Everything You Wanted to Know About Anonymous Bank Cards but were Hesitant to Ask

What do you know about anonymous (or no-name) bank cards? Many people associate them with unembossed non-personalized payment cards, aggressively popularized online by shady consultants. You may get an unembossed card without providing any personal data to the bank or the card issuer. They are even issued to third persons with no permanent residence. The risk they may be stolen runs pretty high. We do not recommend purchasing no-name bank cards on the Internet. A classic anonymous payment card is perfectly legal, and it comes with many advantages for the holder.

Anonymous Bank Cards

Why do you need an anonymous bank card?

Confidentiality is the primary advantage of this bank product. Major world economies strive to monitor spending and payment transactions of the citizens to the max. World governments keep close tabs on what their subjects purchase and how much. Where possible, an anonymous bank card makes your transactions private and confidential. Without being in the public eye, holders thereof enjoy an opportunity to purchase things online or offline and withdraw cash. Mind that no overdraws are provided for in this case.

Advantages of anonymous bank cards are obvious:

  • No personal data are disclosed
  • Anonymous bank cards are typically issued by payment systems that do not automatically share any bank details. This means, your personal data stay within the system and are not transferred to the outside world
  • With Internet banking, you may track and trace your money easily
  • Anonymous bank cards may be topped up using virtual currencies or wire transfers from another accounts.

You may order several anonymous bank cards in one go. The only information disclosed by a no-name bank card is CVV code, card number, and expiry date.

This does not mean the identity of the anonymous bank card holder remains hidden. Whether the issuer is a bank or a payment service provider, a potential customer shall submit certain personal data to it. Yet, it is only the above bank or payment system that is authorized to access them. It is next to impossible to learn who makes this or that particular purchase and pays with an anonymous bank card for it. They are typically foreign currency cards, and it is one of the few disadvantages. If you use this payment instrument in Russia, you will be charged a 2% to 4% currency exchange fee. Anonymous bank cards are popular with brokers who are in a position to exchange RUB for foreign currency at the best rates available.


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Potential holders

Anonymous bank cards may be your choice if you wish to shop in both online and offline stores and escape recognition. Your confidentiality is protected to the max with the anonymous bank card you use. It spares you lots of trouble when you withdraw money in ATMs by keeping your data private. Anonymous cards are in great demand with vacationers and holiday-goers  who wish to keep their regular cards below the radar. It also prevents the regular cards from being blocked by the bank due to a strange holder location.

When we purchase something online, we provide our confidential data with each payment. Oftentimes, sellers use it for their own benefit, ignoring the rules for personal data storage and use. This is the reason why we get so many unwanted adds.  All this makes any anonymous debit or credit card a suitable option. Don’t forget, many jurisdictions require you to produce your passport in case of major big-budget purchases exceeding the set limits. An anonymous bank card is an optimal choice to secure your shopper’s privacy in everyday life. It comes handy when you buy something in shops and order food in restaurants or coffee houses.

Anonymous gift cards

Anonymous bank cards are not just payment cards issued by payment service providers. Several other products are to be found in this category, with so-called gift cards among them. The latter may be both embossed and unembossed. Gift cards are issued to any person. It is possible to obtain them without producing your passport or any other identification document. A holder has the right to give their gift cards to any person. It is on rare occasions that such anonymous gift cards may be topped. If the amount on your anonymous gift card is spent, the card becomes useless, and you may get rid of it without a shadow of a doubt.

Anonymous gift cards make popular presents. The issuer sets minimum deposit limits and monthly spending limits. Money in such gift cards is not insured. The opportunity to withdraw funds is often not provided for. This option makes sense only if you need a stopgap for a couple of transactions or wish to give the gift card in question to a friend or a relative as a birthday money alternative. It does not pay to use anonymous gift cards as a payment instrument on a long term basis. Not all Russian shops accept anonymous gift cards, let alone the ones abroad.

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Going totally anonymous with your bank card − is it realistic?

It is next to impossible to get an anonymous bank card, except for the several hundred USD limit option described above. Even if the holder’s name and last name are not embossed on the card (or are missing from its magnetic stripe or chip), the payment service provider stores this information.  Potential cardholders do need to submit some personal data to sign up at the corresponding payment platform under its rules.  The payment provider’s jurisdiction and the laws thereof are an entirely different matter. Holders of anonymous bank cards issued in offshore jurisdictions still enjoy certain privacy.

How hard is it to get an anonymous bank card? 

Notice blue

If you have thoughts about getting an anonymous bank card, a piece of advice from the International Wealth experts is invaluable and comes rather handy. Anonymous China UnionPay Multi-Currency Card (USD/EUR)  protects your privacy and is an efficient payment instrument at the same time. You may use the Anonymous China UnionPay Multi-Currency Card (USD/EUR) instead of your regular debit card. This anonymous bank card provides for an opportunity to withdraw money in ATMs, top up your account by a wire transfer, and use the card to make payments abroad. You may pay with the card in question only if UnionPay cards are accepted as a method of payment.

You will need your passport and proof of residence to get an anonymous bank card. Utility bills issued within 3 last months may serve as an example of the above proof of residence. Your application for an anonymous bank card is subject to KYC verification. 

Once your application has been approved, you will receive access to the online profile. The anonymous bank card together with PIN thereto will be dispatched to the address indicated in your application. An anonymous bank card is activated after you top it up for the first time. A popular top-up method is wire transfer. You should first transfer the money to the payment system provider and redirect it to your anonymous card from there. Getting your own anonymous bank card is no big issue. Your personal presence is not required, and everything may be done online. For any questions, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts at info@offshore-pro.info. We are always here to help.

I would like to get an anonymous bank card without providing my personal data to the issuer. Is it possible?

Such offers usually come from shady online dealers. The cards in question may be stolen or fake. We do not recommend you turn to such intermediaries. Total anonymity is a unicorn, it does not exist. You need to indicate at least your phone number to get even the gift card mentioned above. You may use our offer and get the anonymous Union Pay debit card. This will make it possible to keep your personal data confidential to the max.

May I withdraw money from my anonymous debit card?

Most issuers allow this. It is worth remembering though that banks and payment system providers set certain daily withdrawal limits. This is a popular practice with both regular bank cards and anonymous debit cards.

What documents will I need to get an anonymous bank card?

Both banks and payment system providers require the minimum number of documents for this purpose. You will need nothing else except for your passport and proof of residence.

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