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Cost: from 594 000 EUR


Enjoy Your Life in Top-Quality Bodrum G Beyond Real Estate in Turkey

Even with multiple other options available on the market, international investors tend to Bodrum properties. A popular and well-know resort in Turkey, Bodrum offers a unique combination of perfect comfort, reasonable prices, and high-quality infrastructure. The International Wealth readers and subscribers enjoy an opportunity to purchase superb modern real estate in Bodrum and get citizenship by investment in Turkey at the same time. You are welcome to keep reading if you wish to know more about the real estate market of Turkey.

Turkey is one of those selected few states issuing tourist residence permits. The reason is quite obvious. Foreigners coming to Turkey for a week-long holiday stay often feel like extending their time in the country for many months or years to come.

G Beyond

An assumed expat planning to prolong their stay in a Turkey and purchase residential real estate there may get citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Local authorities have nothing against it if you purchase properties in any part of the country, except for border areas and territories around military bases. This means, potential buyers may choose from a wide variety of appealing residential real estate in Turkey.

The International Wealth team would like to spare you the mammoth task of choosing the best properties in Turkey. After consultations with our Turkish partners, we selected the G Beyond residential complex in Bodrum as a perfect option worth your attention. 

G Beyond residential real estate in Turkey in detail

Bodrum real property selection is indeed impressive. Regardless of their preferences, real estate investors in Bodrum, Turkey, are spoiled for choice. They are offered a wide variety of properties and may purchase everything from a private waterfront villa to commercial facilities.

G Beyond

Being a high-end resort, Bodrum boasts secondary housing in excellent condition. Its new construction at the same time meets all the latest architectural, ergonomic, and design standards.


With its superb breathtaking landscapes, private infinity pools offering unforgettable views, and a number of other unique benefits, the G Beyond residential complex in Turkey is no exception to the above rule. 


The G Beyond residential complex sits close to the superb Mediterranean Yalikavak marina. The latter is favored by yachtsmen due to the multiple possibilities to practice yachting it offers. Exclusive beach clubs, elite restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, high-end boutiques, and other venues a well-off vacationer or a Bodrum property owner may need are all within a walking distance from the property. Even the most demanding guests will enjoy the second to none nightlife and the unrivalled Mediterranean cuisine in Bodrum, Turkey.


The G Beyond real estate, sitting on the hill above the Yalikavak marina, offers you to enjoy peace and luxury immersed in nature. Local property owners will savor the breathtaking Aegean Sea views on a daily basis.

Aegean Sea views

G Beyond residential complex has it all. Well-thought architectural solutions with their mild luxury. Perfectionism as the design basis. Material quality evident everywhere, from the tiniest detail to monumental structures. This is what turns the G Beyond project in Turkey into an impeccable beach paradise.

Yalikavak marina

The Yalikavak marina in the north-west of the Bodrum Peninsula is famous as a luxury and entertainment venue, offering top-quality beach vacations amidst unforgettable Mediterranean landscapes and well-developed watersports infrastructure. Guests and beach goers will relish the turquoise sea and the amazing climate of the region. Keep your eyes wide open to savor breathtaking sunsets and explore the resort non-stop day and night.


The G Beyond buildings and structures blend harmoniously with the surrounding terrain. Terraces in the G Beyond residential complex literally merge with cliffs, while simple and clean masonry, steel, glass, and concrete blend with the landscapes and create unsurpassed harmony.

Here are the recreational facilities and services, G Beyond guests and property owners will enjoy:

  • Park Şamdan restaurant and bar in G Beyond: with its 40-year success story, the G Beyond fine-dining Park Şamdan restaurant and bar offer only the best of the world cuisine to their guests. The restaurant’s stylish design will give the property guests an unforgettable experience. It combines a variety of world-class dishes prepared by talented chefs, together with glorious music. Enjoy your evening surrounded by magic atmosphere created by burning candles and the setting sun. Taste the Park Şamdan specialties in G Beyond, while admiring the endless Aegean Sea
  • Spa and wellness in G Beyond: take a deep breath, calm down, and enjoy your G Beyond vacations. With an intense full-body massage that looks more like a ritual combining various Eastern and Western techniques, your body, mind, and soul will be set free
  • Aromatherapy in G Beyond: close your eyes and enjoy proven massage techniques and essential oil fragrance, with unique health benefits in G Beyond
  • Back massage in G Beyond: relaxing massage that will give your body full relaxation and relieve tension in those body parts that often cause muscular issues and pain.
  • Mixed Thai massage in G Beyond: a unique combination of Thai massage and oil therapy that will entirely relax your body. The procedure you may enjoy in G Beyond is effective for getting rid of muscle or joint tension. It simultaneously stimulates your visceral organs.
  • Shiatsu massage in G Beyond: give yourself an energy boost with this dry massage technique. Let your body experience relaxing stretches and feel yourself energized and flexible when the procedure is over.
  • Feet zone therapy in G Beyond: ancient massage technique, that involves pressing feet reflex points with your fingers. Reflex point activation is considered to improve health in general and relax your body.

Bodrum real estate prices in G Beyond residential complex in Turkey

It is enough for buyers investing in the luxurious G Beyond real estate in Bodrum to purchase one villa or residence to get citizenship by investment and a second passport in Turkey.

G Beyond

An investor in G Beyond properties will be eligible for a Turkish passport if they purchase properties in Turkey worth at least USD 400,000. The minimum price for analogous assets in the G Beyond residential complex makes EUR 594,000. Take a look at the table below for further details.

Residences in G Beyond
2+1Furnished141 – 162 square metersEUR 594,000
3+1Furnished257 – 320 square metersEUR 988,000
Villas and residences in G Beyond
3+1 + studioFurnished535 – 540 square metersEUR 2,310,000
4+1 + studioFurnished535 – 540 square metersEUR 2,435,000
Villas in G Beyond
6+1Unfurnished1071 square metersEUR 5,600,000
7+1Unfurnished1115 square metersEUR 5,750,000

Purchase unique real estate in Bodrum spa area of Turkey

Bodrum offers multiple benefits to potential real estate investors:

  • Magnet for tourists, artists and celebs. The city is surrounded by multiple beach resorts. Bodrum was once a fishing village, however, over the past half-century it has turned into a popular Turkish resort. The spa district attracts not only tourists, but also lots of artists and celebs. Writers, intellectuals, painters, and musicians have long called this Aegean city their source of inspiration. The warm and sunny weather all year round comes as a nice bonus. With all this, you are sure to enjoy getting to know the city’s surroundings, regardless of the season.
  • Unique location boasting multiple sights. Located on the Bodrum peninsula stretching from the south-west coast of Turkey to the Aegean Sea, the city of Bodrum is famous for its unbelievable landscapes. It is widely known for its twin bays facing the medieval castle, partially built with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The latter is among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Mausoleum was built in the IV century B.C.
  • Yachting and beaches. Open beaches with their sparkling clear water are ideal for spa vacations. Many resort guests fancy the idea of combining them with sailing. With its luxury marinas and elite resorts boasting sea outlets that attract wealthy celebs and travelers, Bodrum has made quite a name for itself as a world-known yachting resort.
  • Resort infrastructure and weather. Due to its unique Mediterranean cuisine, top brands, bars, coffee houses, and nightclubs, the Bodrum resort has been for years listed among the most prestigious spa zones in the world. Both tourists and natives enjoy multiple shopping centers that make searching for the necessary things and services quite easy.  Local employees know only too well how to meet the needs of the most exacting customers, no matter now old they are.
  • Transport. The airport is close by. In summer, the Bodrum Airport services hundreds of domestic and international flights on a weekly basis. In winter, their number diminishes, but it does not prevent city guests from flying to any destination in the world. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the G Beyond residential complex from the Bodrum airport. Local transport system with its perfect organization is another benefit to enjoy in Bodrum. Transport infrastructure in certain parts of Turkey leaves much to be desired by European standards. Roads may have poor surface, and it may be quite a challenge for a traveler to hail a taxi. Bodrum roads, however, are flawless, and it makes traveling fast and comfortable. The local port handles both small passenger ships owned by private companies and stylish yachts, as well as huge cruise liners.
  • Expat community. Guests are always welcome in the city’s  friendly international community. Bodrum and Istanbul are rightly called the most cosmopolitan cities of Turkey. Guests don’t have to study Turkish to communicate with the neighbors. This slice of heaven attracts people from anywhere in the world, and expats may live in Bodrum without feeling the slightest social discomfort. All restaurant and boutique employees are fluent in English. You will only need an interpreter or a translator when visiting government institutions or hospitals. Finding a highly-qualified pro ready to assist you with your translation is not a problem in Bodrum. Unlike many other cosmopolitan spa cities, Bodrum managed to preserve its identity. The Downtown Bodrum with its picturesque cobbled streets and small family shops selling local goods is a joy to the heart. You may listen to traditional Turkish music and order dishes prepared according to centuries old family recipes.

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Bodrum real estate market developments

Bodrum real estate prices are unlikely to eventually drop. Properties for sale enjoy high demand in Bodrum, while the spa’s territory is limited. An owner deciding to sell their apartment or villa quite reasonably charges a high price for it. They may cost even higher if the owner takes good care of their property.

It is true that prices grow in TRY, which was among the worst performing world currencies as of 2020. We should note that currency depreciation is greatly exceeded by price surges. At the same time, lira depreciation made Bodrum properties available to a greater number of foreign buyers.

For years, Bodrum has been the most expensive real estate market in the coastal Turkey. At present, investors enjoy a unique opportunity to purchase properties in Bodrum at a discount if they pay in hard currency and get citizenship by investment in the country at the same time.

Most real estate deals in Turkey do not involve a lawyer or a notary. The buyer and the seller have the right to simply sign the sale and purchase agreement certified by a local title registration department. This practice has been used since the Ottoman Empire times.

Nevertheless, foreign property buyers should hire lawyers capable of making an overall evaluation and a comprehensive audit of the property in question before the deal is closed. Foreign investors, intending to get citizenship by investment in Turkey, should also receive a valuer’s report confirming the true value of the real estate to be purchased.

Expert support with citizenship by investment in Turkey and real estate purchase in Bodrum

As the years pass, foreign real estate investors demonstrate more and more interest to Bodrum properties. The popular spa and resort boasts picturesque landscapes, a well-developed infrastructure, and a wonderful combination of local traditions and cosmopolitan spirit.

Luxury villas facing the sea enjoy the highest demand. The G Beyond residential complex offers these assets for sale. This way, you may enjoy your new elegant and comfortable properties in G Beyond and get citizenship by investment in Turkey as a nice bonus.

Bodrum properties will be a reasonable investment for those considering an apartment or villa purchase abroad, regardless of your goals. You are free to lease out your assets, resell them at a profit, or simply enjoy living in one of the world’s most appealing and friendly regions.

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Shall I buy government approved properties to get citizenship by investment in Turkey?

No, this is not the case. Unlike many other countries with citizenship by investment programs in place, Turkey does not limit you to government pre-approved properties only. Investors are free to purchase any assets, except for the ones in border areas and close to military bases.

May I purchase several properties totaling USD 400,000 to get my Turkish passport?

Yes, this opportunity is available to real estate investors. You are welcome to buy several real estate assets totaling USD 400,000 or more. Title certificates for all the assets purchased shall be submitted to the Turkish authorities on the same day for you to be entitled to citizenship by investment in Turkey.

How is property purchase taxed in Turkey?

As a foreign real estate investor, you shall pay a property transfer tax and a VAT. The property transfer tax usually makes 4% of the sale price. The government may at times reduce it to spur the market. Most often, the tax is paid by the buyer. A foreign investor is not obliged to pay the VAT, provided they comply with a number of terms. They shall have no residence permit in Turkey or not reside abroad on a permanent basis. One more requirement is to purchase residential properties or an office in Turkey from the developer. The purchase price shall be in foreign currency, and you are not allowed to sell your assets for 3 years.

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