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Invest in Posh and Luxury Istanbul Apartments in Turkey

Getting your own residential properties in Turkey is a brilliant idea. You may purchase an apartment in Turkey at a reasonable price directly from the developer. Several real estate options are available at any given time, and each of them will appear ideal for you. Let’s see, what advantages real estate investment in Turkey offers, what traps and pitfalls a potential investor may come across, and how to avoid them. The International Wealth experts are ready to support you with your investment decisions and offer any help necessary. We consult potential investors on any aspects that may be challenging for them, and we are ready to do our very utmost to secure your success with an expensive purchase as well as a prosperous life in a new country. Stay tuned for more.

Success with real estate investment in Turkey

Hardly any investor decides to purchase real estate in Turkey on the spur of the moment. The decision is most often informed, balanced, and well-considered. Every buyer has their own reasons to choose Turkey to live or invest in:

  1. For some, Turkish real estate is a profitable way to invest in their future.
  2. Others may think it is an opportunity to secure a permanent residence in the friendly and hospitable Turkey they were totally charmed away with as tourists.
  3. Getting guaranteed passive income sounds rather inspiring.
  4. Real estate in Turkey may be sold to turn a profit. The Turkish real estate market stays active, and investors have lots of options to maneuver for their best benefit.

Getting your own real estate in Turkey is a win-win decision. The local government does its best to create a comfortable investment atmosphere and support investors. The country boasts rich potential for both business and everyday life. Investors sense it and get good vibes about living and making business in Turkey.

Risk evaluation is a wise thing to do in any situation. We recommend potential buyers analyze every potential risk to avoid it and secure a safe and profitable purchase.

Take a look at the most common pitfalls:

  1. Real estate selection. The real estate market of Turkey is rather specific. You should carefully study the neighborhood specifics and the real estate you have the eyes for to make an informed decision.
  2. Supporting documents are of even greater importance. It is not recommended to cut back on document audit. An experienced lawyer will uncover any potential issues and help you avoid  unpleasant situations or potential pitfalls.
  3. Some intermediaries may try to deal with several buyers at once. Hence, purchasing real estate from a developer is a prime choice.
  4. Developer’s reputation. If you are planning to invest in real estate under construction, make sure the developer is a well-known and highly respected company with a proven track record. You should be satisfied that the technical passport and other supporting documents for your apartment and real estate project are available.

Notice blue

Please note, that foreign investors are encouraged to purchase properties using the services of highly-reputed and reliable industry experts. Real estate pros will support you every step of the way. They will take you by the hand and lead to your dream life in a newly-purchased top-class corner of paradise that is yours only. To get your free initial consultation from the International Wealth experts, fill in the form below, and we will be by your side.


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Coral City – your comfortable life in modern Istanbul paradise

The Coral City apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of a kind. It stands out and catches the eye of the onlookers. With its stylish architecture, above average exteriors, and top infrastructure, the Coral City project in Istanbul is designed for the rich and the affluent. If you settle down in Coral City, your life will change for the better in a matter of days.

Project details

Coral City is a treasure of the Yakuplu neighborhood to be found in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul, Turkey. The project sits on a land lot of 65,000 square meters. The area boasts both luxury individual villas and apartment blocks facing the sea. With 87 separate buildings of 453 to 585 square meters and 5100 residences, the Coral City real estate complex in Istanbul, Turkey will render you speechless. Various amenities, outdoor and indoor parking lots, shops, playgrounds and sports grounds, bike lanes, swimming pools, greenery and landscaped areas − once you see it all, you will feel like staying in the district forever.

The enviable distinction of the Coral City apartment complex in Istanbul is that it sits right where the sea meets the sand. The coastline is around 1.5 km long. It comes with a marina, a sandy beach, and a variety of restaurants and coffee houses.

The Coral City apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is a perfect place to spend your life in. All the benefits of the neighborhood in combination with breathtaking sea views are here for you to enjoy them every day as long as you live.

Transport junction

The Coral City real estate in Istanbul, Turkey is easy to reach. No need to drive anywhere − it takes minutes to walk to any of the district’s main landmarks:

  • Istanbul Airport
  • Eurasia Tunnel
  • Bahcesehir College
  • Marmara Park and Torium shopping centers
  • Kolan and Medicana hospitals
  • Beykent University.

The Coral City project in Istanbul, Turkey is where you should come to if you are looking for a comfortable life in a big modern city.

Below, you will find the current real estate prices for the Coral City apartments for sale in Istanbul:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

The International Wealth team will assist you with making your dream of the house by the sea come true. Contact us if you need full legal support for your real estate deals in Turkey or any assistance with getting your residence permit.

Diamond Town – residential properties with high investment potential in Istanbul

Is la dolce vita still a dream for you? Would you like to turn it into reality? Take a look at the Diamond Town apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. The properties in the Diamond Town project in Istanbul are in the final stages of construction. You will be able to purchase apartments of 77 to 352 square meters, in the price range of USD 57,000 to USD 273,000.

Diamond Town apartments

The Diamond Town apartment complex is in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul, Turkey. The district is favored by foreigners. Its architectural solutions and integrity are close to perfect. The Diamond Town project houses a total of 129 apartments (with 3, 4, and 5 rooms therein) and 46 commercial premises. They all fit into 5 blocks of 5 multistoried buildings.

You should choose the Diamond Town real estate in Istanbul, Turkey if you are looking for functionality, comfort, style, and beauty all in one. No matter what you need, the Diamond Town apartment complex has it all:

  • shops
  • sports grounds and playgrounds
  • public promenades
  • beauty parlors, sports centers, and many more.

The Diamond Town apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is a private territory, and it offers multiple advantages to its residents.

Below you will find the current apartment prices in the Istanbul Diamond Town real estate project:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
3 Dublex123,000154137,0001852
5 Dublex169,000232229,0003093.5
6 Dublex194,000262273,0003524.5

All the Diamond Town apartments in Istanbul, Turkey offer unparalleled comfort and awesome views. You will enjoy them regardless of what property in the Diamond Town you select and purchase.

Developers offer 12-month installment plans when you buy properties in Istanbul, Turkey from them. The Diamond Town project is no exception. Payment by installments is available provided you make a 50% down payment of the total apartment price.

Crown Top – modern concept of luxury

With Istanbul constantly growing, real estate investors always succumb to temptation and purchase residences in the city’s newly-built apartment blocks. You may clap your eyes on the appealing offer below. The Crown Top apartment complex in the Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, Turkey, has everything a real estate investor may wish for or dream about. It will cost you from USD 79,000 to USD 268,000 to get an apartment in the project. Residence areas range from 45 to 151 square meters. The Crown Top apartment complex has been completed shell-and-core, so the way to your dream apartment is free and clear.

Project in full detail

The Crown Top apartment complex knows no rivals in Istanbul. It is a unique combination of local climate you will find nowhere else in the world, spectacular landscapes, and superb construction quality. These factors will secure high return on your real estate investment in a Crown Top apartment.

The Crown Top real estate in Istanbul, Turkey encompasses 2 blocks. The first one is a residential building, while the second is designed to house a hotel, offices, and commercial premises. Crown Top is the right place to come to for investors wishing to live life and make business at the same place. With its magnificent, spacious properties with terraces facing the sea, the Crown Top project is a pleasure and joy to live in.

Due to the convenient transport junction nearby, you’ll be able to travel from your Crown Top residences to Istanbul any day of the week with no issues.

Here’s what you can find near the Crown Top apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • Istanbul Airport
  • Taksim Square
  • sea
  • metrobus.

The district’s infrastructure is to be developed further. The Crown Top apartment complex will soon have a school, a university, a hospital, and many more essential amenities close by.


No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

You may enjoy a 20% discount if you pay in cash. We offer interest-free installment plans for your property, with a 5 % down payment. The rest shall be paid within 12 months by equal installments.

Summing up

Real estate investment in Turkey will give you both comfort and a sense of security. It is your chance to become a citizen of Turkey in the future. The real estate you purchase comes with an opportunity to get a residence permit and potentially acquire citizenship in Turkey. For more information and useful advice, contact the International Wealth experts at [email protected].

What is so appealing about the Crown Top real estate?

The Crown Top apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey comes with a unique opportunity to combine your personal and business life. This is a miniature city, with shopping centers, schools, universities, a park, recreation zones, playgrounds, and sports grounds. It offers you everything necessary for comfy living. Due to their proximity to the sea, the Crown Top residences will earn you the maximum profit and secure top investment returns.

Where and how can I purchase a villa in Turkey?

You should turn to the Coral City real estate project, if you are looking for a luxury villa in Turkey. The Coral City project disposes of several villas with impeccable architectural solutions and interiors. Each villa faces the sea. The Coral City real estate offers maximum comfort to the investor and accounts for all your heart wishes and desires.

Is it profitable to invest in Turkish real estate today?

The real estate market of Turkey is booming and blooming. You will definitely benefit from purchasing properties in the country. Both hearty rental income, high sales liquidity and an opportunity to become a citizen of Turkey are guaranteed for foreign real estate investors.

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