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Flavor Of City

Cost: form 438,000 USD


Flavor of the City Complex in Istanbul, Kâğıthane District – Prestige and High Investment Appeal

The names of residential complexes for investments are usually chosen for fairly obvious marketing reasons. And in those cases, when it concerns residential complexes aimed at the medium “mass” market segment, this tactic really justifies itself. Buyers are attracted by the loud naming, and “vote” for the real estate site with their money. But in those rare cases, when something unique and really unusual is put out on the real estate market, choosing the name for a residential complex becomes a challenging task.

Flavor of the City (Istanbul, Kâğıthane District) does not fit into the narrow frames of the usual idea of residential complexes. We would not go so far as to say that this is a fundamentally different level, but if we try to make a direct comparison with real competitors in the market, we will have to admit that there aren’t so many of those out there. Therefore, it made perfect sense that the developer would want to choose a high-profile, eye-catching and posh name for his project, which would serve as an additional investment incentive for the investors.

Flavor Of City

However, the developer was smarter than that. Realizing that Flavor of the City is a breakthrough on many levels, they still decided to choose a neutral, pretty regular, but very precise name for it – the flavor of the city. The words that are a concentration of the very sense and feel of this residential complex. The highest possible level of comfort, prestige and more than decent conditions for living in the city, which lies in the middle of two worlds – the East and the West. And if you give Flavor of the City a chance, it will become your favorite place for many years to come.

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Some Features of the Flavor of the City Complex:

  • Location: Turkey, European part of Istanbul, Kâğıthane District;
  • Project type: apartment complex;
  • Completion rate: 16%, estimated time of commissioning – 2023;
  • Travel time to the airport: a 31-minute drive. This indicator is a kind of a “golden mean”, the perfect choice combining comfort, ease of travel, and absence of aircraft noises;
  • Distance to the beach: a 9-minute drive. Again, according to many real estate experts, this is the best choice. If you don’t feel like driving, you can also walk to the beach at any time and plunge into the gentle waters of the Bosphorus or the Sea of ​​Marmara;
  • Travel time to the center of Istanbul: 14 minutes. This complex is not the best place for those who love the beach so much they would stay there all day. This is how the developer sees the target audience of Flavor of the City: people who value all the comforts of living in a big busy megapolis, but do not want to settle on the outskirts, too far away from the city pulse. And we can assure you that the developer of the Flavor of the City has chosen a perfect place for that kind of lifestyle.
  • Apartment sizes: from 81m2 to 176m2.

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Key Features of the Flavor of the City Residential Complex 

Living amidst the hustle and bustle of life in a big city, but remaining far away from all its shortcomings – this is the unique property of the Flavor of the City complex, its main selling point. However, it’s not only the location of the residential complex that makes it attractive for potential buyers. There are a whole range of factors, from well-developed infrastructure to the status of a boutique project, which real estate specialists point out as the key advantages of Flavor of the City.

In short, what you can expect here is a truly comfortable, carefree and serene life in unity with nature. However, it will not mean living in a bamboo bungalow with a straw roof. Instead, you will be enjoying all the comforts and advantages of a modern metropolis. The prestige factor can hardly be called the most important thing when choosing a property for living. Still, in terms of the investment attractiveness of Flavor of the City, it becomes more than significant.

The 8-storey complex has become a real breakthrough in the real estate market of Istanbul, jumping into the leading positions right from the start. The complex perfectly blends into the existing architectural ensemble of the area. With only 14 apartments on offer, it is clear that Flavor of the City is a truly unique project aimed exclusively at the most demanding buyers. The entry amount of investment is set at a fairly low level – we are not talking about low-balling, but the developer of the Flavor of the City complex evidently does not aspire to make the prices as exclusive as the venue itself. And this is one of its many advantages.

Types of Apartments in the Flavor of the City Complex:

  • 1 + 1: from 81 m2 to 130 m2, 1 bathroom.
  • 2 + 1: 95 m2, 1 bathroom.
  • 3 + 1: from 174 m2 to 176 m2, 2 bathrooms.

Flavor of the City, Security Features:

  • Reinforced steel door with two locking systems;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system + modern fire and smoke detectors;
  • Surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the Flavor of the City complex;
  • Round the clock security;
  • Video intercoms in every apartment.

Flavor of the City, Some Technical Features:

  • Cable and satellite TV receiver. Note that the choice of channels is very wide; you will have no problem selecting an interesting program for any age range, taste or mood.
  • A water pressure boosting system and a separate water tank;
  • Round-the-clock supply of natural gas and hot water through modern dedicated communications;
  • A separate emergency power generator. It will allow you not to stay in complete darkness for a while in the event of a power cut. We must note, though, that such events are extremely rare with this developer, and they are never related to the technical equipment and services of the Flavor of the City complex.
  • Round the clock technical support. In terms of its functions, it is somewhat similar to the concierge service in a hotel. Its main task is to provide Flavor of the City residents with assistance in any emergencies that may arise, be it issues with using public services or security. Please note that the staff includes only specifically selected competent and experienced specialists, who can help the property owners immediately and effectively.

On the complex’s premises, a shady path for leisurely walks and an equipped playground are well-worth mentioning. Someone may think that such “little things” don’t really matter, but we disagree. A comfortable life includes many different things, big and small, and if you take out some, the whole picture loses color and fades away. So, we are happy to underline that the Flavor of the City residential complex has a lot to offer for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful walk if you feel like it.

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Description of Kâğıthane District 

The absolute respectability of this area does not mean that there is nowhere to go. On the contrary, there are plenty of attractions and points of interest, no fewer than in any cheaper and busier resort area in Turkey. Here, you have a lot to choose from. Perhaps some aesthetes will say that certain activities are not very classy for the high-status Kâğıthane. But freedom of choice comes above all things in the civilized world, doesn’t it?

Attractions within a Short Distance from the Flavor of the City Residential Complex:

  • Masumiyet Müzesi, museum of innocence. A unique place that asks adult questions to every visitor. And also – a reminder that in the history of mankind there were much less humane times;
  • Haliç, The famous Golden Horn. A narrow bay dividing the European part of Istanbul into the northern and southern parts. It’s the iconic landmark of the city, Mecca for tourists and simply a really beautiful place;
  • İstiklâl Caddesi, The most famous and most popular pedestrian street in Istanbul. There are many points of interest, cozy cafes and restaurants. The best place to start your acquaintance with the city;
  • Rainbow Stairs, a popular city art object. Cheerful, joyful and bright, they have no other intention than to make a passer-by smile;
  • Taksim Meydanı – the center of the new city. There are many nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques there;
  • Hürrem Sultan Hamamı, the most well-known Turkish bath. The hammam experience here may seem different from all you have tried before. The magical interiors are combined with caring and friendly service to make sure you have an unforgettable visit;
  • Gülhane Park, the largest park in the center of Istanbul with many points of interest. A must-see for every visitor;
  • Hagia Sophia Museum. A world-famous monument of Byzantine architecture and an unforgettable iconic landmark. Today it is officially called the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque;
  • Basilica Cistern, the amazing underground palace that doubles as a medieval reservoir. They say that it was here that the idea for the musical The Phantom of the Opera came to Andrew Lloyd Webber;
  • Kapalıçarşı, the Grand Bazaar. One of the largest malls in the world with all the unique features of an Oriental bazaar. You can really buy anything here, and you can spend days browsing through thousands of goods of amazing beauty.

Restaurants and Cafes We Can Recommend in the Vicinity of the Flavor of the City Complex:

  • Starbucks. The classical American coffee shop with Euro-Asian flavor;
  • Fua Barbisos Cafe Restaurant. A cozy restaurant with magnificent interiors and a huge summer terrace;
  • Caffe Matte, a great Turkish cafe. The cuisine and service on the level, and the hookah is just fantastic;
  • Dürümcü Sedat Usta. If you call this place fast food, all visitors will be offended. Mind you, here they cook the best kebab in the whole of Istanbul;
  • Chilai, a lounge bar, restaurant and nightclub, famous for its great views and a nice romantic setting;
  • Ayhan Usta. This Turkish restaurant specializes in meat dishes. Note that the prices here are quite moderate, which is rare in Greater Istanbul;
  • Bella Garden Cafe & Restaurant, a fashionable venue with good food, fast service, and live music on Fridays and Saturdays;
  • Sadabad Café, a popular outdoor cafe with free Wi-Fi. If you want to feel like a carefree student again – you are welcome to step by;
  • Urfalı Kebap, a wonderful Turkish restaurant. Here you can have a quick bite to eat, or you can sit in pleasant company for many hours. The food and the service are top notch;
  • Kâğıthane Merkez Durumcusu. If you are convinced that an inexpensive cafe is always a compromise in quality, visit this place. The lahmacun is simply unforgettable.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Flavor of the City Residential Complex is a rare pearl not only for Kâğıthane District, but also for the whole European part of the city. Apartments here are exceptionally attractive for any purpose of use you may prefer. The area is comfortable and cozy, and the property in the complex makes a profitable investment or a pleasant spot to come to for a short summer vacation. And what’s more, the size of the minimum investment is comparatively small.

Is Flavor of the City the best option for investing in Turkish real estate? It largely depends on what goals and priorities you have. If you are aiming at the fastest possible capital growth, then you can probably find more attractive options with a slightly worse set of features and services.

But if your goal is to protect and diversify your assets, you should not try to get some immediate financial benefits at the expense of long-term gains. Maybe you are interested in participating in the Turkish citizenship by investment program, or just want a comfortable apartment for permanent or occasional residence – Flavor of the City is just what you need! It is just perfect both for living and for making real estate investments in the amazing and vibrant Turkish capital!

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