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Elite Villas in Antalya’s Mountains and the Right to Turkish Citizenship

Looking for elite accommodation in Turkey in the lap of nature? Take a good look at our offer! 

Beacon of Serenity

The exclusive project of Beacon of Serenity villas in Antalya (Döşemealtı district) was specially launched for you to take advantage of clean air in the mountains, dazzling natural beauty, coniferous forests, comfort and perfection in every detail! We offer fully furnished villas under construction with developed infrastructure, finishing, and technical equipment on a turnkey basis.

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Contact the specialists of our portal today to buy real estate in Turkey at a good price offered by the developer and obtain citizenship by investment. We offer a full range of immigration services that will help you relocate to one of the best districts in Antalya as a real estate owner and permanent resident!

Turkish Villas for Permanent Residence and Investment

Today Turkey is a popular country for relocation not only with wealthy citizens and entrepreneurs but also with those who wish to change their place of residence for a maritime country that offers investment programs. The Republic of Turkey currently continues to issue passports to foreign citizens that bought accommodation or commercial property (or several of them) in the country at a total estimated value of at least 400,000 US dollars.

Beacon of Serenity villas in Antalya give a wonderful chance to become a Turkish resident and obtain citizenship using an accelerated procedure not only for the investor (buyer) but also for all of his family members.

As the inflow of immigrants to the country is high, the cost of real estate in Turkey gets higher every month. Döşemealtı district where four three-floor villas are offered for sale is an elite area where the best offers are bought out by investors and intermediaries.

We propose a unique opportunity to buy a fully-furnished villa with all technical equipment in the mountains of Antalya at the developer’s price. In 2023, the construction is 20% complete, and the cost will rise considerably after the property is put into operation.

Hurry up if you want to buy real estate at a minimum rate and have the right to Turkish permanent residence and citizenship: there are just four villas in this project, and the number of potential buyers is much higher!

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For your reference: you will need to open a local bank account before you buy real estate in Turkey, and our experienced specialists can help you with that. Fill in the form, get a reply, and we will open an account for you in no time!

Charming Life in Döşemealtı, Antalya

Döşemealtı is an elite district located 20 km to the north of the center of Antalya where new premium class villas are being actively built. During summer heat, the temperature here is 3 degrees lower than in the city thanks to the range of mountains (it is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains) and the proximity of coniferous forest, and humidity is lower than in coastal areas.

The main peculiarities of Antalya region for permanent residence and rest lie in its geographical location and infrastructure:

  • The beaches in Konyaalti and in the Old Town are 20 to 25 minutes’ reach by car or public transport.
  • Döşemealtı is within 30 km from the airport of Antalya. 
  • Its places of interest include the mysterious ruins of Seljuk Caravanserai of Evdirhan, Karain cave, the antique town of Maximianopolis, Kocaçay waterfall, and many others.

It is always clean and quiet here, and the nature’s beauty, unique microclimate, and mountain air in the Döşemealtı district help locals to stay in good shape and not worry about their health. It will be especially interesting for people with respiratory diseases, those prone to allergies, and individuals that feel bad in the summer heat.

The villas for sale on the tops of Eshemealt — Yeşilbayır — Altkale hills are suitable for those looking for quiet seclusion who are planning to buy accommodation for themselves or as a profitable investment. 


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Beacon of Serenity: Premium Villas in Antalya

Luxurious three-floor cottages combine all the architectural sophistication, highest quality, and optimal comfort for life and rest. The Beacon of Serenity project includes four villas, each of them with its unique exterior and interior design.

The structures are made with innovative materials, and the minimalistic interior was carefully elaborated by experienced designers. Each detail is finely elaborated: from furniture to modern equipment, from safety to comfort.

Beacon of Serenity Villas Exterior

The three-floor villas are made of durable earthquake-proof materials and protected with a high fence with an automatic gate. They boast an exquisite interior design, a large balcony, and stained glass floor-to-ceiling French windows. You can use the blinds to regulate the lighting and create twilight in your dwelling or, on the contrary, let more light and fresh air in.

In the adjacent territory you will find:

  • A barbecue area
  • A pool
  • A garden
  • A parking place for your car
  • A green lawn
  • Sun loungers and places for a rest

The video surveillance system will ensure your safety and protect you from unwanted guests.


Look inside the villa to appreciate the work of specialists: the designer, the architect, and builders:

  • Technical characteristics of villas: 4+1 rooms with a total area of 254 m².
  • 2 bathrooms with modern equipment and luxury shower cabins.
  • Laminated parquet and glossy flooring.
  • The sound insulation between the floors helps all the household members to go about their duties without interfering with others.
  • Modern kitchen sets with high-quality household equipment will be appreciated by those who love cooking at home.
  • Minimalist furniture, exclusive chandeliers, and a lighting system in each room.
  • Separate dressing rooms with shelves and hangers.
  • Fully furnished sleeping areas, including the children’s room.

The decoration and equipment of each villa can be matched to the owner’s preferences and individually designed.

Infrastructure and Investment Gains of the Beacon of Serenity Villas Project

The Beacon of Serenity villas are more than just a residential complex: this is a luxurious quiet harbor in the mountains for those that appreciate comfort and quiet. Remote location from the town of Antalya is not a disadvantage of the project as Döşemealtı district has all the required administrative, health, and entertainment centers:

  • Medical institutions (Termessos hospital, veterinary clinic, dentistry centers)
  • Private and public kindergartens, schools and colleges of Döşemealtı district, and Antalya Bilim private university
  • Several malls and shops (offering food and non-alimentary products)
  • Hairdresser’s salons
  • Beauty parlors
  • A large number of park areas, including those with attractions and entertainments suitable for a rest with children

Moreover, villas in the Döşemealtı district (Turkey) are attractive for investors as the price is constantly growing and the demand remains high. Today, you can obtain Turkish citizenship if you buy accommodation at a price starting from USD 400,000 outside the closed areas, and this project is not one of them.

The investment gains from buying a villa in the Döşemealtı district are obvious: the indicated price is minimal as the project is under construction. The cost of a villa will rise considerably once it is completed, which will make it possible to sell the property afterward at a good profit.

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Do you have any additional questions about Beacon of Serenity villas in Antalya? Are you looking for a more affordable accommodation in Turkey or are you planning not just to buy it but also relocate your business? Please contact our experts by phone (+372 5 489 53 37 , +381 6911 12327 ) or write to us ([email protected]) to book a session.

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