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Golf Gate

Cost: from 216000 USD


Golf Gate Apartments in Damac Hills, Dubai for Permanent Residence

Golf Gate in Damac Hills is a new residential complex in a prestigious district in Dubai, which is presented by a well-known developer company Damac Properties. The offer includes premium-class 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. 

Golf Gate

Twenty-nine-storied skyscrapers rise gracefully over a golf course surrounded by spectacular countryside and magnificent plantings, complemented by a cascading waterfall.

Damac Hills is a self-contained luxury residential complex that consists of villas, apartments and a hotel. It is also home to the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, which boasts nearly 4 million square feet of parkland, recreational and sports themed areas, including a skate park, a wave pool, a petting zoo, a dog park, and much more.

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We invite you to explore the features of the exclusive catalog of Golf Gate residences at the developer’s prices. You can also find out about other offers from the developer, including hotel rooms for investments or various-size apartments in an 83-storey tower in Dubai. Please contact our experts to get an individual consultation. 


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Why choose Golf Gate Apartments?

Golf Gate Дубай

The residential complex is part of the overall development of Damac Hills, located on the Damac Hills in Dubai. It contains all the amenities for a calm, comfortable life and recreation – a golf club and a field, several sports grounds, three swimming pools, a hotel and villas, as well as transport links with other areas and municipalities of Dubai, shopping and educational centers.

This micro district of Dubai has been nicknamed “Beverly Hills” not only thanks to its uniqueness, but also because of the exquisite aristocratic architecture, which has its own distinct features and luxurious advantages.

This project as presented by the developer includes one- and two-bedroom apartments at prices starting with 216,000 USD. Currently, the project is about to be commissioned, and the property prices are not yet above the market limit, which makes it possible for investors to buy real estate in the Dubai Emirates quickly, inexpensively, and directly from the developer.

There are several reasons behind the fact that the UAE and apartments in Dubai at Golf Gate Damas Hills are profitable and safe for foreign residents:

  • The UAE does not participate in the global geopolitical conflicts and maintains a neutral position on all issues;
  • In the United Arab Emirates, Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, residents of the European Union, and other countries have the right to open a business or buy real estate;
  • The Golf Gate residential complex offers well-developed infrastructure;
  • You can enjoy affordable housing prices in Dubai directly from the developer;
  • These luxurious apartments amidst the golf courses are located in the most prestigious area of Dubai;
  • Transportation is well-organized and accessible, and all the necessary city infrastructure, including municipalities, is in close proximity;
  • This project is among the most valuable investment opportunities with high returns.

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Please note that the UAE is known among foreign investors and entrepreneurs as one of the most profitable jurisdictions with low taxes, where it is possible to obtain a residence permit, open a bank account and register an international company in one of the free economic zones. 

Key Features of the Golf Gate Complex from Damac Properties

Damac Golf Gate Apartments is the newest group of golf residences nestled in the hills of Dubai with superb facilities and amazing landscaping. 


The exclusive Golf Gate residences have everything one would expect from premium-class property, including the following:

  • Position at a short distance from shopping centers and historical sites;
  • Golf courses;
  • Luxurious cascading waterfall;
  • Park;
  • Skate-park;
  • Dog park;
  • Health Clinic;
  • Wave pool in Malibu Bay;
  • Stables and nursery;
  • Sports and fitness centers;
  • Supermarkets and minimarkets.
Luxurious cascading waterfall;
Golf courses;

Architecture and Exterior Design 

The waterfall seems to be floating in the air due to it being located between two towers, which creates the effect of an oasis.

The 29-story tower is made of colored panels and has a glass façade. Due to this, the building also looks like it is a suspended structure, with its stained-glass windows reflecting endless green fields and a fabulous sky.

After moving into Golf Gate, the owners gain access to exclusive amenities for living a modern and sophisticated lifestyle, including:

  • Peaceful gardens and lakes for walking and meditation;
  • Skate park and football pitch;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Stables where you can get riding lessons;
  • Public green spaces;
  • Garden for plants and vegetables.
Golf Gate
Golf Gate

Interior Design

The interiors and landscaping of the Golf Gate apartments are based on ensuring comfort, stability and coziness, which is characteristic of modern classy lifestyle. The residential complex has everything for comfortable family life or relaxing with friends. And for the final touch, the magnificent view from the windows and balconies complements the overall picture of sophistication.

  • Elegant lobby;
  • One- and two-bedroom apartments are decorated in a contemporary style;
  • Each apartment has a built-in kitchen, which will provide comfort for permanent living;
  • Spacious bathrooms with premium finishes and technical equipment;
  • Access to spacious balconies with views of the endless golf courses and the city skyline. 

Landscaping and Technical Equipment

The Golf Gate skyscrapers are not only unsurpassed in design and uniqueness, but also in the highest level of comfort and technical equipment. Here you will find:

  • Balconies with glass railings;
  • Premium-class sauna;
  • SPA-center;
  • Gym;
  • Elevator;
  • Underroof parking;
  • Barbecue area;
  • Video surveillance and professional security;
  • Playground;
  • Landscaped green area;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Tennis court;
  • Football pitch.

If your goal is to buy an inexpensive luxury apartment in Dubai, then Golf Gate is exactly the option when comfort and design perfection are combined with an affordable price straight from the developer without extra charges from realtors and agents.

Amenities and Distance to Social Infrastructure

Accessibility to educational institutions, medical centers, shopping and recreational areas, and some attractions of the UAE:

  • Viva Supermarket – 300 m;
  • Akoya Preschool – 2.1 km;
  • Mashreq ATM – 3.2 km;
  • Burj Khalifa – 25.7 km;
  • Pharmacy – 350 m;
  • Airport – 28.7 km;
  • Dubai Police Museum – 17.5 km;
  • JBR beach – 20 km.

Also, in 20-30 minutes you can reach the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Mall, The Walk JBR, and La Mer.

Prices for Residential Apartments in Dubai

How much are apartments in the best area of Dubai in 2022-2023? Many investors are asking this question, especially if they are planning to move to the Emirates in the nearest future.

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We are offering you a unique opportunity to buy apartments (with one or two bedrooms) in the Golf Gate complex in Damac Hills for very affordable prices with full support from our portal’s professional consultants. Paperwork and money issues will not bother you for a moment!

Please note that Damac Hills apartments complex in Dubai will be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2024. Here is some information on the prices and layout of the available properties:

  • One-bedroom apartments, 64 m2, 216,000 USD.
  • Two-bedroom apartments, 109 m2, 361,000 USD.

This includes full preparation of the property that allows you to arrive in the country while traveling light and immediately move into a cozy apartment with all the technical equipment, furniture and amenities you might need.

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If you are ready to make a purchase, please write to us expressing your preferences or leave your contact information with the online operator, and our expert will call you back the same day. 

Start Your Own Profitable Investment in Dubai 

The special features of the Dubai residential complexes, including the Golf Gate apartments in Damac Hills featured in this article, guarantee a high level of profit and lucrative investment in real estate. Among others, such features include:

  • High return on investment (8-10%);
  • Low or zero taxes;
  • High level of rental income due to high housing demand in the Emirates and a constant influx of immigrants and expats;
  • Advanced and rapidly growing economy of the UAE;
  • Safe investment environment;
  • Good installment terms provided for foreign buyers of real estate in Dubai.

Damac Hills is one of the premium residential complexes in Dubai that many locals and foreigners alike wouldn’t mind moving to. Do not miss your chance to become one of the lucky owners of premium-class apartments at a bargain price. Please email us at [email protected], and you will be able to ask all the possible questions and get detailed information about the opportunity to become an owner of one of the luxurious properties in Damac Hills. Take advantage of our offer today!

What we can offer you:

  1. Direct purchase of Dubai apartments from the developer;
  2. Free individual consultation with one of our experts;
  3. Booking the apartment for sale within 5 minutes using the contact information on the website.

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You can also get various other services from our experts, including a consultation and expert support in opening a bank account and rules of legal residence in the United Arab Emirates, relocating your business, opening a local branch of your company in the UAR or registering a new business there. 

Permanent Residence Opportunities Created by Investments in Property 

It is no secret that buying real estate in a foreign country opens other exciting and important paths in the property owner’s life. One of them is the opportunity to receive the right to legally reside in that country without worrying about visas. The UAE runs a very attractive property for investment program. On our portal, you can read topical and detailed materials about getting an investor visa or acquiring a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates, or if you are generally familiar with the issue, you might find it interesting to go over the newest regulations for the golden visa, green visa, and long-term entry permits issued by the country’s administration. In addition, you can weigh the pros and cons of living in Dubai – perhaps, that will help you to make the decision.

But better even, request a free individual consultation with one of our experts. They will be happy to provide all the necessary information on the opportunities that are open to you and the whole process of investing in real estate in the UAE. Contact us to make your start making your most daring dreams come true!

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