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Cost: from 530000 USD


High-Quality Apartments in Sevenhills

Sevenhills is another successful residential project in Zeytinburnu neighborhood (Istanbul, Turkey), just like Copper Land, Istanbul, and Blue Rhapsody. If you come from Russia or Belarus and want to invest in Istanbul real estate, an apartment in Sevenhills (Zeytinburnu) is a good buy. The Sevenhills apartment complex in Zeytinburnu was commissioned a short time ago. It is designed to reflect the most popular buyers’ preferences in Istanbul, Turkey. The residential complex in Zeytinburnu incorporates top-quality modern equipment and technology.


Sevenhills Residential Project in Zeytinburnu is Your Dream Come True

Sevenhills is a distinctive apartment complex in Zeytinburnu (Istanbul, Turkey) and one of the most sought after Istanbul locations.

Here are the project parameters:

  • Luxury apartments.
  • Number of floors: 10-11.
  • Walls: brick.
  • Number of apartment blocks: 7.
  • State of property: fully renovated apartment + top-quality interior design.
  • Security: private territory with no intruders, unauthorized persons or vehicles.

Zeytinburnu Neighborhood

Zeytinburnu is a coastal neighborhood in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey, not far from the famous Bosphorus strait. Zeytinburnu (literally, Olive Cape) has been known under this name for centuries. These days, Zeytinburnu is a popular shoppers’ paradise. It houses world-famous leather and fur goods producers. Zeytinburnu is a haven for home textile manufacturers, and they keep their prices low. Shopping, however, is not the only thing that people flock to Zeytinburnu for. Many come here to visit historic attractions, coffee shops and restaurants. Zeytinburnu fountains are mesmerizing, They are largely over a hundred years old and attract crowds to the Zeytinburnu district. With all this in mind, you should seriously consider purchasing an apartment in Zeytinburnu. It is certainly the right thing to do for you if you want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sevenhills apartments

The Sevenhills residential project in Zeytinburnu neighborhood (Istanbul, Turkey) occupies over 10,000 square meters. It consists of 7 separate high-rise apartment blocks, with apartments varying in size and layout. With their panoramic windows, the apartments offer a unique view of the seacoast. Apartment area ranges from 259 to 346 square meters and the price range makes up USD 530 – 2140 ths.

What is remarkable about each apartment in Sevenhills (Zeytinburnu neighborhood) is that it has an outer terrace. All the real estate offered here can boast appealing interior design. All apartment blocks in Sevenhills residential project in Zeytinburnu have smart control systems installed. Real estate owners can use them to remotely monitor their property using a special application on their smartphones.

Here’s what each Sevenhills apartment in Zeytinburnu has to offer:

  • CATV
  • water pressure booster 
  • water storage tanks
  • electric power generator.

In Sevenhills apartment complex in Zeytinburnu, they place special emphasis on security. Your apartment is already wired, alarmed and guarded 24/7. All apartments are equipped with external surveillance cameras, have video intercoms, fire and smoke detecting sensors, and sprinkler systems.


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Internal infrastructure

The Sevenhills infrastructure is one of its greatest benefits. Its natural everyday comfort turns living here into a hedonistic, trouble-free experience. You should decide in favor of purchasing real estate in Sevenhills in Zeytinburnu if you need multiple international boutiques, shops, restaurants, coffee houses, sport centers, beauty parlors, spas, child development centers, playgrounds and many other things to enjoy on day-to-day basis. Car owners can park their vehicles in a local car park. For water sports enthusiasts, the Sevenhills residential project offers an opportunity to enjoy your time in a swimming pool.

With all its schools, cay care centers and various shops, Sevenhills in Zeytinburnu is s great choice for comfortable living. The advantages of the complex, however, go far beyond this. The newly built neighborhood is only:

  • 40 mins from the Istanbul airport
  • 10 mins from the Eurasia tunnel
  • 15 mins from the Memorial hospital
  • 10 mins from the Acıbadem Bakırköy hospital
  • 8 mins from the Marmara Forum shopping center
  • 15 mins from the Aqua Florya shopping center
  • 15 mins from Istanbul University Beyazit campus
  • 15 mins from Istanbul Arel University.

Prices and payment terms

Sevenhills apartment prices are summarized in the table below:

Apartment typeNumber of bathroomsArea, square metersPrice, ths. USD

You may pay via bank or in cash. If you pay via bank, you may do it by installments.

Buying real estate in Istanbul

The majority of business people favor real estate investment. You may buy an apartment in Turkey regardless of your age and nationality. No special authorization or documents are necessary therefor.

Here’s what you should do step-by-step to buy an apartment in Istanbul:

  1. Choose the right property. You should select the city, the neighborhood, and the residential project to suit your needs. You should also consider the apartment area, layout, condition, floor, and price.
  2. Send or email your official offer to the seller.
  3. Negotiate the transaction terms with the seller and make a draft sale and purchase agreement.
  4. Sign the sale and purchase agreement in question. Both parties shall be present when signing it. The buyer shall transfer the agreed amount to the seller.
  5. The deal is closed, and the documents are processed by the corresponding state government bodies. At this stage, the title to the property is passed to the new owner.

Purchasing and owing real estate in Istanbul, Turkey is a worthy goal for many investors. This is a major investment, and every buyer should carefully consider all pros and cons before proceeding with the deal. You should by all means seek professional help if you want your purchase to be a success. Here, at International Wealth, our experts are always ready to give you a hand should you encounter any difficulties.

Istanbul real estate as a great bargain

Purchasing real estate in Istanbul, Turkey offers you a number of advantages these days and is generally a reasonable investment:

  1. Turkey is a peaceful and stable country, not characterized by any major political turmoil.
  2. Non-residents, who invest in Turkish real estate, get an opportunity to receive both their residence permit and passport of Turkey.
  3. All real estate transactions are closely monitored by the Turkish government, so they are perfectly safe for any buyer.
  4. Official Istanbul developers are all highly reliable construction companies, both in Turkey and on the global construction market. Only licensed developers with a spotless record are allowed to engage in new construction.
  5. Prices for square meter grow annually and there are no signs of them dropping, so it makes high sense to  invest in Istanbul real estate. It is a good bargain which is likely to be profitable for you in the long run.

When you set up your mind to buy properties to live in, invest in or use them for business purposes in a certain country, be sure to study the laws of this country, specifics of the procedure, and analyze it from different perspectives and on multiple levels. This way, you are likely to make the best deal possible that you will never regret afterwards.

Real property market and its country specifics may be challenging, so if you experience any troubles, be sure to apply for a professional consultation here [email protected].

Why are foreigners eager to purchase properties in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the major Turkish cities that can boast high level of economic and social development. Its real estate market has great potential. Although real estate prices are rather high in Istanbul, the flow of buyers never dries up. This is partially attributed to Economic Citizenship Program in the first place, and in the second place – to extra rent income. A third driver behind the real estate market development in Istanbul is that the city is the largest economic and tourist center of the country. Given all this, buying an apartment in Sevenhills (Istanbul, Turkey) is an excellent investment indeed.

What are the prices for Sevenhills real estate?

The Sevenhills apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, consists of several apartment blocks with properties whose prices reach at least USD 530,000 for a 3-room apartment. The most expensive apartment with 5 bedrooms and 1 living room will cost you as much as USD 2140 ths.

How can I get to Sevenhills?

The Sevenhills residential project is comfortably located in Istanbul neighborhood Zeytinburnu. It is just 40 mins from the airport, 1 min from the beach, and 15 mins from the downtown area.

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