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Hotel Business in Turkey – New House by Sea to Turn into Apart-Hotel in Antalya

Hotel industry is among the most profitable ones in Turkey, and the country’s tourist sector is highly developed. Turkey boasts a favorable geographic location and a mild Mediterranean climate, while its government strives to keep all Turkish cities, towns, and villages ideally clean. The number of foreign tourists grows exponentially, while room capacity in the most popular resort areas all over the country shrinks.

The hotel industry in Turkey cries out for foreign investments. Funds placement in new hotel buildings designed as fashionable hotels with extra services is highly welcome. An appealing real estate comfortably located in Konyaalti, Antalya, is described below. It is a 3-floor villa to be made into an apart-hotel in Antalya, upwards of 1 750 000 EUR.  With the property price in mind, future real estate investors are eligible for economic citizenship in Turkey. We will dwell on the apart-hotel’s advantages, so stay tuned for more.

apart-hotel in Antalya

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Hotel business in Turkey through the example of an Antalya apart-hotel – is the investment worth its money?

With its role as European energy terminal, Turkey has a crucial strategic position. The country has made a great number of international treaties with the EU. It is a member of the EU Customs Union. All this directly contributes to the economic growth therein. We cannot but mention the tourist sector, comprising the country’s GDP backbone. In 2017, the number of foreign tourists and travelers in Turkey amounted to approximately 37,000,000, while in 2019 it grew to 51,700,000. Last year, the country’s income from tourism totaled USD 34,500,000,000.

The hotel business in Turkey is a profitable and promising investment area. The country’s government is interested in attracting foreign investment in building lands and commercial apart-hotel properties. They offer a number of benefits and tax preferences to foreign investors, with economic citizenship in Turkey among them. The reforms implemented in Turkey will provide for expanding and improving the existing infrastructure with new high-end fashionable hotels, complexes, and apartments. The country needs more apart-hotels, offering both long-term stay, an opportunity to cook meals, and some extra services to their guests. This is an ideal option for families with small children and the elderly who may be uncomfortable having buffet meals in all-inclusive hotels. A long stay (2 or 3 months) in a 5-star hotel is quite expensive, and many couples opt for apart-hotels offering home comfort and extra services. 

Here are some other benefits the hotel industry in Turkey offers:

  • affordable commercial and residential real estate prices as compared to the ones in Europe
  • opportunity to purchase land lots up to 30 hectares, with all the approval and authorization documents necessary
  • transparent and clear sale and purchase, as well as title registration procedures (TAPU)
  • red tape reduced to the minimum – you may become a real estate owner within 2 or 3 days
  • no limitations for foreign persons interested in purchasing real estate and getting economic citizenship status in Turkey
  • numerous real estate for sale in the best and most popular spa areas, allowing you to select properties to your taste and liking
  • hotel occupancy rate of 80-85%, with effective and professional management in place
  • opportunity to store your assets in the form of real estate in Turkey and sell them after they go up in price. 

Where a foreign investor intends to start their hotel business by purchasing an available property and get economic citizenship in Turkey, the state lets them select fully furnished and equipped buildings disposing of all the necessary infrastructure, with additional services offered. They may purchase a new high-end building to turn it into a boutique or apart-hotel by a sandy or a pebbly beach. The apart-hotel in Antalya is within a walking distance from the sea, which is another advantage of the commercial real estate. Tourists residing in it won’t bear any transport costs. They will enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay on the Mediterranean Sea. 

The real estate in question is a stylish modern new building in Konyaalti, the most popular tourist destination in Antalya. The property price is upwards of 1 750 000 EUR.

Hotel business in Turkey – a new 3-floor building to turn into an Antalya apart-hotel and get economic citizenship in Turkey

The Turkish government has simplified their economic citizenship procedures to make Turkey more appealing to foreign investors. In June 2022, the local economic citizenship law was amended. The minimum amount to invest in properties in Turkey now amounts to USD 400,000. Property owners with real estate above the threshold may apply for their Turkish passport under a simplified procedure. The economic citizenship program in Turkey is suitable for all investor’s family members, including their spouse and underage children. 

The above real estate upwards of 1 750 000 EUR is good for getting economic citizenship in Turkey within the shortest time possible. For this purpose, you’ll have to get a residence permit in the country first. This is an interim stage on the way to your Turkish economic citizenship. The apart-hotel in Antalya is a unique property in a sense that the owner with their family may live there (either permanently or temporarily, while spending their vacation in Turkey or visiting the country for business) and run a profitable hotel business that enjoys high demand in Turkey.

Below you will find the key characteristics of the profitable commercial real estate in Konyaalti (Antalya):

  • property type – apart-hotel
  • real estate market  – primary (new building)
  • commissioning deadline – July 2013 (the construction was completed in May 2013)
  • number of floors – 3
  • apartment areas – 60 to 230 square meters
  • number of residences – 15
  • elevator – available
  • swimming pool – outdoor (in the hotel yard)
  • fencing – fenced private territory
  • balconies and terraces – available
  • property status – property ready to move in
  • number of bathrooms – 1 to 3 per apartment. 

With its convenient location and an opportunity to live in comfortable apartments boasting separate kitchens with excellent service, the property makes an asset profitable long-term for your hotel business suitable for economic citizenship in Turkey. The popular Konyaalti sandy beach is 250 meters from the apart-hotel building. Avid shoppers will enjoy multiple boutiques and shops 100 meters away. You only need to walk 250 meters to find yourself at the local market. Unlike with regular hotels offering standard menus, every family staying at the apart-hotel in Antalya may enjoy their regular menu. Since the market is within a walking distance, you’ll be able to stock up on foodstuffs for days and even weeks ahead. You will cook food using your own recipes and simply enjoy your holiday time. This is primarily why apart-hotels in Turkey are so popular with foreign tourists. 

The apart-hotel sits 4 kilometers from Downtown Antalya. Multiple entertainment centers and attractions are close by, with an aqua park, a dolphinarium, the 5М Migros shopping and entertainment center, and a lunapark among them. Hotel guests will enjoy various sports grounds 80 meters from your future apart-hotel.

The zoo (15 km), the Tahtali mountains (43 km), the Duden waterfalls (13 km), and  Kaleiçi (10 km) are within easy reach. Hotel guests may visit a sky resort (10 km) and Kemer (35 km). The distance to the Antalya International Airport is 18 km.


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Hotel business in Turkey – why the new apart-hotel complex in Antalya upwards of 1 750 000 EUR is a worthy investment asset

The new Antalya apartments sit on closed private property, boasting well-developed infrastructure and direct access to the sea. It is fairly easy to start your hotel business and get economic citizenship in Turkey with an asset like this. Located in the popular Konyaalti district by the beach, the real estate will enjoy a steady flow of tourists. Around 16,000,000 guests visited Antalya in 2019, and the number is growing from year to year. Customers are becoming more demanding on their living conditions, and apart-hotels with separate apartments disposing of kitchens enjoy great popularity. Foreigners staying there aren’t left alone in an unfamiliar country. They may use various services, and a long stay won’t cost them too much. 

If you are about to start your hotel business, purchase a new building to turn it into an apart-hotel, and get economic citizenship  in Turkey, International Wealth recommends you study this hotel complex in full detail. Here’s what it offers to future guests:

  • number of rooms in each apartment – 2 to 5
  • number of bedrooms in each apartment – 1 to 4
  • outdoor swimming pool on site
  • fitness studio
  • sauna and paddling pool
  • water booster system
  • unique landscape design
  • heat-insulated facade
  • modern elevator
  • heat-insulated roof
  • halls and stairs lined with marble
  • central satellite system. 

The apart-hotel in Antalya has a total area of 1,024 square meters, while the overall area of the development footprint reaches 1,400 square meters. Your new apart-hotel in Konyaalti, Turkey upwards of 1 750 000 EURwill house 15 apartments with varying layouts:

  • six 1+1 apartments, of 60 square meters each
  • two 1+1 duplexes, of 80 square meters each
  • two 2+1 duplexes, of 90 square meters each
  • four 3+1 duplexes, of 110 square meters each
  • one 4+1 duplex, of 230 square meters. 

The property owes its investment appeal to the fact that with its superb infrastructure and the 7 km long beach, the Gürsu district in Konyaalti belongs to the fastest growing areas in Turkey. Your hotel business with the apart-hotel in Antalya will flourish due to all the attention tourists lavish on the district. Antalya experiences a severe shortage of quality high-end hotels requiring no innovations or modernization.  

FYI: construction of the grandeur Bogaçay Marina project is underway in Gürsu mahallesi, 100 meters from the apart-hotel in Antalya. It will be a true Turkish Venice. The project deserves special attention. It is being implemented by the state to create new infrastructure and the Turkish Hollywood in an area of 3,000,000 square meters. The Antalya Region will become the heart of the Turkish movie industry. Phase I of the construction has already been completed. Phases II and III are underway and will be finished shortly. It goes without saying the 3-floor apart-hotel in Antalya will soon become extremely popular and profitable. The city does not only enjoy high international prestige, but is also favored by major foreign investors.   It resulted in a great image enhancement and secured an endless tourist flow to the area. This sounds like a good reason to invest in the new comfortable apart-hotel in Antalya, sitting 100 meters from this grandeur project, and use your chance to get economic citizenship in Turkey. 

The ambitious and prestigious Bogaçay Marina project is pictured below:

What are the peculiar features of apartments in the new apart-hotel building in Turkey?

All apartments in the Antalya  apart-hotel boast European layouts. They are ideal for both long-term and short-term lease, with young couples, families with kids, and pensioners being happy renters. A hotel business like this in Turkey, with an apart-hotel of the kind, guarantees you high income and excellent investment opportunities due to excellent investment return and an opportunity to create cozy ambiance and comfort in the premises. 

Here’s what each apartment in the new building offers to its future guests:

  • video phone system
  • steel entrance doors
  • Schuco PVC double-glazed windows
  • balcony banisters in aluminum and glass finish
  • central satellite system
  • laminated parquet floors in rooms
  • HVAC systems
  • top-quality built-in kitchen furniture
  • automatic electric roller blinds
  • built-in house appliances (a stove, an oven, a hood, and a kitchen sink)
  • concealed ceiling lights
  • decorative wallpaper in rooms
  • ceramic tiles in bathrooms and halls. 

The apart-hotel in Gürsu, Konyaalti, ready for you to move in, is upwards of 1 750 000 EUR. Your annual income will total EUR 175,000 provided all the rooms are fully occupied and/or leased out. If the property is purchased to resell it later on, the approximate price growth for this commercial real estate type will be 10% per annum. Taken together, it makes property buyers investing in the apart-hotel in Antalya eligible for economic citizenship in Turkey.

Where a foreign investor intends to have their own hotel business in Turkey, the apart-hotel in Antalya, with its 15 comfy apartments, will earn them profit due to the surrounding infrastructure that is rapidly developing under the Bogaçay Marina project. The district will house multiple entertainment centers, boutiques, and other like places within 2 or 3 years. As a result, local properties will grow in price, and tourists will eagerly flock to the district. 

How to purchase an apart-hotel upwards of 1 750 000 EUR in Antalya

If you are about to start your own profitable hotel business in Turkey, the International Wealth experts recommend you study the new building in Gürsu, Konyaalti, in full detail. It is an appealing asset to invest in and boost your fortune to make the most of it. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth team if you feel like purchasing the apart-hotel in Antalya with a rich infrastructure, 250 meters from the Konyaalti beach. You may book an initial consultation with us at  

Our representatives in Turkey will provide you with full legal support at every stage, be it a virtual property tour (where it is impossible for you to visit Turkey in person) and studying the documents or getting your economic citizenship in Turkey. Foreign investors, wishing to personally inspect the apart-hotel and take a look at the surroundings, will enjoy our full support. We will even meet and greet you at the airport.

You should remember that you shall only pay for your commercial or residential properties in Turkey from your Turkish bank account to be eligible for the economic citizenship program. Hence, you will have to open a bank account in Turkey and credit it with the corresponding amount. You will also need to receive a Turkish TIN. No need to do it all by yourself, the International Wealth lawyers are here to give you a hand with anything under a PoA issued by you. You are welcome to take a virtual property tour to get acquainted with the comfortable apart-hotel in Antalya housing 15 apartments. The property price is upwards of 1 750 000 EUR.

Why is purchasing a hotel in Antalya within a walking distance from the sea profitable?

The apart-hotel in Antalya is a luxury property close to the popular Konyaalti beach 7 km long (250 meters from the sea). The real estate is located just outside the grandeur Bogaçay Marina project (Bogaçay Marina Projesi). It makes the apart-hotel in Antalya even more appealing to future guests. Turkish hotels in the Gürsu mahallesi district enjoy great popularity with immigrants from Europe and other regions. They will earn you good profit from short-term lease. The growing tourist numbers in Antalya are another benefit. Over 12,000,000 people visit the city every year. Antalya comes third in the global rating of the most popular tourist destinations.

How will real estate prices for this property type grow in the future?

The nearby infrastructure is growing and expanding, while hotel room stock in Turkey is lacking. This leads to both high-end hotels and land lots for the construction thereof go up in price. The apart-hotel in Antalya housing 15 apartments is forecast to rise in price by 10% every year. The equivalent amount in hard currency makes up EUR 175,000. International Wealth is ready to arrange for a professional management for your hotel business in Turkey. Assisted by industry pros, you may expect the occupancy rate of 80-85% for your apart-hotel in Konyaalti. The sun always shines in Turkey, and the number of sunny days per year reaches 300. It means the stream of tourists is never ending in Antalya.

Is hotel business in Antalya, Turkey, profitable?

The investment appeal of the Antalya property in question is mainly due to the city’s popularity worldwide. After London and Rome, Antalya comes third among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Location within 250 meters from the popular beach comes with extra benefits. The rich infrastructure of the apart-hotel in Antalya adds appeal to the real estate. The private territory of 1,400 square meters is fully fenced. It boasts outdoor and indoor swimming pools for children and grown-ups, as well as landscaped and recreation areas. Hotels of the kind in Turkey are extremely popular with families having little children who appreciate high comfort and cleanliness abroad, starting from foreign cities and beaches up to local residential properties. With all this in mind, plus efficient apart-hotel management, your hotel business in Antalya, Turkey, is sure to blossom and make profit.

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