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Felicia Park and Lace Serene Residences as Smart Investment Decision

Turkey, with its breathtaking nature, mild climate, and favorable investment environment, may become your choice for life. Let’s have a look at two unique projects, the Felicia Park and Lace Serene apartment complexes in Istanbul, Turkey. We are about to tell you why they are worth investing in.

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Real estate investment as the source of comfort and extra income

Money slips through your fingers like water. If you want to preserve and grow it, you should invest. Wise investment decisions are never spontaneous. You need to think them over and act competently.  Real estate in Turkey may be an excellent investment option for this purpose.

It is always sunny in Turkey, not just because the sun shines here all year round, but also due to the country’s friendly people. Take a glance at what we love Turkey for:

  • well-developed economy
  • mild climate
  • enviable geographic location
  • adequate living standards
  • stable political environment
  • urban growth and infrastructure extension
  • wide selection of profitable investment offers.

It is a dream of almost every person on the planet to get their own house or apartment in Turkey. This is not difficult at all, if your intentions are indeed serious, and you have enough money in your bank account.

Potential investors often feel like a kid in a candy store here and don’t know where to look first. At International Wealth, we will make it a lot easier for you. Below you will find two impeccable real estate investment options worth your attention.


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Felicia Park – high-class apartments for well-off investors

Felicia Park apartment complex is comfortably located in the Sisli district of Istanbul. The residences in this ergonomic real estate project occupy 18,000 square meters. The prices range from USD 275,000 to USD 978,000. 

The Sisli district is a supernova on the real estate market of Istanbul, Turkey. The Felicia Park apartment complex, in its turn, is the project of choice in the neighborhood. The project boasts favorable location. It is only 2 mins from the Downtown Istanbul and 10 mins from the beach. The Felicia Park apartment complex is in the very center of both the Istanbul traffic junction, and the city’s artistic, cultural, and nightlife will tempt you to settle down here forever.

Felicia Park

Project parameters

The Felicia Park apartment complex is a unique common initiative of both real and commercial estate architects and design engineers in Istanbul, Turkey. The project houses 599 apartment blocks, 60 offices, and 18 shops.

Potential investors may choose from various apartment options, from 1-bedroom and 1-living room apartment and up to residences with 4.5 bedrooms and 1 living room.

All Felicia Park apartments in Istanbul, Turkey boast premises with a terrace access. The terraces here have sunbathing and relaxation areas by the Infinity Pool.

The huge health spa and recreation center of 1,653 square meters, with an indoor swimming pool, as well as fitness and spa facilities, is the cherry on the top of the Felicia Park cake.

Apartment characteristics

Residences in the Felicia Park apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey are truly classy. The ceiling height makes up 3.20 meters. VRF systems are used for heated floors and air-conditioning units.

The beauty of panoramic windows and glass facades will take your breath away.

You purchase a fully-equipped apartment with all the necessary home appliances, including ovens, stoves, air extraction systems, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines.

You will have an opportunity to use a smart house technology to control all the residential systems in your apartment.

Apartment owners in the Felicia Park apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, will be provided with parking spaces:

  • for 1 car in case of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartment owners
  • for 3 cars in case of larger apartment owners.


No. of apartmentsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

If you pay for your Felicia Park apartment in cash, you will enjoy a generous 25% discount of the total apartment price. Payment by installments is also provided for, if you pay 50% of the apartment price as a down payment, and the other half shall be paid in equal portions within 12 months.

Location of Felicia Park apartment complex in Istanbul

The Felicia Park apartment complex enjoys a favorable location. It is surrounded with the district’s major amenities such as hospitals, parks, and shopping centers, and it won’t take you long to get there:

  • Istanbul Airport – 30 mins
  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge  – 8 mins
  • Cevahir Shopping Center – 5 mins
  • Zorlu Center – 10 mins
  • Sisli Etfal Research and Training Hospital – 3 mins
  • Kolan International Hospital – 4 mins
  • Bilgi University – 6 mins
  • Macka Campus of Istanbul Technical University – 8 mins.

Lace Serene – live your life in comfort and luxury

The Lace Serene apartment complex is a unique and prestigious residential real estate project in the  Kâğıthane district of Istanbul, Turkey. Apartments for sale therein range from 31 to 180 square meters, and your investment amount may be as high as USD 173,855 – USD 706,074.

It will take you just 20 mins to get here from the airport, 15 mins – from the beach, and 14 mins – from the Downtown Istanbul.

Lace Serene

Project characteristics

The Lace Serene apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is like a spa area close to home. It is a gated private territory with excellent amenities. The local swimming pool is the district’s main attraction. The Lace Serene apartment complex boasts many outdoor recreation areas by the water that you can enjoy in nice and warm summer weather. It is very green, with lots of walkways and bike lanes.

The project houses 559 residential buildings as well as 55 shops. A day care center, a fitness center, spas, a pharmacy, coffee shops, restaurants, a coworking space, a cinema, and several conference halls are to open their doors to visitors in the near future.

With their intricate layouts, the fully equipped and furnished apartments in the Lace Serene apartment complex are a pleasure to look at and live in.

Location of Lace Serene apartment complex in Istanbul

The Lace Serene apartment complex is to be found not far from the city’s major attractions:

  • Istanbul Airport – 28 mins
  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge – 10 mins
  • Nef Stadium (formerly known as Türk Telekom Stadium) – 5 mins
  • Axis Shopping Center – 2 mins
  • Kanyon Shopping Center – 7 mins
  • Florence Nightingale Hospital – 6 mins
  • Cevre Private Hospital – 8 mins
  • Istanbul Technical University – 10 mins.


No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

You may pay for your dream apartment in Istanbul, Turkey by installments, with the down payment of 50% of its original cost, and the rest shall be paid within 36 months.

Assistance and legal support for real estate sale and purchase transactions in Turkey

The International Wealth experts specialize in the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey and anywhere else in the world. With our assistance, investors are able to locate ideal real estate to live in or rent out. We will provide you with full legal support and spare you any potential trouble.

Apart from foreign real estate purchase and transfer of title thereto, we offer consulting services  in the field of immigration and residence permit issuance, as well as company incorporation abroad. You are safe in our hands as regards your tax planning. We open accounts in foreign banks and payment systems on behalf of our customers. If you need advice on any of the above issues, contact us at or use the contact form to hear from our site manager.

Why is real estate investment profitable in Turkey?

Turkey is famous for its location, mild climate, advanced economy, and great potential in terms of company incorporation and getting your residence permit.

May I pay for my future Felicia Park apartment by installments?

Without a shadow of a doubt. Payment by installments is provided for, and the developer does not charge any interest. You shall stick to the payment terms in this situation: Half of the apartment price is to be paid when you close the deal, and the remaining debt shall be settled by equal installments within a year.

Is it possible to buy a fully equipped and furnished apartment in the Lace Serene apartment complex?

No problem with this. All Lace Serene apartments boast original interior design. They are equipped with the best of the best home appliances and furniture. Each residence has its own Smart Home intelligent technology, providing for an opportunity to remotely control your apartment. It disposes of a reliable security system, with a CCTV camera, intrusion alarm system per se, and 24-hour guarding.

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