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Cost: from 30000 EUR


Get a Curaçao Gambling License

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Get a gambling license in Curaçao that will allow you to work with customers from all over the world – with just a few exceptions. You will only need one Curaçao license that covers all kinds of gambling games.

The Curaçao authorities are updating the legislation that governs the gambling business in an effort to make it more popular with entrepreneurs: in particular, it is becoming more transparent and responsive to contemporary international requirements. This means that those who want to obtain a license will have to face increasing demands.

Curacao Gaming License

Advantages of Curaçao for the Gambling Industry

Curaçao offers impressive benefits:

  • A widely recognized and verified license
  • Twenty years of experience
  • Developed infrastructure, advanced technical support
  • Coverage of all types of gambling with one license
  • International coverage: one license is accepted in almost all countries of the world

Curaçao License Restrictions

The following countries do not allow companies with a Curaçao gambling license to attract players in their territory:

  • Aruba
  • Bonaire Island
  • Curaçao 
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Saba
  • Sint Eustatius Island
  • St Martin 
  • USA
  • Australia

Requirements for Entrepreneurs Who Wish to Obtain a License

There are two types of requirements:

  • Those related to compliance aspects (complete information about the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) and the owner that manages the company); and 
  • Those related to substance aspects (evidence that the company has a real presence in the country)

Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

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Compliance Requirements

All beneficiaries (UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owners) will be required to provide:

  • Certified or notarized copy of passport
  • Letter of recommendation from a respectable bank (to give account of each UBO’s financial standing)
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional consultant, lawyer, or accountant
  • Proof of address for each UBO in the form of an original or a certified copy of a utility bill or bank/credit card statement that is no older than 2 months
  • Source of Funds and Source of Wealth Declaration
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certificate of no criminal record issued by the Police Department or Ministry of Justice

Shareholders other than UBOs will have to provide:

  • Original and legalized extract from the Registrar for Legal Entities
  • Certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation/Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Incumbency (with all authorized representatives listed)
  • Original or certified copy of the extract from the Registrar of Corporate Director
  • Certified copy of the passport that identifies the authorized representative of the Shareholder (Legal entity)

Documents to be provided by the Company:

  • Business plan with financial forecasts for 3 years
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) process and procedure
  • Customer Acceptance Policy and Responsible Gaming Statutes and Regulations
  • Compliant handling process and procedures

Substance Requirements

Gambling companies licensed in Curaçao are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • The license is issued only to a Curaçao International Business Company
  • It is up to the local director to manage the company and resolve day-to-day business issues
  • Business decisions have to be made in Curaçao
  • The bank account should be managed by a local director from Curaçao
  • The local director is responsible for maintaining and storing the accounting records in Curaçao
  • The accounting records should clearly indicate local and foreign income, as well as expenses
  • Companies are required to have a local registered office
  • The company should not be deemed a resident in any other country
  • The financial statements have to be audited by an independent auditor and should be accompanied by an appropriate tax return to determine the aspects of tax compliance
  • According to the legislation on gambling, the server and databases should be located in Curaçao. If your primary server is located elsewhere, the mirroring server must be located in Curaçao. For now, it is allowed to have a cloud base server.

The relevant tax return will be provided only if the above requirements are met. The company will then be able to apply for the relevant cost allocation corporate tax method.

Procedure for Obtaining a Gambling License in Curaçao

Let’s take a look at the steps of the procedure for company registration and management in Curaçao required to obtain a gambling license.

  1. Provide a completed and signed client application and identification form
  2. Provide a complete set of documents for compliance purposes
  3. Provide the technical data required to obtain an e-gaming IP sublicense (domain names, payment processor, data storage and recovery plan, etc.)
  4. Transfer the first installment to cover the start-up costs
  5. Complete the obligatory initial compliance check (KYC)
  6. Initiate the company registration process (to form an IBC), and the e-Gaming IP License application process, and make arrangements for a local server
  7. Enter into management and principal party agreements
  8. Obtain the required e-Gaming IP License and local permits
  9. Start your business

What do our Gambling Licenses in Curaçao Include?

We can hire a local corporate director that will manage your company for a monthly fee and provide a legal address for your company.

In addition, our services include:

  • Obtaining suitable corporate licenses
  • Getting an E-Gaming IP License
  • Day-to-day company management
  • Providing a corporate secretary for everyday tasks
  • Bank account management
  • Accounting records, preparation of financial statements
  • Organization of the annual mandatory audit of the company’s financial statements by an independent qualified auditor
  • Organization of annual mandatory compliance audit
  • Organization of annual mandatory tax audit
  • Preparation and filing of relevant tax returns
  • Search and recruitment of necessary personnel to meet the substance requirements

Obtaining a License and Starting a Gambling Business: Cost of Services

Starting costs:

  • Company registration – EUR 8,900 
  • Compliance check (one-time payment) – EUR 1,750
  • Monthly fee for corporate governance – from EUR 2,000 (the price depends on risk assessment)
  • Domiciliation fee – from EUR 1,375 
  • Opening an account with a bank in the European Union – EUR 5,000 
  • Annual supervisory fee – EUR 100 
  • Annual Chamber of Commerce fee – EUR 125 

Costs of obtaining a license in Curaçao:

  • One-time e-Gaming IP licensing application fee – EUR 1,500 
  • Annual E-Gaming IP License fee – from EUR 12,500
    • Enables registration of at least 2 domains
    • The annual fee can be paid in 2 installments
    • Enables supervisor services to control cloud solutions

Data center services/Location of your equipment in Curaçao:

  • The prices depend on the customer’s request
  • A minimum deposit that covers 2 months of service is required

Get a Curaçao Gambling License

Contact the experts of our portal to get advice on obtaining a gambling license at [email protected].

The authorization process involves close cooperation between you and our experts, and we will answer all individual questions at a personal meeting. 

Make an appointment now to launch your gambling business.

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