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How to Set Up a Personal Bank Account in The Bahamas Remotely

The Bahamas is always referred to as a tropical paradise and a reliable refuge for international savings. This offshore jurisdiction is much appreciated by high-income individuals for its legislation and ideal opportunities for diversification of their financial risks.

It’s easy to set up a personal offshore bank account in The Bahamas remotely with our help. We are ready to assist you to open it with a strong family bank. It will protect and increase your capital, whichever savings strategy you choose. 

We recommend the bank which is owned and run by an ultra-rich family since 2009. Just a year ago it celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The Rowlands started it with a clear mission to restructure an existing bank in Luxemburg and meet their own financial ambitions. As their business rapidly matured, they decided to offer their private banks’ success, experience, and services in wealth management to high-income clients in different parts of the world. 

Between 2011 and 2016 the family extended the bank’s geography and scope through acquisition of a bank in Monaco, opening a branch in the UK (London), launching a bank in Liechtenstein, acquisition of 100% of Pasche Bank Trust Limited in Nassau, Bahamas. Today Banque Havilland S.A. offers its services in Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and in The Bahamas.

The bank is known for its conservative style. According to the family, it is their prudent approach to investment that allows them to achieve the desired result and financial security.

Amid the financial downturn, the bank’s prudent approach and accumulated strengths allow it to cushion itself from losses and continue its successful development.

This bank can quickly adapt to the needs of its clients, while larger banks are more vulnerable and drowning in bureaucracy and lengthy decisions on major issues. The owners believe that the future lies in small credit and financial banks that build and rely on more trustful and long-term relationships with each customer.

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Your account in The Bahamas

Banque Havilland offers you the opportunity to become their private international client in the Bahamas. This is a great way to target a new investment level and long-term cooperation with an international family bank.

Please consider the following facts to be sure that this recommended investment bank in the Bahamas is right for you.

  • The Bank offers a choice of multi-currency accounts, including fixed-term and call deposit accounts.
  • It prefers to see among its private clients successful persons who wish to receive assistance in managing their family wealth (to offer a customized investment portfolio including bonds and loans, equity investment options, etc.) 
  • All accounts with Banque Havilland are multi-currency solutions for a variety of investment purposes. The bank can operate with assets in more than 20 foreign currencies in one account.
  • A private account with Banque Havilland provides access to cash and investment transactions in foreign currencies.
  • The average value of assets deposited in the bank is about USD 1 million (in cash or investments). 
  • The first deposit for opening a portfolio should be from USD 200-300 thousand transferred to Banque Havilland (Bahamas) from another credit and financial institution or broker. 
  • The bank cooperates with tax residents from all countries, except for countries under US sanctions.

How can you be sure you have chosen the best private bank in The Bahamas? 

Please send us your questions about details, strengths, opportunities of banking in The Bahamas, and use our paid services of opening your accounts with the right bank.

Credit cards

Banque Havilland offers its clients a wide range of credit cards – VISA, Mastercard, American Express cards, including the green, golden or platinum credit cards and the exclusive Centurion card.

Co-investment opportunities

Besides conventional private banking services such as savings accounts, credit cards, fixed-term, and call deposits, Banque  Havilland provides its clients with a great opportunity to co-invest with the bank’s owners. This means you can profitably invest and participate in private equity financing projects of the Family.

The bank offers reliable Internet banking and all modern solutions for effective and accelerated operations with funds: currency conversion, international transactions, online support, etc.


The bank provides access to a wide range of credit solutions that are vital instruments of private banking – from collateral lending, Lombard loans, private special-purpose mortgages, to specific bespoke financing products.

Discretionary asset management

Banque Havilland in The Bahamas offers its long experience and assistance in creating promising investment portfolios, design of most advanced and attractive agile wealth management strategies meeting all the individual goals, risk tolerance, financial requirements, and objectives of the client. 

The bank’s expert team reviews the portfolio development daily and keeps the client up to date on performance and valuations. The bank consultants are always available to advise, update, assist. 

Dealing room

Clients with the Professional Investors status enjoy direct access to the bank specialists in the trading room to discuss the current market situation and get up-to-date information on other markets.

Investment services

Professional support is important for every investor, especially now that the world is changing so rapidly. Portfolio Management Advisory Services have been created specifically for clients who wish to be involved as much as possible in the process of managing their wealth.

That is why the clients can become part of the investment team and gain access to compelling business ideas offered by the Bank’s Investment Committee, timely and topical trading ideas, and recommendations related to a broad range of asset classes.

Depositary services in the Bahamas

To those who can be called a professional investor, the bank offers services of a custodian with instructions about specialized services for funds and asset custody.

It is the investment experience and understanding of international markets that allow the bank in the Bahamas to diversify risks and come up with the most thoughtful decisions in the management of specialized and alternative funds and assets. This applies to both European and offshore funds and structures.

Specialist Wealth Structuring Services

The bank’s ultra-wealthy Family knows the importance of the right structure of ownership and distribution of clients’ assets. Therefore, it offers customized added-value solutions for years and decades of its customers’ success, assets protection, and secure legacy.

Costs and associated charges*

Costs and associated charges in connection with investment services and ancillary services provided by the Bank are determined by the fee schedule as amended from time to time.  

*Disclaimer: The fees quoted hereby or elsewhere in our web resources should be considered as an estimate and do not claim to be accurate. The current Fee Schedule can be obtained from the Bank. You might as well write and ask our experts for information about the latest fees and rates. 

Advisory fee

Clients will also benefit from advice on portfolio strategy and investment selection. This service is only available to clients with assets of USD 1 million or above.

The advisory fees are charged for account administration and custody and administration securities. The charges are calculated on the gross assets of the client, including cash. This calculation is based on the month-end balance of the account and is collected quarterly in arrears by direct debit from the account.

Assets   Annual rate
USD 1 Million and above    0.75%

Administrative fees

Administrative fees cover the following services: account opening, account statements, outgoing fax, registered mail, and accounting. All investment decisions are made by the client.

Annual commissionMinimal annual commissionMaximum annual commission
With management0.125%USD 660USD 1 650
Without management0.250%USD 660USD 3 300

Transaction fees

The Transaction Fees are charged in addition to Safekeeping Fees. They are charged on the gross amount of the transaction at the time of the securities transaction.

Taxes, commissions/brokerage fees charged by the bank additionally.

Bonds and similar securitiesTransaction size in USDFee per transaction 
Up to 50,0001.00%
Up to 100,0000.60%
Up to 150,000Up to 250,0000.50%0.30%
Shares, exchange-traded funds, and other similar securities Up to 25,0001.90%
Up to 50,0001.80%
Up to 100,0001.60%
Up to 150,0001.30%
Up to 200,0001.00%
Up to 250,0000.80%
Over 250,0000.60%
Investment fundsUp to 50,0001.10%
Up to 100,0001.00%
Up to 150,0000.80%
Up to 250,0000.60%
Over 200,000 0.40%
Min. commissionUSD 150 
Investments in the currency marketUp to 500,0000.625%
Up to 1,500,0000.375%
Over 1,500,0000.25%
Min. commission USD 200 
Current account         
Interest on overdrafts Base rate plus 7%

Procedure for remote opening of a private account in the Bahamas 

As soon as you decide to open a personal account with the Banque Havilland in The Bahamas, please contact us for professional advice and paid services via email:

According to our mutual agreement, having received the fee for our services, we will prepare your portfolio of documents necessary to open an account.

your payment of 2999 EUR for our professional services can be done by card, through Pay Pal, Western Union, WebMoney, or a bank transfer. 

For the owner of the account, as well as signatures and authorized persons:

  • Filled in, printed and signed copies of the application for the bank account opening;
  • Notarized copy of ID/passport (pages with photo and signature).
  • Proof of residence address (a notarized copy of the utility bill or the original copy of the utility bill or bank account statement to prove the address of residence).

Note: This document must be not older than 3 months by the time the registration package is submitted in English (and notarized). 

  • Recommendation letter (may be issued by a bank or law firm).
  • Proof of legal origin of funds: tax return, certificate of income from the employer, etc.

To learn more about the benefits of a personal account with the Banque Havilland Bahamas, and for our services in opening your account with this bank, please contact us:

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