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Get Apartments in Laila Island or Lapis Square Apartment Complexes

For years, Turkey has kept the palm as the best world resort. This country offers favorable environment for not just recreation, but life and business in general. This is why purchasing your own apartment to live a comfy life in this sunny paradise makes perfect sense. You can give you a life-long pleasure and buy properties in luxury real estate projects in Istanbul, Turkey. The Laila Island and the Lapis Square apartment complexes in Istanbul offer the best living and investing environment for both locals, tourists and immigrants.

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Advantages of having your own real estate in Turkey

You will profit from investing in Turkish real estate for a number of reasons:

  • Turkey is a well-developed and popular resort. If you get an apartment in such a mainstream tourist area and  lease it out later on, you’ll secure a stable and comfortable income for yourself for years to come.
  • Real estate in Turkey will become your place to come for vacations. Both you and your family will enjoy it immensely.
  • Having residential properties in Turkey is like winning a lottery. It gives you both ground and opportunity to move to this sunny paradise and receive a residence permit by participating in  Citizenship of Turkey by investment program.

With its high security and a reliable healthcare system, Turkey is an appealing economically developed state to live in. If you purchase real estate in the country, you will attain a happy future and well-being for life.


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At International Wealth, we suggest you pay attention to the following real estate investment projects in Istanbul.

Apartments in the prestigious Laila Island apartment complex

The Laila Island real estate project is to be found in the Kartal district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is a modern, stylish, and popular Istanbul neighborhood for the young and the affluent. The beauty of nature, unique landscapes, water compositions, and modern apartment blocks create a perfect harmony in this corner of Istanbul, Turkey. The Laila Island apartment complex sits at the hilltop, and its residents can enjoy the unforgettable picturesque view of Istanbul and its suburbs.

Laila Island

Details of the Laila Island investment project

Laila Island is an architectural complex in Istanbul consisting of 6 apartment blocks, with 3 high-rise buildings and 3 low-rise multi-dwelling units. The Laila Island apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey offers the total of 471 residences to its potential dwellers.

Laila Island
Laila Island

The apartments here boast various layouts. They can be divided into the following groups:

  • 1 bedroom + 1 living room of 75 to 91 square meters
  • 2 bedrooms + 1 living room of 116 to 145 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms + 1 living room of 159 to 177 square meters
  • 4 bedrooms + 1 living room of 185 – 200 square meters.

Greenery, objets d’art, recreation areas, playgrounds, and sports venues occupy a large territory in the Laila Island apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. The real estate project offers various amenities for its residents to enjoy and get as much comfort and pleasure as possible.


Laila Island apartments enjoy a favorable location in Istanbul, Turkey. You can get to any mass transit stations in the matter of minutes, be it a subway station or a marine terminal. Universities, hospitals, and malls are close at hand. Here’s how long it will take you to get there:

  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport – 22 mins
  • Viaport Asia Outlet – 15 mins.
  • Anatolium Shopping Center – 9 mins
  • Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital – 8 mins
  • Maltepe University – 16 mins.

Apartment prices in the Laila Island apartment complex

Prices for Laila Island apartments range from USD 88,000 to USD 249,000.

You may pay by installments, with a 50% down payment in cash being a must.

Discounts are offered to those buyers who pay the whole apartment price in cash.

Apartment (bedroom + living room) No. of bathrooms Price, ths. USD
Minimum price Maximum price
1+1 1 88 97
2+1 2 164 196
3+1 2 229 229
4+1 2 249 249

Luxury Lapis Square apartments

The Lapis Square real estate complex is comfortably located in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul, Turkey. This residential real estate occupies as many as 40,000 square meters. The Lapis Square apartment complex enjoys an enviable position within 2 mins from the beach and 30 mins from the Downtown Istanbul.

The total number of apartments in the Lapis Square apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, makes up 89.

Lapis Square

The project offers various apartment types to its residents, including 1+1 (from 52 to 86 square meters), 2+1 (from 95 to 140 square meters), and 3+1 (from 160 to 165 square meters).

Local dwellers may use an elevator. All apartments are fully furnished and finished, with high-quality  bathroom equipment and sanitary ware. They offer a high level of security, as all the properties dispose of a reliable alarm system and a fire service. The Lapis Square apartment complex is a private territory that is guarded 24/7.

Amenities in the prestigious Lapis Square apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey will satisfy even the most discerning investors. Here’s what you can enjoy in this Istanbul neighborhood on an everyday basis:

  • shops
  • coffee houses
  • parking lot
  • playgrounds
  • sports center
  • indoor swimming pool
  • hammam
  • family entertainment center.

Traffic junction

The location of the Lapis Square apartment complex is rather favorable. If you wish or need, you can visit multiple shops, hospitals, and educational institutions. Your apartment is basically all within a walking distance from most of them:

  • 2,5 mins from the E5 metrobus station
  • 15 mins from TEM highway
  • 3 mins from the Yakuplu central taxi stand
  • 24 mins from the Basin Express Highway
  • 51 mins from the Istanbul Airport

Prices for residential properties

Prices for Lapis Square apartments are rather affordable. You can take a closer look at them in the table below:

Apartment (bedroom + living room) No. of bathrooms Price, ths. USD
Minimum price Maximum price
1+1 1 55.9 93.2
2+1 2 105.2 151.8
3+1 2 2168.2 183

The opportunity to pay for your future residences by installments is provided for. Your down payment will make up 50% of the total apartment price, and the rest shall be paid within 12 months.

Real estate market of Turkey in 2022

According to market analysts, every year the sales turnover on the real estate market of Turkey grows. This happens in spite of the pandemic, the global economic crisis and the world recession. In H2 2021, the demand for Turkish properties was particularly high, and the number of real estate sale and purchase deals made by foreign investors in Turkey turned out to be record-setting. Out of these, Germans, Kazakhstani, and Russians led the pack.  Not only luxury properties in top-class apartment complexes, but also commercial real estate, with shops, coffee houses, restaurants, beauty parlors, warehouses, and industrial premises,  sparked the investors’ interest. This is hardly surprising, considering the multiple benefits of Turkey as a real estate haven:

  • mild climate
  • high-level economy
  • stable political situation
  • flexible legislation.

 Turkey is a magnet for investors willing to achieve high investment returns.

According to most forecasts, in 2022 the real estate market of Turkey will continue to grow. The same will happen with demand for Turkish real estate in mid- and long-term. The prices for your Turkish real estate will follow the same trend.

Under these circumstances, it is obvious, there is no reason to wait to get your apartment or house in Turkey. It will be much easier to do it, if you use the services of the International Wealth experts. We are always here if you need us, and we will spare you any trouble of yours. With us, your real estate sale and purchase deals will be as trouble free and cloudless as possible.

To get your free initial consultation, contact us at Only up-to-date useful information about the Turkish real estate market and legal procedures associated with apartment sale and purchase in Turkey is what we offer.

Key properties in our pipeline include lots of tempting real estate sale and purchase options in the most sought after regions of Turkey. To get more information about them, turn to International Wealth for assistance, and our experts will be by your side all the way.

May I apply for a Turkish passport if I purchase real estate in the Laila Island apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey?

Yeah, this opportunity is available for you. When purchasing any of the Laila Island apartments in Istanbul, you may not only invest reasonably but also apply for a citizenship by investment in Turkey. Your Turkish citizenship will be for life in this case. It is no way different from being a citizen of Turkey by birth.

What is so appealing about the Lapis Square apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey for potential investors?

The Lapis Square apartment complex in Istanbul is high-class, comfortable, and modern residential real estate. It boasts classy location, as well as competitive yet affordable apartment prices. The latter range from USD 55,900 to USD 182,968.

What is the minimum apartment price I shall pay for my Laila Island apartment to qualify for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey?

You may qualify for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey if you purchase properties there worth of at least USD 250,000. In case of the Laila Island apartment complex, you may buy several apartments at once. It may be a 3-room apartment worth of USD 164,000 and a 4-room property priced at USD 229,000. The total real estate investment amount of USD 393,000 allows you to participate in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program.

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