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Exquisite Resort Villas in Phuket: the Elegancy You Will Admire

The eternal summer and clear waters of Phuket attract visitors from around the world. They are drawn to the island’s natural beauty and numerous real estate options in Thailand. Here comes a great opportunity for you to purchase any of the four luxurious villas in the prestigious Bang Tao area, close to the famous Laguna resort.

Villas in Phuket

Built by Thai developers, they come with complete and elegant living spaces. You are welcome to choose properties with fully furnished interiors, high-quality plumbing, modern air conditioning systems, and private pools for your comfort and sophistication. It won’t take you much time to purchase a villa in Phuket (Thailand), and the procedure is perfectly secure. You will be supported by a team of professionals ready to offer you a wide range of services. For you to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience, they will also be glad to represent your interests in foreign administrative and financial institutions.

Whether you want a new residence in Thailand for a long-term or permanent stay or an investment property for passive income, International Wealth experts will eagerly help you find the best real estate solution for your needs. With us, you will find an ideal property that matches your goals, objectives, and budget, be it in Phuket or elsewhere.

Spacious tropical villas with private pools in Phuket: from USD 634,363

Enjoy the comfort of single-story villas surrounded by palm trees and tropical vibes. These bungalows are perfectly suitable for permanent living or summer vacation. With the island’s eternal summer in mind, investing in the properties in Phuket comes with multiple benefits:

  • Own a private villa near the sea in Thailand.
  • Earn high rental income throughout the year.
  • Enter Phuket anytime to spend time in your exclusive apartments.

FYI: In 2024, the villas will be completed and ready for you to move in. To reserve your residence with installment payments, apply today and set up a foreign bank account. This will make the purchase process smooth and easy.

Overview of the residential complex

The residential complex in Phuket has 67 luxurious villas with round-the-clock security and modern infrastructure. 

These are the key features of the residential complex:

  • Properties: Single-floor villas.
  • Living areas: from 305 to 380 sqm.
  • Layouts: 3 to 4 bedrooms, 3 to 4 bathrooms, and a swimming pool.
  • Amenities: Outdoor shower and gazebo.
  • Plot sizes: from 459 to 1092 sqm.
  • Pool areas: from 36 to 40 sqm.
  • Parking spaces: Available for 1 or 2 cars.
  • Telephone line: available.
  • Zero-interest installment plan: available during the construction period.

The villas are 8 km from the sea, a quiet getaway from the island’s lively resorts. This distance is an advantage for those who are looking for a calm family retreat or a creative haven.

The residences are in a tropical forest, away from the noise of roads and traffic. They are well-connected to nearby beaches and the resort zones of Bang Tao. Are you interested in entertainment and social scenes? The Laguna resort next door has all the necessary amenities and versatile options.

Location and interior highlights

Designed in a tropical style, each villa boasts flawless finishing, modern plumbing, efficient air conditioning, a private pool, and a green lawn for family and friends. If they wish, future residents are welcome to customize their villas with tropical furniture and decor.

Discover the nearby locations:

  • Sea: 8 km.
  • Airport: 9 km.
  • Patong: 23 km.
  • Shopping and supermarkets: 6.5 km.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and entertainment: 7.5 km.
  • Hospital: 4.8 km.
  • Golf club: 10 km.
  • Yacht club: 23 km.

The villas have high ceilings and large stained glass windows. Their landscape design is impeccable, and it creates a peaceful and secure environment. Sitting far away from the noise of busy roads, the residential complex is guarded 24/7. In the mornings, you will hear the birds sing and the leaves rustle.

Prices for Phuket villas with flexible installment plans

The developer offers villas of two types, differing in price:

  • Three-bedroom villas: Plot size of 459 to 1092 sqm, living area of 305 to 350 sqm, and 36 sqm pool, at the starting price of USD 634,363.
  • Four-bedroom villas: Plot size of 638 to 910 sqm, living area of 380 sqm, 40 sqm pool, at the starting price of USD 803,327.

Plumbing, in-built kitchen furniture, air conditioning, finishings, landscaping, telephone service, and alarm systems are included in the total price for your villa.

Furnished villas in the prestigious Laguna area: from USD 880,745

Spacious villas in the Laguna resort area in Phuket are perfect for foreign investors who want to enjoy a luxurious life in a sunny country. The residential complex consists of 14 villas, each boasting a unique architectural style, sophistication, and comfort.

The location close to the Laguna resort and the Bang Tao Beach is ideal. The renowned developer has carefully designed the infrastructure, offering top-class modern living and leisure in Thailand.

Noteworthy features of Phuket villas

Here’s what may grab your attention and make you think of purchasing one of the above villas in Phuket, Thailand:

  • Construction: In progress, expected to be finished in 2025.
  • Payment opportunities: Zero-interest installment plan available during construction.
  • Plot sizes: 394 to 578 sqm.
  • Living space: 370 to 485 sqm.
  • Pool size: 42 to 63 sqm.
  • Bedrooms: 2 or 3.

Description of the residential complex

The villas are just 2.5 km from the shoreline and 1.5 km from the shopping center. With a mere 15-minute drive to the airport and a quick 3-minute journey to the golf club, the place is both accessible and well-connected. Residents enjoy easy access to shops, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. If necessary, you can get to a nearby hospital, which is only 3 km away, and the lively Patong area within a 19 km distance.

This residential complex in Phuket is both luxurious and tranquil. It is surrounded by nature, lakes, and tropical landscapes. The residences will lure you with their great infrastructure, as well as a spa, shopping, entertainment, the Laguna resort, and the Bang Tao Beach. Blending modernity and Thai charm, the residential complex in Phuket, Thailand, offers you both comfort and elegance.

Interior, exterior, and technical specifications

Those who love luxury and want the best will definitely see the true value of these villas. Safe and comfortable, they will become your peaceful haven in the ocean of concerns that the modern world has in abundance. Trained personnel will help you with anything, from first aid to calling service people in case of emergency.

The residential complex offers you the best of this world:

  • impeccable landscaping and walking paths
  • facilities like a restaurant, gym, and children’s playroom
  • creative spaces including a library, cinema, co-working area, and workshops
  • 24/7 security and private roads
  • numerous green public areas and a private pool.

The villas boast a contemporary interior style, furnished with elegant pieces and equipped with cutting-edge technological systems. The developer and architects have used locally sourced Thai materials, including natural wood, granite, and marble, in their construction. This proves the environmental friendliness and lasting quality of the apartments that are built to last not for a single season but for many years to come.

Prices for luxury Phuket villas

With sales open during the unfinished construction stage, villa prices in the new residential complex in Phuket are currently at their lowest. They are expected to rise significantly later on. This is an additional advantage for those looking to invest in Thailand properties. The residential complex is well-suited for passive rental income and short-term investment purposes, provided the properties are sold after occupancy.

The starting price for a villa in the residential complex is USD 880,745.

This price includes furnishings, furniture, decor, plumbing, and air conditioning.

Luxurious beachfront villas in Bang Tao: from USD 1,120,611

The residential complex in Phuket consisting of two-story villas is currently ready for occupancy. It may become your permanent residence or source of income in Thailand. The bungalows boast impressive amenities, a well-developed infrastructure, and lavish interiors. Everything is of the highest possible standard here, providing for a continuous flow of new residents, just like in premium resorts:

  • reception desk
  • lounge cafe
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • pool
  • relaxation areas for both adults and children
  • play zones, and more.

Sitting in a residential district, just 2.5 km from the seaside, surrounded by unforgettable tropical landscapes and picturesque ponds with lotus flowers, the project is a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity.

Villas: characteristics and prices

The villas for sale are a part of the project consisting of 42 two-story properties with pools and meticulously landscaped designs. Here are the key details of this project:

  • Completion year: 2023.
  • Bedrooms: 5.
  • Living area: 525 sqm.
  • Plot size: 400 sqm.
  • Pool area: 30.3 sqm.
  • Potential yield: up to 10% per year from renting.

These villas come with indoor parking, a poolside terrace, a gazebo, and a garden. They cater to investors seeking a reliable income from renting out apartments in Thailand. The properties are ideal for those who plan to reside in the country year-round or simply wish to have their own residence on the picturesque island of Phuket.

In this project, villa prices start at USD 1,120,611. The total amount includes finishing, the air conditioning system, shared facilities within the complex, and plumbing. Furniture is an optional additional cost, with the exact amount depending on the client’s preferences.

The sea is 2.5 km from the residential complex, and the airport is 15 km away. Restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers are all within convenient walking distance. A 15-minute leisurely stroll is all it takes to get there. Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy the yacht club and it will take them 15 minutes to reach it. The local golf club is practically across the corner down the block (4 km), and a hospital is within 2.5 km from your future property.

Modern villas with stylish furnishings in Phuket: from 406,156

The latest project from a well-known Thai developer in Phuket is a top-class real estate in the tropical paradise of Thailand. The project includes a total of 31 villas, each with a private pool and a rooftop garden.

Comprehensive overview of the residential complex and its features

The residential complex is to be commissioned and ready for occupancy by 2024. Take a look at the key features of this property:

  • Distance to the sea: 6.5 km.
  • Convenient travel time to the airport and yacht club: 20 minutes.
  • Proximity to shops and restaurants: 10 minutes.
  • Total plot area: from 100 to 400 sqm.
  • Spacious living areas: from 237 to 573 sqm.
  • Bedrooms: 2 to 4.
  • Bathrooms: 2 to 4.
  • Each plot comes with a private pool, with sizes from 26.5 to 31.5 sqm.

You can purchase Phuket villas in the above project at affordable prices. There is also an option to place your newly acquired properties under the management of a large hotel operator.

This opportunity appeals to foreign investors intending to own oceanfront property but unable to personally oversee the business, attract clients, and hire or manage service staff. The standard return on investment for such a transaction makes 5% per annum for 10 years, with a 100% buyback potential. If you wish, you may also extend your contract in the future.

Detailed insights into interiors, exteriors, and facilities

Quiet and secluded, the villas are far enough from neighbors. Still, they share a common territory, parking spaces, and recreation zones. These are the amenities that residents will enjoy:

  • reception desk
  • restaurant and bar
  • sauna
  • fitness and yoga studio
  • relaxation areas and promenades.

The new project is a residential eco-complex, built and marketed to improve its residents’ quality of life and ensure their safety. The finishing touches use natural materials only, including granite, marble, and wood.

Villa prices

Villa layoutPlot area, sqmLiving area, sqmPool area, sqmPrice
2 bedrooms150 23726.55USD 406,156
3 bedrooms20036931.5USD 631,149
4 bedrooms300 to 40057327.2USD 815,234

Interior furnishings like furniture and decor, finishing touches, plumbing, kitchen, cabinets, and air conditioning are included in the price.

Summing up 

Living in the tropics is not just a fascinating and thrilling experience. Nowadays, many foreigners opt for real estate in Phuket for reasons beyond mere enjoyment. Their key considerations include asset protection, diversification, and a chance to earn passive income from apartment rentals in Thailand.

The island boasts warm weather and beachside relaxation opportunities all year round. This keeps tourists coming and rental income steady, unlike in other countries.

International Wealth experts will eagerly help you buy an apartment, house, bungalow, or hotel room in Phuket. For more options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our consultants online.

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