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Cost: from 6 000 000 EUR


International Business in Turkey – Seaside Citrus Orchard

Nearly every businessman has a cherished dream to live in their own mansion on the Mediterranean. The International Wealth team comes up with a suggestion to make your dream come true. You are welcome to take a look at a prestigious Antalya property from our partners in Turkey. It may become your family home and earn you high profits. The above Antalya real estate with a citrus orchard is not only an ambitious investment project but also an opportunity to get citizenship by investment in Turkey within a short time, set up your own company in the country, and turn into a successful international businessman.

An orchard with citrus, pomegranate, and eucalyptus trees close to the lovely Mediterranean coast, with a hoity-toity cottage in the heart of the Antalya land plot, may become yours for as much as EUR 6,000,000 (equivalent to USD 6,656,404). Determined and exuberant potential investors are invited to read the complete information thereon and take a look at the estate. The International Wealth representatives will meet you in Turkey whenever it suits you. To book your preliminary consultation with the International Wealth consultants, please contact us at [email protected]

Seaside Citrus Orchard

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FYI: the 80-year-old property with a citrus orchard for sale in Antalya comes with original interiors and exteriors. At present, the estate is not taken care of. With a little effort, you may turn the mansion into lux apartments. The investment is highly profitable, as after the renovation the land plot with buildings thereon will rise in price 3- or 4-fold.

Antalya land plot with palm and eucalyptus trees to live, make business, and get citizenship by investment in Turkey

Interested investors are welcome to contemplate what business they may start in Turkey with a huge citrus orchard and a cottage already in place. The International Wealth professional market analysts, lawyers, and consultants offer you the available business programs providing for full transaction support, where the customer so wishes.

An investor about to purchase the citrus orchard land plot with a posh Antalya villa will be able to start a profitable business and enter the international market. They are eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey and permanent residency in Antalya. The International Wealth industry pros are here to give you a hand with any undertaking, be it company incorporation, residence permit application, or bank account opening. With our assistance, your life and cultural adaptation in Turkey are significantly easier.


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Fruit export

Growing and selling fruit is the best business choice for a foreign investor in Antalya. With a project like this, you’ll earn significant profits already in the first crop season. To start your business and get citizenship by investment in Turkey, you will have to incorporate an Antalya company, get a TIN, open a bank account, and proceed with gardening. Harvesting fruit and exporting crops across borders is the last step to make.

Here are the fruit-bearing trees you will find on the land plot totaling 113,500 square meters:

  1. 1380 orange trees
  2. 37 Satsuma tangerine trees
  3. 364 Gremantin tangerine trees
  4. 336 lemon trees
  5. 1200 pomegranate trees
  6. 252 grapefruit trees

The citrus orchard is ready for use. The only thing for you to do is start a promising fruit-growing export business. Due to the country’s prime geographic location, you may arrange for fruit supply from Turkey to Norway, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Great Britain, and Switzerland, to name just a few. 

The Antalya land plot with a citrus orchard in Turkey provides for an opportunity to gather 200 to 300 tonnes of citrus fruit per season. You will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to deliver eucalyptus oil to pharmaceutical companies and medical centers. Another business opportunity to pursue is selling pomegranates at a profit to receive major capital inflows, savor a blooming orchard aroma, and enjoy life after getting citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Movie studio – glory and passive income rolled into one

Your own movie studio or video clip shooting site is another profitable business project to set up in Turkey, with the resulting passive rental income from your orchard or real estate. Movie directors will be delighted to film in a place boasting splendid landscaped areas, with a superb 80-year-old mansion amidmost.

The only thing left for you to do is start an advertising campaign for your business in Turkey, take good care of the orchard, watch it grow and blossom, and count your income. For all that, your presence in Turkey is not necessary. Remote investment in Turkish properties is a profitable option for the busiest foreign businessmen.

Investing in Turkish properties with subsequent sale thereof

Purchasing a land plot with a citrus orchard in Antalya to sell it later on and get citizenship by investment in Turkey is a worthy investment opportunity. The method may be a bit lengthy, but is still effective for those considering short-term real estate investment in the country.

With the renovation and agricultural work completed, the Antalya land plot in Turkey will grow in price several-fold. In 2 to 3 months, you’ll be able to put it up for sale and reap your investment profit.


An Antalya family mansion has a proud sound to it. While you may purchase the property cheap, the memories created therein are everlasting. Multiple generations will be born and grow in the family mansion, that will no doubt speak well of their ancestor, who provided them with an excellent escape hatch in any financial storm. 


You have to admit that walking through shady alleys in the quiet of palm and eucalyptus trees and savoring the intoxicating aroma of citrus trees in bloom, while listening to birds sing and the Aksu river roll its waves, is a true nature paradise. The renovation and the agricultural work is a step left to perfection. The rest will happen by itself, including wealth and prosperity, joy and peace, as well as being satisfied with your life and work.

Mansion in Turkey

Potential real estate buyers are eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey if the residential or commercial property they purchase is priced at USD 400,000 and above.  Simplified company registration procedures and multiple business opportunities in Turkey make the jurisdiction attractive to foreign investors. Planning your business is a first step to a sure success and citizenship by investment in Turkey. 

Citrus orchard land plot in Antalya – technical and aesthetic characteristics

The Antalya land plot for sale totals 113,000 square meters, with 90,000 square meters occupied by the orchard. The land plot is surrounded by 80-year-old eucalyptus and palm trees.

plot with a garden in Turkey

The mansion sits in the center of the property. It disposed of everything necessary to live and rest comfortably all year round:

  • heating and water supply systems
  • fully furnished apartments with 3 bedrooms and 1 reception hall
  • 4 bathrooms and a swimming pool
  • outbuildings by the cottage are there to keep household furnishings and equipment, store fruit, and accommodate workers and service people
  • open terrace and a balcony overlooking a picturesque orchard and the Aksu river
  • stone paved outdoor space around the main building.
turkish garden
turkish plot with garden
plot with a garden in Turkey
Turkish citrus garden
garden plan in turkey

The land plot benefits from being located away from any infrastructure and the Antalya industrial center. This is actually an advantage, as the ecologically clean and healthy natural environment provides for growing organic fruit. It is fairly easy and doesn’t take long to get to the nearby Antalya amenities by a car or a taxi:

  • Antalya airport  – 25 km
  • Exhibition center of Antalya – 5 km
  • if you get down the Aksu river 850 meters from the land plot, you will get to the Mediterranean Sea.

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FYI: this is not the only land plot in the neighborhood, and living in welcome proximity with other businessmen contributes to learning more about the local market and getting to know the Turkish mentality. 

8 steps to investment success in Turkey – land plot for citizenship by investment, business and recreation

How can you get the Antalya land plot registered under your ownership and start business in Turkey in 2022 with no industry knowledge or experience? It won’t take you long to register your real estate and set up a company or a legal person in Turkey if you contact the International Wealth experts for assistance and helpful advice.

Below, the stages are listed a foreign investor shall follow to succeed with their business, get citizenship by investment in Turkey, and enjoy a stable income in 2022:

  • Contact the International Wealth industry pros via our online chat or at the email below. We will discuss everything in detail, including extra services you may need, suggest several real estate options to you matching your selection criteria, and make a corresponding official agreement. You will make a partial advance payment, and we will proceed with TAPU (document certifying your property title in Turkey) issuance and registration.
  • Get a personal tour of your Antalya land plot, mansion, and citrus orchard as an interim step before you start working with us. Arrive in Antalya, enjoy a warm welcome from our partners, and settle in a comfortable Turkish hotel. You don’t have to pay for this, and both city and property tours are free of charge as well.
  • If your decision is unshakable and final, and you think purchasing the citrus orchard with a mansion is the right thing to do for you, our partners in Turkey will proceed with the paperwork necessary to register the sale and purchase transaction. The above service includes bank account opening, receiving a TIN in Turkey, and applying for a residence permit where the customer so wishes.
  • Real estate investors, about to proceed with their predecessors’ fruit growing business in the Antalya suburb to later on sell fruit to Europe, are welcome to turn to International Wealth for support they may need to register their Turkish company with the country’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Technical work is your next step on the way to success, including, inter alia, mansion renovation, agricultural works, orchard restoration, and fertilization of fruit plantations. It will provide for good fruitage and both mansion interior and exterior modernization. You are free to change its decor style to modern, classics, antique style, tsarist era style, etc. The latter will be beneficial for those who wish to either live in the cottage on a permanent basis or sell it later on at a price above the original investment amount.
  • Citizenship by investment in Turkey is a stage that comes with great opportunities for real estate investors. After purchasing the land plot housing a citrus orchard, you become eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey and may get Turkish passports for all your family members with minimum efforts. The International Wealth team will see to it that you enjoy life in Turkey while savoring the sea breeze and the bright sun.
  • You don’t need to stay in Turkey to receive the TAPU for your Antalya mansion and land plot. It is enough to visit the country once or twice to sign the documents and get your title certificate.
  • Looking for reliable commercial partners and establishing business contacts to sell your products and enter the international market marks the final investment stage. It will do a world of good for novice businessmen with no experience in agricultural industry to master Turkish, study local legislation, and learn more about the experience existing entrepreneurs had in Turkey. International Wealth will supply an interpreter to help you negotiate with partners during initial business set up stages. Here are some extra services the International Wealth experts will happily render to our customers:
  1. accounting services for Antalya companies
  2. legal consulting
  3. marketing research
  4. advertising campaigns and assistance with customs procedures.

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The above extra services are not included in the total price of the Antalya citrus orchard land plot and shall be negotiated on an individual basis.  

Information about offshore account opening and choosing the necessary international bank institutions for your business will come handy. You will be able to open a corporate bank account in any jurisdiction to efficiently settle accounts with your counterparties from any other jurisdictions, safeguard your assets and multiply them.

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You are welcome to contact the International Wealth pros with any issues you may have. Our partners in Turkey will be happy to take you on a personal property tour of your future mansion, with the citrus orchard and splendid palm trees. To turn your plans into reality, please contact the International Wealth consultants at: [email protected]

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