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Invest in Real Property in Oman: Advantages of Raya Residential Complex in Jebel Sifah

The Sultanate of Oman is a modern prosperous country bordering on the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Its popularity with foreign investors has grown significantly over recent years and there are good reasons for that.  

Raya Residential Complex

Investments in real estate in Oman in 2024

Oman is one of the most promising countries in the region for investors in real property. Sitting in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, the country offers a warm climate, rich cultural heritage, and amazing natural diversity. The Government of Oman has passed laws that make the jurisdiction highly attractive for foreign investors and especially those investing in real estate. Foreign direct investments contribute to the growth of Oman economy. 

Oman has several characteristics that make foreign investors consider the country seriously. The main advantages that Oman offers include the following ones:

  • Political, economic, and social stability. The country is governed in accordance with Arabic traditions but in a modern way. Its economy is open to foreign investments. Investing in Oman is perfectly safe. 
  • Transparent judicial system and favorable legislative environment. The legal framework efficiently protects foreign investors in Oman and guarantees their rights.  
  • High level of security and low crime rates. Oman is a safe place where foreign investors can live with their families. The living standards are higher in Oman than they are in neighboring countries. You will find more amenities there and a better infrastructure.
  • A foreign national buying property in Oman does not have to involve a local resident to serve as a co-owner. The law allows citizens of other countries to be full owners of property in Oman. This is not the case in some other Arab countries.
  • Permanent residence for all family members. All members of the foreign investor’s family will qualify for residence permits in Oman.
  • Tax benefits. Oman offers tax incentives to foreign investors that allow increasing their profits. The country charges neither property tax nor personal income tax, which is attractive indeed.
  • High return on investment. Letting property in Oman on a lease can bring a high stable income. Reselling it after several years will bring good return on investment as property prices are constantly growing in the country.
  • Low property prices. Property prices are lower in Oman compared to the UAE while the quality of life is as high.

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Legal residence by investment into property in Oman

The legal residence opportunities that Oman offers to foreign investors and their families make the opportunity to invest in the country even more attractive. The Government of the country has approved the development of integrated Tourist Complexes (ITC) to attract foreign investments to the real estate sector. Foreigners are entitled to be full owners of pieces of property located in such ITCs. You can own a house or a villa and live there or you can let it on a lease. Please note that foreign nationals are allowed to own property only in specially designated zones (the ITCs) in Oman. Property located outside the zones can be owned only by citizens of Oman, as a rule.  

If you invest at least 250,000 Oman rials into property in the country (1 OMR = 2.60 USD), you can qualify for a 5-year residence permit. If you invest 500,000 OMR, you can qualify for a 10-year residence permit. Moreover, all your family members will get residence permits and you will be able to apply for guest visas for your friends and relations. Foreign property owners are also entitled to hire help but not more than 3 persons.

Where can you buy property in Oman in 2024?

The Government of the Sultanate designates the most picturesque locations for ITCs. Their buildings and infrastructural objects are integrated with the landscapes. 

Jebel Sifah is a resort area near the capital of Oman and it is an Integrated Tourist Complex. It has been designed and built with the natural features of the landscape in the architects’ mind. Jebel Sifah is located at the northern coast of Oman between a 6-kilometer strip of beaches and the Al Hajar, a beautiful mountain range. 

The infrastructure is well-thought-out in Jebel Sifah and it will satisfy the most demanding customer. Jebel Sifah has a bay with a marina as well as beach clubs and water sports center. Diving opportunities are also available there. 

In addition, you will find shops, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias in the area. If you are fond of jogging, there is a jogging track that winds through the marvelous scenery. There is also a golf course designed by Harradine Golf AG, a well-known Swiss company. The capital city of Muscat is within a 30-minute drive and there you will find an international airport as well as multiple shopping and entertainment centers.   

Proximity to the capital, an advanced infrastructure and a wide choice of entertainment opportunities make Jebel Sifah a perfect place where you can invest. We invite you to consider investing in one of the residential complexes in the area that is called Raya.

Raya is a fabulous place where modern housing is masterfully blended with the beauty of natural landscapes. The complex offers a lot of greenery that protects the residents from the sun and lots of solitary places at the beach where you can hide from the noise of life. There you will also find a wellness infrastructure and many natural wonders of Oman. 

Raya residential complex in Jebel Sifah

The residential complex consists of villas for small and large families. Everybody can find a villa to his/ her liking there and the complex is going to exceed your expectations. Raya is being built by Muriya Tourism Development, a well known developer in Oman. The villas come in two types and each type has unique characteristics.


Basic details about the residential complex (1 AED = 0.10 OMR):

  • Minimum price: 1,497,287 AED;
  • Price per square meter: 10,011 AED;
  • Project completion date: first quarter of 2027.

Muriya Tourism Development is the largest and the best-known developer in Oman. It has been building residential complexes and commercial buildings for years and its construction projects appeal to foreign investors.

Muriya is known for its interior solutions for villas, apartments, and hotels as well as for its creative landscape designs. A distinctive feature of all Muriya’s developments is multiple green areas, squares, gardens, and parks. Everything is made in Arabic style – lots of open spaces, terraces, and secluded retreats. 

The designers of the company do a great job preserving the natural beauty of the landscapes. The company uses natural durable materials and the buildings are in harmony with nature. The company also has international experience as it has completed several projects in Egypt, Switzerland, Montenegro, Morocco, and the UAE.   

Investors who would like to purchase property in Raya can choose from Majlis Villas and Wellness Villas. Both types of villas have swimming pools.  

Majlis Villas

Majlis is a room for large family celebrations or receptions. It is an important area in any house in the Arab world and it serves as the central architectural component that holds all other rooms together. On behalf of our partners, we bring the following Majlis villa floor plans to your attention:  

A two-bedroom house

The ground floor holds the majlis room, a bedroom, and a personnel room. The first floor holds a study and the second bedroom. 

Characteristics of the villa:

  • 3 bathrooms;
  • Garage;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Floor area: 157 square meters;
  • Land plot area: from 683 to 899 square meters;
  • Price: from 1,497,287 AED.

A three-bedroom villa

The ground floor holds the majlis room, a personnel room, and a bedroom. The first floor holds a study and two more bedrooms. 

Characteristics of the villa:

  • 4 bathrooms;
  • Garage;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Floor area: 183 square meters;
  • Land plot area: from 719 to 918 square meters;
  • Price: from 1,750,730 AED.

Wellness Villas

A Wellness room is the place in the house where you can take care of your body with the help of massage facilities, SPA facilities, yoga, and fitness equipment. Wellness villas also come in two types.

A two-bedroom house

The ground floor holds the master bedroom, a wellness studio and a personnel room. The first floor holds a study, one more wellness room, and one more bedroom. 

Characteristics of the villa:

  • Number of bathrooms: 3;
  • A garage and a swimming pool next to the villa;
  • Floor area: 157 square meters;
  • Land plot area can be from 683 to 899 square meters;
  • Price: from 1,497,287 AED.

A three-bedroom villa

The ground floor holds a wellness studio, a personnel room, and the master bedroom. The first floor holds another wellness studio, a study, and two more bedrooms.  

Characteristics of the villa:

  • Number of bathrooms: 4;
  • Private swimming pool;
  • Spacious garage;
  • Floor area: 183 square meters;
  • Land plot area: from 719 to 918 square meters;
  • Price: from  1,750,730 AED.

Depending on the landscape features, the floorplans can be a bit different. The size and the form of the swimming pool will also depend on the natural landscape characteristics.


Our partners in the UAE (this is why we have quoted the prices in dirhams) make it possible to buy a villa in Oman on an installment plan. Make an initial payment of only 10% of the total price and then pay 7.5% every three months. 

Raya residential complex in Jebel Sifah with luxury villas can become your place or residence or you can let your villa on a lease. If you are interested in this offer, please do not have to contact us for more detailed information. 

Our experts will also be happy to bring other pieces of property in Oman for your consideration. We will also gladly consult you on obtaining legal residence in Oman and other countries. Please contact us right away and book a personal expert consultation!

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