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Radisson Hotel

Cost: from 235000 USD


Invest in a Luxury Hotel in Dubai and Qualify for Legal Residence in the UAE

We have a wonderful offer to make! If you would like to invest in a luxury hotel suite in Dubai, you can kill three birds with one stone. You can acquire a nice place where you could spend your vacations, get a source of passive income, and qualify for residence in the United Arab Emirates.

Radisson Hotel in Dubai is a joint project of Damac Properties, a well-known developer in the Emirates, and Radisson, an even better known international hotel group. Both companies have vast experience, which enables them to build unique, luxurious, modern premium-class hotels.   

Radisson Hotel

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Purchasing a suite in Radisson Hotel, Dubai you can have your own luxurious place in the UAE and simultaneously the right to legally reside in the country. Please contact our consultants and request our assistance in purchasing real property in Dubai.   

Characteristics of Damac Hills

Radisson Hotel is located in a top-class district of Dubai called Damac Hills. This district is deservingly popular with visitors to the UAE as well as foreign investors who buy property there for various purposes. Some of them like to spend time with their families in the warm and beautiful country, others let their property on a lease, and still others hope to later resell it at a profit. All foreign investors purchasing suites in Radisson Hotel qualify for legal residence in the UAE.

You will find flawless infrastructure in Damac Hills. Below are the main characteristics of the district:

  • There is a golf club Trump International Dubai where you can spend time in pleasant company and play an aristocratic game.  
  • Almost four million square feet of the green area are divided into thematic parks where you can engage in various activities or simply relax quietly.
  • You will find gardens in the district where you can walk as well as lakes, a football pitch, and horse stables. 
  • In addition, there are supermarkets in the district, beauty salons, cleaning companies, and transfer vehicles that can take you to the Mall of the Emirates trade center.

Radisson Hotel, Dubai is fine to stay at and besides, it is a highly attractive investment object.  


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Livable suites at the developer’s price

Radisson Hotel, Dubai is a four-star hotel with a golf club. Foreign nationals are welcome to invest in the hotel thus qualifying for legal residence in the UAE. The building is surrounded by parks and lakes. It has 24 stories and 481 suites. The suites vary in sizes and, consequently, in prices but each room is simply awesome. All of them are perfectly livable.

The following types of suites are available in Radisson Hotel, Dubai at the following prices:

  • A studio of 45 square meters – US$ 235,000.
  • A one-bedroom suite of 83 square meters – US$ 430,000.
  • A two-bedroom suite of 115 square meters – US$ 571,000.

Every room has all the necessary furniture, air conditioning, a Wi-Fi zone, and a TV set. The windows overlook a landscape that resembles the famous Beverly Hills but of a more up-to-date design.

Room in Hotel
Radisson Hotel
Radisson Hotel
Radisson Hotel

The architecture, the infrastructure and the characteristics of Radisson Hotel, Dubai

The hotel is located in a beautiful park area. There you will find four lakes, five golf courses, several tennis courts, open swimming pools, a soccer field, and a cricket field. Besides, there is a skate park, a children’s playground, and even an area specially designated for walking dogs. 

The architects and designers of Radisson Hotel, Dubai have used all the latest achievements in the construction industry. All rooms have panoramic windows, which allows the hotel guests and residents to enjoy the wonderful views outside. Some rooms also have balconies.  

Golf field
Radisson Hotel

The interior design will let you feel extremely comfortable when you are inside as Radisson designers are known for their high level of professionalism. There are 10 elevators in the building, a swimming pool right by its side, a large car park, and a recreational area. A spacious entrance hall, shops, bars, and restaurants are to be found on the ground floor.

Radisson Hotel
Radisson Hotel

Words can hardly describe the Radisson hotel in the Damac Hills. You have to feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the place to appreciate the outstanding level of comfort that it provides. Every guest or resident of the hotel will find something to his or her liking in the landscapes around the hotel and the infrastructure objects readily available in the vicinity.

Radisson Hotel
Radisson Hotel

The suites interior design

As we have noted above, the total number of suites is 481 and all of them are well-equipped. You will find the following things in every room:

  • Built-in closets;
  • A bathrooms with a shower;
  • An air conditioner;
  • A terrace with a view of the city beach and the golf courses;
  • A telephone, a TV set, and Internet connection.

Recreational facilities

You can recharge your batteries in many different ways while staying at Radisson Hotel, Dubai. You can play golf, walk in the parks, go to the SPA salon, or work out in the gym. Hotel guests and residents of all ages will find something they can engage in:

  • There are children’s playgrounds and a children’s club;
  • There is a swimming pool in the open are next to the hotel;
  • There is a SPA salon that offers various kinds of relaxation activities;
  • There is a fully equipped gym on the premises of the hotel.

In addition to that, you will find cafes, a restaurant, a spacious conference hall, and a laundry service in the hotel. The main attraction for some people is the international golf club with one 18-hole course and several smaller courses. 

Why invest in a suite in Radisson Hotel, Dubai?

There are three main reasons to buy a suite in the Radisson Hotel, Dubai. First, you can make an investment that will bring profits. Second, you can own a place where you can spend holidays with your family. Third, you will be eligible for a residence permit in the UAE if you are the owner of property in Dubai. 

  1. If you purchase one or several suites in Radisson Hotel, Dubai and let them on a lease to tourists, your return on investment is going to be 8%. The business discipline in the UAE is at a very high level and getting regular payments is not going to be a problem.
  2. Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, the Damac Hills area stands out from the rest of the Emirate for its exceptional beauty and comfortable infrastructure. You are welcome to spend your vacations at this wonderful place when you have a suite in the Radisson Hotel, Dubai.
  3. Finally, if you invest as little as US$ 204,000 in real property in Dubai, you will qualify for legal residence in the country. All the members of your family will be eligible for residence permits. The permits remain valid for three years and they can be extended if you keep the property in your possession.

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Do you have any questions as to the opportunity to buy a suite in Radisson Hotel, Dubai? We will be happy to answer them at any time! Besides, we have other investment objects in the Emirates that you can consider if you are interested in acquiring legal residence in the country. We will gladly assist you in the matter.

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