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High-end property by Döşemealtı for asset protection and citizenship by investment purposes

Are you about to expand your passport collection? Citizenship by investment in Turkey is a great opportunity to become a full-fledged Turkish citizen and cross the country’s border without any limitations. You should remember that Turkish real estate is worth its weight in gold due to the elevated interest foreign property investors have for it.

To be eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey, potential applicants are to meet 2 main requirements. Total investment amount shall make at least USD 400,000, with a 3-year holding period.

investment in a luxury villa in Turkey
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FYI: if you need to urgently set up and register your company, open a bank account with a foreign financial institution, or get a second citizenship, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth lawyers at or via an online chat. Our experienced industry experts will be glad to assist you with property selection exactly matching all your likes, preferences, and requirements.

Let’s see how easy and convenient it is to purchase a luxury Antalya villa upwards of EUR 710,000 and get citizenship by investment in Turkey when aided by the International Wealth team.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for real estate buyers

Overseas investors and businessmen are currently searching for new financial instruments to diversify their assets. With the global economic downturn, it is impossible to forecast any further developments. Real estate and state bonds are becoming a clear choice to invest in against the above background.

With citizenship by investment in Turkey in the bag, foreigners are full Turkish residents enjoying all the country’s social benefits, the right to run for public office, and participate in elections. The Turkish citizenship by investment program does not provide for a minimum stay in Turkey. Investors may either reside here permanently or not appear in Turkey at all. Successful program applicants are not obliged to renounce their current citizenship. They may hold several passports, which is the program’s undeniable benefit.

Things to remember when applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey are listed below:

  • foreign property investor may not purchase land plots totaling more than 30 hectares
  • real estate investment amount shall make at least USD 400,000
  • foreigner purchasing several budget-oriented apartments or premises, will have their real estate registered as the citizenship by investment program participant (with the investment amount totaling at least USD 400,000)
  • any operating company purchased by the investor in Turkey shall be priced upwards of USD 500,000
  • same limit (USD 500,000) is set for investors about to open a deposit with a local bank to get their Turkish passport.
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FYI: the main limitation to remember about in any case is that the assets may not be sold, and the deposit may not be cancelled within the above holding period, i.e., 3 years.

Why do luxury Antalya villa buyers benefit from purchasing the property in Turkey?

The International Wealth experts have cherry-picked the primary market real estate ready for you to move in. Commissioned in September 2019, the new construction sits in a calm and picturesque village by Döşemealtı. It is a scenic Antalya area that used to be a province before. It is known for Turkish Bohemian citizens, who favor the place and settle therein eagerly. With applied arts and rug making being the 2 most popular things to do, it is hardly surprising. The district houses multiple sights as well as Turkish historical and architectural monuments.

The high-end Antalya villa in the village of 38,000 square meters represents a new European-like lifestyle, with people living in unique creative design houses and cottages. Real estate buyers striving for citizenship by investment in Turkey will not only reside in the popular tourist state, but also get a profitable instrument to multiply their capital.

Here’s why the lux Antalya villa in Döşemealtı is guaranteed to catch your attention:

  • total area – 480 square meters
  • rooms – 7
  • private bedrooms – 5
  • bathrooms – 6
  • floors – 2
  • balconies and terraces – available
  • swimming pools –outdoor and indoor ones available.

With its exclusive architectural concepts, the villa compares favorably with other properties. Noted for its design decor, the standard residential facility has been turned into a posh building boasting superb comfort and coziness.

The high-end Antalya villa is priced upwards of EUR 710,000.

The procedure to get citizenship by investment in Turkey after you purchase the above villa is simple and transparent:

  • take a personal property tour (an airport transfer is provided for) or a virtual property tour with detailed online consultations
  • book the villa for 2 weeks (to make up your mind)
  • get a TIN in Turkey and open a bank account with a Turkish bank
  • make a sale and purchase deal
  • register your property title and get TAPU (in the customer’s name)
  • file documents necessary to get your residence permit in Turkey
  • submit documents required to receive citizenship by investment in Turkey
  • obtain your citizenship by investment together with a Turkish passport.

The International Wealth lawyers will support you every step of the way. Assisted by our experienced industry pros, you’ll get used to the local culture in no time. Needless to say, you’ll enjoy the same rights full citizens of Turkey do.

Luxury Antalya villa in detail

The 5+1 Antalya villa in Döşemealtı is located 22 km from the Antalya International Airport and 18 km from the sea. Foreign investors wishing to obtain ownership of the lux real estate and get citizenship in Turkey as a welcome bonus, will enjoy life in a cozy cottage surrounded by amazing landscapes. 

The community housing the luxury Antalya villa has multiple amenities to enjoy:

  • walkways throughout the community
  • private gated territory with an automatic gate, 24/7 security (with CCTV cameras), and a video intercom
  • villa comes with its own gym, sauna, indoor swimming pool, and hamam
  • property disposes of all the necessary utilities, an electric power generator, solar panels, and a central heating system
  • cottage village is remarkable for its superb landscape design, a playground, an outdoor paddling pool, tennis courts, and a basketball court
  • high-end 5+1 Antalya villa has a cinema with a cutting-edge acoustic system and an autonomous Wi-Fi Internet service
  • embedded Smart Home system remotely controls the property status and condition
  • external lighting is installed throughout the village, and goes around the villa itself, while an automatic irrigation system adds extra comfort
  • panoramic aluminum windows come with automatic roll-down shutters, the floors are covered with hardwood and laminate, while all bathrooms and the kitchen are faced with high-quality ceramic tiles
  • kitchen and the bathrooms have the necessary bathroom equipment, a kitchen hood, and ovens (the property boasts both an open plan and a closed kitchen).

Property buyers will get citizenship by investment in Turkey in about 3 to 6 months. Assisted by the International Wealth lawyers, you’ll obtain a title certificate for your luxury Antalya villa in 2 to 3 days.

The property’s interiors and furnishings deserve special attention. The luxury Antalya villa in Döşemealtı is anything but a standard and prestigious property. The real estate is built according to an individual project, providing for classic Mediterranean decor, combined with the Turkish authenticity and the popular Art Nouveau. High ceilings of the spacious hall are decorated with curly shaped elements and LED lighting. Classical columns or elements thereof may be found in all rooms.

The villa makes for super comfortable modern real estate to reside in permanently together with your loved ones. Property buyers about to purchase the 5+1 Antalya villa in Döşemealtı to lease it out and get citizenship by investment in Turkey will enjoy a stable, hefty income. Don’t forget that both local and overseas motion-picture companies oftentimes rent the like properties for film shoots, while pop stars are happy to film music videos there.

Reasons not to hold back on getting your citizenship by investment in Turkey

In turbulent times, foreign investors and businessmen tend to seek an escape hatch to protect their assets and capital. Antalya real estate assets are a highly attractive and reliable investment that will earn you a stable passive income without the necessity to visit Turkey regularly. The holding period for assets purchased under the citizenship by investment program in Turkey makes 3 years. Afterwards, you will be able to reap all the benefits of owing the above lux Antalya villa in the Mediterranean that will no doubt go up in price soon.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey comes with the right to visit the country whenever you want. Its boarders are always open for Turkish residents, which is especially important for foreigners with investment or business interests in Turkey calling on their personal involvement.

Foreigners wishing to run for public office and enjoy all social benefits in the country will be particularly interested in getting citizenship by investment in Turkey. Please mind that this opportunity is not available to residence permit holders. The Turkish government is proactive in implementing reforms to improve its residents’ living standards, protect investments and businesses, including, inter alia, foreign companies.

Tellingly, an investor purchasing properties in Turkey under the citizenship by investment program may include all their family members in the citizenship application, and they will eventually all get Turkish passports. The above real estate is inheritable. It may be solely, jointly, or corporate-owned.

The International Wealth industry experts will receive a TIN and open a bank account with a Turkish bank for any foreign or local individual or corporate real estate investor about to purchase the lux Antalya villa upwards of EUR 710,000 to make settlements with the seller. The high-end property is for sale from a Turkish developer, which is in line with the citizenship by investment program.

Prompt professional services to speed up your cultural adaptation in Turkey 

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The International Wealth representatives in Turkey are here to provide you with full legal, advisory, and information support, together with any real estate services you may need when purchasing real estate. Potential investors about to acquire the lux 5+1 Antalya villa in Döşemealtı are welcome to contact us at to get full detailed information regarding the property and the cooperation terms we offer.

The International Wealth team will provide you with all the property details in no time, and close the real estate sale and purchase deal for you. Almost all services may be ordered and provided online. Where necessary, the International Wealth lawyers will dispatch the documents prepared by us via a courier service. If you plan to personally visit Turkey to take a closer look at your future real estate, International Wealth will supply you with a highly qualified interpreter and translator, arrange for an airport transfer, and book a hotel room for you. Experienced industry pros will see to it that you receive full support and mediation is secured between the foreign investor, the property seller, bank employees, and migration service representatives. If necessary, we will cherry-pick any other real estate to your liking and provide for simplified citizenship by investment procedures for you to receive your citizenship in Turkey the soonest.

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