcoming destination for people seeking to relocate to Turkey from multiple countries around the globe. The process to obtain citizenship and residency in Turkey is quick and straightforward, with the purchase of real estate emerging as the most accessible pathway. At present, the minimum investment to become eligible for CBI in Turkey is USD 400,000.

Solis Cityscape

Don’t hesitate to explore the exclusive range of apartments in the esteemed district of Bornova, one of Izmir’s most prestigious areas. With the expertise of International Wealth knowledgeable specialists, you’ll seamlessly navigate the property acquisition journey and obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey. This opportunity could pave the way for permanent residency, including the highly sought-after Turkish passport, for both you and your loved ones.

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Bornova district: a prime location for living and investment in Izmir

With its fascinating history, well-built infrastructure, and charming Mediterranean atmosphere, Izmir attracts both locals and foreigners. The city’s luxuriousness and breathtaking beauty are hard to miss. Numerous universities and recreational areas secure a special place for Izmir in the hearts of young people.

Bornova, located in the very center of the city, is one of Izmir’s prominent districts. It offers excellent transportation connections for easy travel from Turkey to various places. In this lively district, residents enjoy a comfortable living environment and a wide range of amenities:

  • outstanding educational opportunities at Aegean University and Yasar University
  • childcare facilities and schools with English-speaking educators, ensuring diverse learning options for children
  • convenient access to shopping centers and hospitals, providing essential services nearby
  • abundance of historical landmarks, architectural gems, and popular attractions, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the city’s rich heritage
  • 4 thriving industrial zones, offering promising job opportunities and attractive investment possibilities
  • beautiful beaches along the Aegean Sea, perfect for relaxation and leisure activities in Turkey
  • vibrant entertainment centers, catering to various interests and preferences
  • tranquil park areas, providing peaceful spaces for recreation and leisurely walks.

Bornova continually evolves, with yearly projects focused on improving infrastructure and meeting the needs of its expanding population. Among these developments, the Solis Cityscape residential complex stands out. Designed by renowned architects, it comprises a series of multi-story buildings that redefine modern living in Turkey. Each apartment within the complex is thoughtfully designed, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and an exceptional level of technical excellence.

Solis Cityscape: luxurious residences in Downtown Izmir

Welcome to Solis Cityscape, a remarkable residential project in the central district of Bornova, Izmir. The brand-new apartments therein come with an exceptional blend of comfort, luxury, and impeccable design, together with an unwavering dedication to safety and sophistication. For those who appreciate the finest things in life, this exquisite living environment provides a haven of tranquility and refinement.

Solis Cityscape
Solis Cityscape

Project overview

Here’s what the new residential project includes:

  • 8-story buildings with over 100 apartments in each building
  • more than 30 shops
  • fitness center
  • gym
  • swimming pool
  • sauna
  • Turkish hammam
  • children’s playground
  • basement parking facility
  • beauty salon, and more.

The expansive residential complex in Izmir, Turkey spans a total area of 53,000 square meters. There, talented designers and architects have meticulously crafted a unified concept that fulfills the aspirations and desires of its residents.

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Discover other projects that International Wealth offers, including apartments and villas in Turkey. A part of our investment program, these exceptional opportunities not only offer a taste of refined living but also come with simplified pathways to obtain a residence permit and/or citizenship in Turkey, making your dream lifestyle easily accessible.


Apartment prices and floor plans in Solis Cityscape, Izmir

Below, you will find the key project features:

  • Residential project type: Apartments.
  • Layout: 3+1 (3 bedrooms and 1 living room).
  • Location: Bornova, Izmir.
  • Apartment size: 164 to 237 square meters.
  • Price range: From USD 490,000 to USD 800,878.
  • Number of bathrooms: 2.
  • Residential project status: Fully completed and ready for immediate occupancy.

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For a seamless international relocation, consider opening a bank account abroad. International Wealth specialists are available to assist you in opening an account with Turkish or international banks. With us, the process is completely hassle-free from start to finish.

Solis Cityscape infrastructure

The new residential complex is ideally situated in Bornova, Izmir, offering easy access to administrative and entertainment centers. Here’s how long it will take you to get to the city’s administrative and entertainment centers from there:

  • Beach access: Enjoy the beautiful shoreline as the beach is just an 18-minute drive from the Solis Cityscape residential complex.
  • Downtown proximity: The bustling city center of Izmir is approximately a 15-minute drive from Solis Cityscape. Using the above opportunity, residents can easily access its vibrant attractions and amenities.
  • Distance to Izmir Airport: Traveling is a breeze with Izmir Airport just 25 minutes away, ensuring convenient connections to domestic and international destinations.
  • Healthcare facilities: Close to the Solis Cityscape residential complex, you’ll find reputable hospitals, including Bornova Türkan Ozilhan State Hospital, Bornova Oral and Dental Health Center, and Private Ata Health Hospital. They provide access to quality healthcare services.
  • Shopping and dining options: Nearby, you’ll find shopping centers to satisfy your retail needs. Within the residential complex itself, a variety of shops, beauty salons, cafes, and restaurants is available, which means convenience and leisure right at your doorstep.
  • Education opportunities: Families will appreciate the abundance of educational institutions in the area, with more than 10 schools nearby. These include Bornova Suphi Koyuncuoğlu Anadolu Lisesi, Yahya Kemal Beyatli College, and Bornova Anadolu High School. All of them ensure quality education options in Turkey for your children.

The Bornova district offers a thriving business environment, with banks, offices, and administrative buildings readily available to support your professional endeavors.

Facilities and technical specifications

The apartments for sale in Izmir, Turkey go beyond their exquisite appearance and stunning aesthetics. The designers have carefully considered both style and practicality. Safety is a top priority, with important technical parameters incorporated into the design. Let’s explore the main features of the new apartment complex in Bornova:

  • elevator
  • garden and playground
  • restaurant and café
  • cable and digital TV
  • water tank and booster
  • natural gas supply
  • power generator
  • centralized hot water supply
  • fire safety (smoke detector and automatic fire extinguishing system)
  • 24/7 security
  • video surveillance system
  • intercom.

Investing in apartments for sale in Turkey, especially in busy cities like Izmir, is a great opportunity for investors. Property prices have gone up, creating a good chance for high annual returns of around 9% to 10%.

Effortless relocation: moving to Turkey in several easy steps 

To quickly obtain Turkish citizenship and move to Turkey, you don’t have to be physically present for property assessment, ownership registration, and document processing. Experienced specialists from International Wealth will guide you through the entire process.

Here’s how you can speed up the obtaining of your Turkish citizenship by property investment supported by International Wealth pros:

  • Contact us using the contact information on the International Wealth website and discuss your goals and budget for buying property in Turkey.
  • Choose a property unit from the International Wealth catalog or let our experts select residential properties or commercial real estate in Turkey to suit your preferences and requirements.
  • Submit the required documents online following the provided checklist. You may need to submit them in one or multiple copies. This refers to documents related to property ownership, opening a bank account, and applying for residence permits and citizenship through the Turkish immigration service.
  • Make the necessary payments for International Wealth professional services and, if applicable, for the chosen property in Turkey (details will be discussed individually).
  • Issue a PoA to our experts so that they could represent your interests in all Turkish government agencies.
  • Attend a final interview in person to sign the required documents and open a bank account in Turkey.
  • Transfer the funds for property payment and make the payment to the seller at the agreed-upon time.
  • Obtain your TAPU (property title deed).
  • Personally submit a residence permit application or seek assistance from International Wealth experts to comfortably settle into your new apartment in Izmir for long-term residency or a temporary stay.

Please note that the information provided about property registration into ownership in Izmir or other Turkish provinces and related procedures is for informational purposes only. It is by no means a comprehensive guide to follow. 

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