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Cost: from 104 000 USD


Get Aegean Star Didim Apartment in Turkey at Bargain Price

Based on the high pace of economic development, experts believe Turkey to be a new industrial country. Foreign investors line up to invest in the Turkish real estate because it got so affordable. The above properties might generate good profits in the future. These factors speed up both demand and price growth. Take a close look at our investment offer, not to miss your chance to invest in Turkish real estate successfully. 

Aegean Star Didim 

What makes real estate investment in Turkey so appealing 

In Turkey, the travel industry enjoys great popularity, thus promoting high demand for residential real estate among foreign customers. Here’s what you receive when investing in Turkish real estate:

  • high investment profit
  • vacation residences or family apartments
  • chance to receive a permanent residence permit in Turkey and qualify for Citizenship of Turkey by investment program. 

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Consult the International Wealth experts, if you experience any issues and need help with getting your own properties in Turkey. Our experts are real pros. They will take care of all your worries and save both time and money for you by resolving any existing or potential issues. Initial consultations are free of charge. We offer a wide variety of real estate across Turkey for you to choose from.

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Turkey 2021 real estate sales growth 

In December 2021, real estate sales in Turkey exploded by 113.7% YoY. This sped up the growth rate of the previous month. Even locals chose to invest in local real estate to protect themselves from the skyrocketing inflation.

According to the TurkStat data, 226,503 property units were sold in Turkey in December 2021. The growth amounted to 26.6% MoM and 60% YoY. 

By the YE 2021, real estate sales in Turkey grew amid the lira depreciation. They were driven by the government policy of low interest rates, implemented to promote exports and encourage lending. 

Record-level demand growth for Turkish real estate among foreign investors 

The stats are persuasive: in Turkey, real estate sales to foreigners spiked by 77% YoY. In December 2021, the total of 7841 properties were sold. Lira depreciation cheapened any purchases in hard currency to a great extent. This was the new monthly record, surpassing the one set back in November 2021. 

Real estate sales to foreigners remained high all the year long. In November 2021, the figure went above the annual threshold of 50,000 units even before the YE. Real estate sales to foreigners made up 3.9% of all real estate deals. By the YE 2021, the figure grew up by 43.5% YoY, amounting to 58,576 units.

The previous record was set in 2019, when foreign investors purchased 45,483 houses in Turkey within a year. 

Overseas investors bought around 40,812 properties in 2020. It is 10.3% less compared to 45,483 real estate units purchased in 2019. This annual figure still remains the second largest in the entire history of the Turkish real estate market.

High real estate demand in Turkey, broken down by region 

With 276,223 real estate sale and purchase deals, Istanbul remained the preferred destination for investors to purchase properties in Turkey. It was followed by Ankara (144,104 deals) and the Aegean province of Izmir (86,722 deals). 

Istanbul was also the city that foreign buyers chose to invest in. The number of real estate deals closed by foreigners in Istanbul, Turkey, made up 26,469. The paradise city of Antalya came second with 12,384 properties sold, and Ankara closed the top three with 3,672 deals. 

Price hikes on the Turkish real estate market in 2021 

The Turkish real estate market was significantly influenced by high local inflation. Average increase of real estate prices in the country set a new high within a year. Istanbul with the annual price growth of 28.8% was the leader, closely followed by Ankara (30.3%) and Izmir (33.9%).  

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a great pressure on the Turkish economy, strongly dependent on the tourist sector. This brought about extreme devaluation of the local currency and rapid inflation growth.

Forecasts say, prices for new real estate on the Turkish market will keep growing. They already increased by 20% in H1 2022, and the said growth may reach 50% on the back of high sales numbers achieved last year. With 1,500,000 properties sold in 2021, Turkey set a new record. It resulted in an 11.2% real estate sales growth YoY. Banks had to decrease interest rates, and lots of investors with different nationalities and citizenship were attracted by this. 

Prices grow mainly due to rapidly increasing demand. Factors contributing thereto are listed below:

  • affordable mortgages for locals
  • simple and easy deal closure for foreign buyers
  • high-margin investment, with significant profits in a relatively short time guaranteed.  

Although most real estate deals closed in Turkey are for reasonably priced properties, luxury real estate is also offered and sold. Such deals are especially popular with foreign investors. An interesting pattern emerged: residences offering sea or nature views are not particularly expensive in Turkey. The time is ripe to purchase luxury real estate in Turkey. The inflation renders most of it affordable, and this stirs the interest of foreign investors. 


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Your top property choice in Turkey – the Aegean Star Didim summer project 

The Aegean Star Didim summer project is in the Akbük village (Didim district). Unique landscapes and nature views make this region popular with both tourists and investors. They come here to enjoy the warmth of the Aegean Sea and life close to nature. The project boasts 7 various swimming pools. Each apartment faces the sea and the woods. 

Akbük – cozy Aegean resort on the seashore 

Akbük is a small resort on the Aegean Sea bay, in the immediate vicinity of Didim. Around 4000 people live in the village on a constant basis, and in summer the population increases to 50,000 − 60,000. Tourists and guests arrive through two airports. The one in Bodrum is approximately 60 kilometers away, and the distance to other one in Izmir makes 140 kilometers. 

Turkish citizens have long enjoyed the beauty and convenience of Akbük as a health resort, and most of them own properties in the Didim region. The number of hotels and vacation spots in the district is constantly growing, and this brings more and more foreign tourists from both Europe and Russia to the area. The locals speak Turkish, but English and German are also widely used. 

Advantages of the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project 

As of today, this is the largest summer residence project on the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Star Didim summer project offers 670 independent accommodations in 33 residential buildings. The project occupies 116,000 square meters by a cozy bay. Several other housing projects, shopping centers, and popular amenities are nearby. 

The Aegean Star Didim residences are designed as duplexes with 2 bedrooms + 1 living room and 3 bedrooms + 1 living room. The apartments in the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project range from 86 to 141 square meters. With 2 bathrooms and a balcony, each apartment in the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project is air-conditioned. 

Apartment type A
Aegean Star Didim 

The project territory is landscaped and developed. All guests of the Aegean Star Didim summer project may play beach volleyball at the local beach volleyball court, visit the hammam, the sauna or the restaurant. Active leisure fans will find everything necessary to surf, water ski, sail, or climb mountains here. You’ll be able to fill your vacation time with pleasure and productivity. Both guests and residents of the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project may not only enjoy historical and cultural tours, but also succumb to the pleasure of water-skiing. These are only a few possibilities offered by the Aegean Star Didim summer project.

Optional services offered by the Aegean Star hotel in Didim

  1. Preapproval of all your visit and stay details.
  2. Airport or hotel pick-up.
  3. Escort to the properties in Turkey you are interested in, no matter the location.
  4. Pre- and after-sale service for customers. 

 Location of the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project

  • 50 mins from the Bodrum-Mylas airport
  • 35 mins from the Altınkum beach
  • 35 mins from the Temple of Apollo
  • 8 mins from the Akbük beach
  • 25 mins from the Lake Bafa Nature Park (Turkish: Bafa Gölü Tabiat Parkı).

 Description of the Aegean Star Didim properties for sale

  • Project type: Apartments/villas.
  • Turn-key readiness: Ready.

 Apartment prices in the Aegean Star Didim summer residence project

  1. Apartments of 84,07 square meters, with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 2 bathrooms –  from USD 104,000 to USD 220,000
  2. Apartments of 121,29 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 2 bathrooms – from USD 202,000 to USD 297,000.

Consultations for real estate investors

Contact the International Wealth experts to get detailed description of apartments and villas for sale in the Aegean Star Didim summer project. We offer detailed room tours for each property available for sale therein.

Foreigners may purchase real estate in Turkey without any restrictions. The International Wealth experts will advise you on the necessary supporting documents. We will supply you with the information regarding the deal currency, with due regard to the latest Amendments to Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program adopted in January 2022.

Experienced real estate experts and lawyers in the International Wealth agency will tell you all about the benefits of owing real estate in Turkey:

  • permanent holiday destination in a warm, comfortable climatic zone
  • profitable real estate to invest in
  • opportunity to become an economic citizen of Turkey.

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 Learn more about the benefits of real estate investment in Turkey by ordering a consultation from the International Wealth experts. We are always here to help you. Contact us at [email protected], message to +372 5 489 53 37 , +381 6911 12327 , or use our online chat.

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