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Cost: from 20 000 000 EUR


How to Invest in Turkish Real Estate and Get Ownership of Exclusive Mersin Peninsula

What is so special about Turkish properties? Why are they appealing to international investors? The reasons are obvious. Overseas buyers and businessmen wish to save capital and diversify assets. Real estate in Turkey for years had been characterized by regular price increase, providing for risk-free investments.  To top it off, properties in Turkey are noted for low offer value, as the country’s government entered the global real estate market rather late.

At International Wealth, we suggest you protect your savings by investing in the De Luxe Mersin peninsula. The purchase comes with the right to build residential and commercial real estate at your property. The above land lot in Turkey will cost you upwards of EUR 20,000,000.

peninsula in Mersin

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Advantages and prospects of investing in Turkish lands – asset peculiarities

Land plots enjoy high demand in Turkey long-term, especially if you are in construction business. Tourism is the country’s specialty, and profit therefrom accounts for the lion’s share of its GDP. In 2019, budget income from the tourist industry in Turkey amounted to USD 34,000,000,000, while the total foreign tourist number reached 51,700,000, as contrasted with 37,000,000 in 2017.

Real estate investments are profitable for tourism businesses in Turkey, while hotel room capacity in the most popular tourist areas is insufficient. With all this, multiple land plots are reclassified from agricultural into construction lands, with an opportunity to purchase the properties in Turkey for foreigners, provided they have the corresponding supporting documents.

Lack of maintenance expenses sounds tempting to potential buyers of land plots in Turkey. Where you purchase a villa, an apartment, or any commercial properties, you will be obliged to maintain them in good condition. When it comes to the lands you own, you don’t need to invest any extra resources therein.

Below are the benefits you may enjoy when investing in land plots in Turkey:

  • according to the World Bank, Turkey ranks the 33rd easiest country to do business globally (a year earlier, in 2020, it was positioned 46)
  • with tourism industry a priority, new infrastructure is about to be built, while the existing one is taken good care of (the state makes regular allocations for the improvement thereof)
  • Turkey is known for its liberal pro-reform environment – the government constantly comes with new reforms to improve the citizens’ safety, social security, and to protect FDI
  • with multiple high-level educational establishments, Turkey boasts skilled and qualified labor
  • non-stop struggle against bureaucracy resulted in the country’s stronger positions as far as company incorporation and doing business are concerned – at present, 2 to 5 workings days are enough to remotely set up a company in Turkey.

Various natural and legal persons from the UAE, the USA, Europe, and other countries fancy the idea of investing in Turkish real estate and purchasing land plots in Turkey. Experienced business people were quick to recognize the prospects land plots in Turkey give them to build hotel and residential properties. 


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Foreign investment in exclusive Mersin land plot, with a 5-star hotel construction booming on the horizon

The Mersin peninsula boasting a favorable location in Turkey offers the vacant land of 125,000 square meters, with building permit documents, to investors ready to pay EUR 20,000,000. The land has De Luxe category, making it possible for the only 5-star hotel in the city to be built there.

Foreign real estate buyers bold enough to invest the above amount in the Mersin peninsula to build a hotel or an apartment complex enjoy an opportunity to start and run a profitable business or resell the land plot when it goes up in price (with no extra costs on the watch for the property’s price hike). 

 These are the key characteristics of the exclusive Mersin peninsula you may purchase:

  • status – ready for sale
  • total area – 125,000 square meters
  • real estate market – primary
  • property type – De Luxe land plots
  • distance to the sea – 0 meters
  • sea view – available
  • distance to the Adana International Airport – 130 km
  • distance to the Tarsus International Airport (under construction at present) – 100 km.  

Investing in the Mersin peninsula land plot in Turkey comes with multiple benefits, and here’s why. Unlike the popular tourist region of Antalya, Mersin can’t boast any spacious 5-star hotels with superb infrastructure. Where the investor intends to build a new all-inclusive hotel, the property is sure to earn them profits all year round. The thing is, the valley with a population of 12 million has no all-inclusive beachfront hotels offering high-quality services to their guests.  

The spa town, with sea access closest to the peninsula, is gaining popularity with foreign tourists, who wish to relish quality vacations, relaxing in comfort and enjoying top-quality services

Potential real estate investors may easily build a De Luxe 5-star hotel or high-end residential properties boasting the necessary infrastructure and services on the exclusive Mersin peninsula upwards of EUR 20,000,000. If the foreign investor wishes to protect their savings, they may resell the land plot at a profit. FYI: within the last 15 years, lands in Turkey have gone up in price at least a hundred-fold in hard currency, and at least a thousand-fold in TRY.

Why is investing in Turkish real estate and purchasing the exclusive Mersin peninsula a wise decision?

Land in Turkey is a high-yielding asset. Even if an economic crisis strikes, it will never fall in price. Having to sell your land plot at its purchase price is your maximum risk. That said, Turkey has a powerful enough economy for strong fluctuations to never happen on its real estate market.

When you invest in Turkish real estate, namely, in the exclusive Mersin peninsula land plot upwards of EUR 20,000,000, you give yourself an opportunity to set up a profitable hotel or construction business in Turkey. A 5-star hotel will enjoy high demand, if built in the area. With an aqua park, swimming pools, and water rides it may offer due to direct beach access, the hotel will be favored by foreign and local guests.

Foreign buyers having eyes for the Mersin peninsula will be eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey, as the property price exceeds the required threshold of USD 400,000.

The Çukurova Plain and the southeast region of Turkey boast the same population numbers, approximately 12,000,000 each, with Mersin the closest sea access (60 km from the peninsula).

The factors determining how appealing real estate in Turkey is for investors aren’t blindsiding:

  • rapid construction – with its fast development pace, the industry is driving a tremendous demand for vacant lands
  • high-liquid properties – if you wish to sell your land when prices start going up, you will have no problem doing so and the sale and purchase deal will be fast and profitable
  • perfect option for a personal construction project – apart from building unique tourist facilities, the investor may start an apartment complex or a hotel construction 
  • high-yielding investment area – foreign investors will manage to not only protect their investment but also get an effective tool for preserving and multiplying their capital
  • property to be built will earn you stable rental income, or you may profit from servicing tourists in your hotel.

You may develop your own uniquely designed project in Turkey. The exclusive Mersin peninsula comes with an opportunity to create the investor’s own corner of paradise to receive foreign guests or live there on either permanent or temporary basis. With sea access and a large beach, the land plot provides for an opportunity to establish a yacht club or create private recreation areas and swimming pools. You may also offer extra services to your guests, inter alia, if they are into adventure tourism. The peninsula worth EUR 20,000,000 offers a gorgeous panorama of the sea and the mountains to enjoy.

Statutory regulation of real estate investments in Turkey

If you are a foreign investor considering an opportunity to purchase land lots in Turkey, you should study the country’s laws on the subject in full detail. Below you will find the legislative provisions to keep in mind:

  • non-resident legal and natural persons may only purchase land plots up to 30 hectares in Turkey
  • land plots may be registered under corporate, severalty, or joint ownership
  • all real estate in Turkey may be inherited, regardless of the heir’s or the successor’s citizenship
  • land sale and purchase deal may be made remotely within 2 or 3 days (under a PoA issued to your attorney or agent in Turkey)
  • no additional obligations are imposed on the investor after they purchase the land plot
  • exclusive Mersin peninsula requires no further investments provided the owner has no intention to develop their land plot.

Great many businessmen from the USA, Europe, and Eastern countries have already invested in the country’s real estate and purchased vacant land plots in Turkey. It is a good way to save and protect your capital, which may decline in value or depreciate, if kept in cash.

Both economists and other industry experts are sure you need to invest in alternative assets to protect your savings long-term. Real estate in Turkey is among the most profitable win-win options to preserve or multiply your capital.

How to invest in Turkish real estate by purchasing the exclusive Mersin peninsula?

It is crucial that non-resident investors purchasing real estate in Turkey consult experienced and highly qualified lawyers first. By ordering a consultation with an industry pro, you give yourself a chance to study the legislative regulations to follow and procedures leading to a real estate sale and purchase transaction. It is enough to contact the International Wealth experts at [email protected] to get the professional legal assistance you need. You may use our online chat as an alternative. 

If you feel like purchasing the comfortably located peninsula by Mersin is the right thing to do, here are the important details to keep in mind:

  1. payments under the sale and purchase transaction shall be effected by transferring funds from your account with a Turkish bank (you should open a bank account with a Turkish bank first and deposit the necessary amount therein)
  2. you will need a TIN in Turkey to purchase lands in the country (International Wealth will help you get it)
  3. documents necessary to purchase the peninsula upwards of EUR 20,000,000 in Turkey shall contain information about the corporate buyer (a certificate of incorporation and ownership information), a letter of intent to purchase the property, the said TIN, and a letter from your bank confirming you are solvent
  4. it takes 2 or 3 days to get your land title (TAPU) in Turkey; all procedures may be effected online, and a personal visit to Turkey is not necessary.

Foreign investors purchasing lands in Turkey enjoy an opportunity to become property owners without any extra expenses or hiring any managers. It is fairly easy to build an author-developed project or a unique hotel by Mersin – the land plot for sale with its breathtaking panoramic views, direct sea access, and multiple beach amusements sits by the main road.

The International Wealth team is happy to offer you any other properties in Turkey on demand. We will assist our customers with moving to their new home country, getting citizenship therein, and opening a bank account with a foreign financial institution without visiting it in person. The price for the above peninsula makes upwards of EUR 20,000,000. The International Wealth lawyers will see to it that you get continuous legal support and facilitation at every cooperation stage.

What makes Turkish lands a profitable investment option?

They are a highly liquid asset. Land enjoys high demand in Turkey due to growing construction volumes. With tourist numbers growing by the year, new apartment complexes and hotels need to be built to meet the soaring demand in the tourist sector. Apartment complexes, cottage settlements, and hotels offering additional services in Turkey earn the maximum profit to their owners, with risks kept to a minimum.

What prospects will landowners enjoy if they decide to develop their land?

With 5-star hotels, exclusive villas, cottages, and commercial property construction in progress, property owners in Turkey will be able to sell their assets at a profit in the future or use them as a tool to multiply their savings long-term. It is unlikely that hotel occupancy may be low in Turkey, especially considering the room supply deficit. The government of Turkey does its best to increase tourist numbers and provide for high-end residential property construction to bring both tourists and locals to the market.

What is the procedure to sell and purchase the Mersin peninsula above?

The investor shall have TIN and a deposit with a Turkish bank. The Turkish legislation does not place any restrictions on foreigners interested in purchasing land plots in Turkey (except for one – the land plot area may not exceed 30 hectares per investor). The sale and purchase transaction may be made within 2 or 3 days, provided all the necessary documents are available. Virtual property tours are possible, as is remote property title registration after the land purchase. In the latter case, a PoA issued to the investor’s attorney or agent in Turkey is a must.

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