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Cost: from 61 000 USD


Get Your Dream Apartment in Downtown Istanbul

Looking for elite real estate to live or invest in? Don’t look any further, for you’ve found it already. No matter whether you are a connoisseur of sophistication and elegance or fond of eclectic substandard architectural solutions, you may select a perfect apartment in new Istanbul real estate projects using the pro services of the International Wealth experts. The Azure or the Cloud Nine Residence and the  Bona Fide Kartal apartment complexes in Istanbul, Turkey, may be excellent options to choose from.

Apartment in Istanbul - picture

Azure Residence – Turkish luxury and understated style

The new Azure Residence apartment complex is being built in the popular Istanbul business and cultural center of Esenyurt. The construction is 87% complete, and the apartment prices range from USD 61,000 to USD 142,000. Please, mind that the Istanbul real estate, including the Azure Residence properties, is getting more expensive with every passing day. At International Wealth, we recommend you close your real investment deal without further delay to earn maximum profit from it.

Background information on the project

Azure Residence sits on a land lot of 31,000 square meters. Apartments in this Istanbul real estate project range from 65 to 155 square meters. Current stats indicate, that the apartment complex is enjoying great popularity with international investors.

The project encompasses 2679 residences and 87 commercial premises. All apartment blocks share the same territory. This is a multi-functional space ideal for recreation, sports, and long walks in the neighborhood. With its unique landscape garden, water areas, nature trails, playgrounds, and sports grounds, the Azure Residence project occupies 2 hectares in Istanbul, Turkey. It is actually a city within a city. The first floors of Azure Residence apartment blocks are taken by a swimming pool, a spa, a supermarket, a daycare center, child development centers, beauty parlors, a healthcare center, and many more. Every apartment owner and their family will enjoy the project’s infrastructure and an opportunity to use all its benefits on an everyday basis.


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Location of the Azure Residence apartment complex

It is for a reason that the Azure Residence real estate project comes off as a real treasure in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. It is conveniently located close to the city’s main landmarks (take a look at how long it takes to get there in minutes):

  • Istanbul Airport – 40 mins
  • Eurasia Tunnel – 25 mins
  • Marmara Park Shopping Center –10 mins
  • Torium Shopping Center – 8 mins
  • Doğa Hospital – 15 mins
  • Esenyurt Medical Center – 10 mins
  • Avcılar Campus of Istanbul University – 12 mins
  • Istanbul University – 6 mins.

Apart from comfortable housing and high living standards, the Azure Residence dwellers will enjoy an opportunity to get to the key Istanbul municipal facilities in no time.

Apartment prices

Potential real estate investors may choose from a variety of properties in the Azure Residence apartment complex. The latter differ in both size and price.

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

The developer offers favorable payment terms and schemes. A potential buyer is to make a 35% down payment of the apartment price, and the rest shall be paid within 36 months.

Investing in any of the Azure Residence apartments in Istanbul, Turkey, will open the door for you to a new, safe, and comfortable future.

Bona Fide Kartal

The Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is another unforgettable real estate project in at the final stages of construction. The project is currently 78% complete. Apartment prices in the Bona Fide Kartal real estate project range from USD 83,000 to USD 343,000.

Project concept

In the Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex, you will be able to live a dynamic and stylish life in modern apartment blocks. The developer offers comfortable and cozy functional living premises at affordable prices. The Bona Fide Kartal residences in Istanbul, Turkey, will serve both as a model and an example for any real estate projects in the region.

Take a look at what the project offers to potential real estate investors:

  • 246 apartments with 2 and 3 rooms, of 60 and 120 square meters;
  • commercial premises
  • family accommodation facility with multiple social life opportunities
  • conference hall
  • offices.

Investors in the Istanbul Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex will be able to freely choose apartments to their liking, with superb infrastructure and unique location. Just imagine, your apartment will face the incredible Marmara Sea and the Princes’ Islands (Turkish: Prens Adaları). It is the best view you could wish to look at when you wake up in the morning.

Comfortable location

The Bona Fide Kartal project sits on the E-5 Kartal highway, just 10 meters from the Yakacık−Adnan Kahveci subway station. It is also just 1 stop from the Istanbul Gedik University, Uyghur schools, the Kartal tax inspection, the Yakacık notary public office, and several stops from the Medical Park hospital.

Allow yourself the freedom of living happily in a superb modern residence in the cozy and modern Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul. Below, you can find the apartment prices therein for your information and convenience:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms 

Investors purchasing real estate in the Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, may pay for their new properties by installments, with a 50% down payment. The remaining amount shall be paid within 6 months.

Out of all the decisions you take in your life, getting real estate in the Bona Fide Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, may be the best one. It will both secure your future and support your budget if you decide to let the newly purchased property on lease.

Cloud Nine Residence – high-end apartments in an elite Istanbul district

Well-off investors favor the Cloud Nine real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. Take a look at the apartments in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul. The Cloud Nine Residence residential project is composed of top unforgettable premium apartments that you are welcome to look at and consider buying. When you invest in an apartment in Turkey, you not only secure yourself a good and stable income alongside with a safer future, but make your family’s dream of living a comfortable life in a warm, friendly country come true.

Project details

The Cloud Nine Residence project is a multifaceted residential complex occupying 46,000 square meters in Istanbul, Turkey. Apartment sizes range from 61 to 210 square meters, and prices therefor make USD 217,000 to USD 1,327,000.

The project is authored by the renown architect Broadway Malyan. Its investment value reaches the impressive USD 700,000,000. The 38-story high residential block encompasses City Suites, City Apartments and Sky Suites. This residential complex in Istanbul, Turkey boasts 987 residences, 518 offices, and a shopping center with a rentable area of 40,000 square meters.

Look what makes the Cloud Nine Residence real estate project so special:

  • concierge service
  • smart home technology that manages your HVAC and air purification systems, illumination, heat exchange, etc.
  • impeccable utility systems
  • large transport junction
  • wide range of amenities nearby.

If you are a busy and active person, the Cloud Nine Residence project will be ideal for you, as it provides direct access to the TEA highway and the Ayazağa and Maslak subway stations via the Cendere street. The project is located just steps away from the subway station.

Here are the district landmarks close to the Cloud Nine Residence residential project you can take interest in (with distance in minutes):

  • Istanbul Airport – 30 mins
  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge (Turkish: 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü) – 20 mins
  • Nef Stadium (former name: Türk Telekom Arena) – 15 mins
  • Zorlu shopping center –13 mins
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge –15 mins
  • Istanbul Technical University –10 mins
  • Beykent University –7 mins
  • Private Levent Hospital – 5 mins.

At International Wealth, we want our customers to be happy and prosperous. The International Wealth team will eagerly provide you with any consultation you may need regarding the Cloud Nine Residence real estate project. Not only will we give you all the necessary details, but also select the options that will work best for you by meeting all your needs and granting all your heart desires.

Below, you will find the apartment prices in the Cloud Nine Residence real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey :

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

Investors interested in the Cloud Nine Residence apartments will enjoy a unique opportunity to pay for their residence in Turkey, by installments. After the down payment making 50% of the apartment price, you may pay the rest by installments within 36 months on the developer’s interest-free installment plan.

It is fairly easy to get your own apartment in Turkey. We select and offer the best of the best in the Turkish residential real estate market to you, and the Cloud Nine Residence project is one of these excellent opportunities.

Why owning an apartment in Turkey comes with multiple advantages?

If you purchase your own apartment in Turkey in any of the above residential projects, you will experience the benefits of living by the sea right from the start:

  1. Fresh air and mild climate. In Turkey, you will savor crystal-clear air, feel the refreshing breeze from the sea, and forget all you’ve ever known about metropolises or big industrial cities with their smog, if you invest in the Cloud Nine Residence or Bona Fide Kartal apartments in Istanbul.
  2. Sunny days most of the year. You will enjoy the subtropical climate of Turkey, with its hot summers and mild winters.
  3. Modern design, quality construction, and well-developed infrastructure of real estate. Developers in Turkey offer the best of the best to their customers and always respect construction standards and building codes. They use the most innovative technologies to make your life as comfortable as possible. When apartment owners move in, they are happy with the high real estate quality and living standards. The residents are pleased with lots of useful amenities nearby.
  4. High investment potential. By investing in Turkish real estate, you may be sure of great long-term prospects thereof. Residential properties in Turkey get more expensive year after year, and may become a source of stable passive income for you.
  5. Simple and effective transfer of title and affordable prices. Prices for residential properties in Turkey are much lower compared to the other European real estate markets. You may purchase high-end apartments for as little as USD 61,000. Foreigners enjoy an opportunity to make simple, effective, and transparent real estate sale and purchase deals in Turkey

Notice blue

 The International Wealth experts assure you that investing in Turkish real estate is a very wise decision on your part. To learn more about the properties for sale in Turkey, consider various options, and pick your favorite out of their number, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth team at [email protected]. We will assist you with any legal issues that may appear a bit tricky even for an experienced real estate investor.

Where can I purchase high-end residential properties by the sea in Turkey?

You may consider the Cloud Nine Residence apartments in Istanbul, Turkey. They are one of our top offers. Take a look at an elite residence boasting 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2 bathrooms (with a total area of 210 square meters). This real estate will cost you USD 1,327,000. You may contemplate cheaper but equally high-quality options in the same apartment complex or in the Bona Fide Kartal or the Azure Residence residential projects.

Do foreigners purchase real estate in Turkey on the same terms as locals?

Transparent, simple, and efficient real estate sale and purchase procedures are among the main advantages of the real estate market in Turkey. Foreign investors buy properties in Turkey under the same terms as any other eligible buyers. Apart from properties per se, they get Turkish residence permits for themselves and their family members.

How can a foreigner find real estate in Turkey that will be the best for them?

The simplest and the most effective way to invest in Turkish real estate is to consult industry experts. The International Wealth team will be happy to make your life easier and better by assisting you with any issues you may experience along the way. You will be provided with detailed descriptions of the best apartments and residences in the Azure Residence, the Bona Fide Kartal and the Cloud Nine residential projects. If you wish, you can always take a look at other alternatives. The real estate market in Turkey is thriving, and we can always pick something to your liking.

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