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Cost: from 1 650 000 CHF


Elite Suites in Val Val Hotel in the Heart of the Swiss Alps

We invite you to consider the opportunity to purchase a luxury suite in Val Val Hotel located at a beautiful ski resort in Andermatt, an area in the Swiss Alps.  

You can buy a two-bedroom or a three-bedroom suite 109 m² to 164 m² in size. The price starts at 1,650,000 Swiss francs (CHF).

Val Val

The location of the elite estate

Swiss Alps are the main natural wonder in Switzerland. This is the highest elevation in Europe and there you can find a number of fantastic ski resorts.

Andermatt is a cozy village in the canton of Uri, Switzerland. It sits in the picturesque Urseren valley at the foot of the Swiss Alps, 1,447 meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by the Gotthard mountain range and the views are breathtaking indeed. Andermatt is highly popular with tourists thanks to the perfect quality of the air and water in the region as well as its magnificent views. There you can find several luxury hotels with adjacent cable cars taking skiers to the tops of the mountains.

Andermatt has convenient transportation links with many places in the world thanks to its close proximity to international airports in Zurich, Basel, and Milan. This makes the resort area easily accessible for tourists from different countries. You can also catch a charter flight from the neighboring small airport in Buochs located 45 minutes away from Andermatt by car. There is also a train station in the village and the trains leave once an hour. Getting from Andermatt to Zurich, for instance, will take you two hours but you will have to change trains. You can use international highways to get to Andermatt from Milan, Stuttgart, or Munich. 


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The main characteristics of the investment object

Val Val Hotel is still under construction. The construction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. The hotel is going to have the following types of accommodations:

  • 11 elegant suites;
  • 4 luxurious penthouses;
  • A SPA center with two saunas and a recreation room;
  • A lounge café;
  • A movie theater.

Val Val Hotel is located at the very center of Andermatt, next to the best restaurants and shopping malls in the area. The district is adjacent to the riverfront and Parkstrasse (Park Street).

Distances to the nearest infrastructure objects:

  • Railway station — 200 meters;
  • Two cable car stations — 300 and 500 meters;
  • A large supermarket — 150 meters;
  • Radisson Hotel — 600 meters;
  • The Chedi Andermatt hotel (5*) — 100 meters;
  • International autobahn Е35 — 10 minutes by car.

Val Val Hotel is a seven-story building. The ground floor holds the lobby and some commercial premises. The suites are located on the next three floors while the penthouses take up the two upper stories.

Val Val
Val Val
Val Val

All accommodations in Val Val Hotel are going to be fully furnished. You can move into the suite right after purchasing it without having to make any repairs or organize the furniture. The developer has signed contracts with well-known furniture manufactures: Poliform (Italy) and Hästens (Sweden).

A spacious suite of 109 m² with two bedrooms will give you wonderful opportunities for relaxation. The suite has a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The balcony will give you breathtaking views of majestic Alpine peaks. When in the hotel, you are welcome to use the movie theater and the saunas. Besides, every suite owner will have a storage area for his/ her skis.

The prices of the suites in Val Val Hotel are highly attractive. They start at 1,650,000 CHF while apartments in old houses in Andermatt sell for a million Swiss francs or more. However, an old building is an old building with all the disadvantages that the old age entails. In the neighboring Chedi Andermatt Hotel, apartments of similar sizes cost 2 to 3 million francs and the price of a larger suite in Andermatt can come up to 5 million or even more.

Why should you choose Andermatt to live in Switzerland?

Many visitors call Andermatt ‘a place of power’. They say that they feel full of energy there because they are surrounded by magnificent natural objects, they breathe fresh mountain air, and they drink crystal clear Alpine water. This is one of the reason why foreigners buy apartments in Andermatt.

Everything is within walking distance in Andermatt. A five-minute walk will take you to the cable car station. In ten minutes, you can find yourself at the top of the ski slope. In addition, numerous boutiques are located nearby as well as business centers where offices are available for rent. You can work comfortably from Andermatt too.

Andermatt is a year-round resort. You will have a wide choice of both summer and winter activities there. 

In comparison to large cities such as Zurich, for example, Andermatt is a quiet place with very little nightlife. Residents of Andermatt can enjoy solitude in nature’s lap, a good night’s sleep, and a tranquil lifestyle. If you would like to attend a nightclub, you can go to Milan for a day. It will take you two hours to get there by car.

It would not be correct to claim that Andermatt is a resort for wealthy people only. Local people make 5,000 Swiss francs (or more) per month and this amount is enough for living comfortably there. On the other hand, if you want luxury, you can also find it in the Swiss Alps.  

There are wide opportunities for evening entertainment in Andermatt too. There is a concert hall that seats 650 people as well as three Michelin restaurants there.  

Families with children will also find living in Andermatt comfortable. There you can find several kindergartens and a state secondary school. In the neighboring towns, there are private schools for your children. It doesn’t take more than one hour to get there by train.

Even though Uri is a German-language canton, almost all local people are fluent in English. Thus, you will not have to learn German if you want to integrate with the local community.

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How can you entertain yourself in Andermatt?

First and foremost, Andermatt is a popular ski resort frequented by lovers of skiing and other winter sports. There you will find fantastic skiing trails, beautiful mountain views, and a unique atmosphere.

If you purchase a suite in Val Val Hotel, you and your family will have no problems finding the skiing gear and getting to the top of the mountains in a cable car. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by the accessibility of various opportunities for outdoor activities in Andermatt. The place is one of the largest skiing areas in Switzerland with 180 kilometers of well-equipped ski trails. Many sportsmen call Andermatt ‘a Mecca for freeride lovers’.

In the summer, you can go mountaineering, rock climbing, or mountain biking. After the ride, you can relax in the SPA center, in the swimming pool, or in the sauna. 

Can foreigners purchase real property in Switzerland?

Switzerland passed a law in 1961 that limited the opportunities for foreign nationals to buy real property in the country. The territory of Switzerland is rather small and the authorities were afraid that foreign investors could buy too much land. Since that time, the rules have been altered several times and the conditions have been relaxed a bit. The last changes to the legislation were introduced in 1997 when the so-called Lex Koller (Koller’s Law) was passed.

In accordance with the Law, foreign nationals are allowed to purchase holiday estate in Switzerland. If they buy a house or an apartment, its area cannot exceed 200 square meters. If they buy a piece of land, it cannot be larger than 1,000 square meters. In most cases, the foreign investor needs to acquire an approval from the municipal authorities before he or she can buy real property in Switzerland. There are quotas in addition to that: not more than 1,500 pieces of real property (residential accommodations, land plots, and so on) can be sold to foreigners per year. Enforcement of Lex Koller is monitored by the cantonal authorities.

Andermatt does not fall under Lex Koller. This means that any foreign national who is not a Swiss resident is entitled to buy property in the area, including suites in Val Val Hotel.

Legal residence in Switzerland for buyers of real property

If you are a citizen of another country, the fastest and the easiest way of acquiring legal residence in Switzerland is registering a company in the country and employing yourself. Employees of Swiss companies and members of their families qualify for residence permits. If you establish a GmbH company (the local analogue of an LLC), the minimum charter capital has to be 20,000 Swiss francs.

You are welcome to apply for our professional assistance if you would like to incorporate a company in Switzerland.

The canton of Uri is the second most attractive Swiss canton as far as corporate taxes are concerned. The corporate tax rate is 15% there and this includes the federal and the cantonal tax. Chances are that the rate can go down to 13% in the near future as the tax reform continues in Switzerland. 

There is one more way of acquiring legal residence in Switzerland and this is by making a tax agreement with the Swiss authorities. Pay a lump sum tax and you will qualify for a residence permit.

A foreign national can sign an agreement with the cantonal administration and acquire residence permits for him/ herself and the members of the family in exchange for paying an annual tax. The tax rates are as follows:

  • For EU citizens — from 100,000 francs per year;
  • For non-EU citizens — from 200,000 francs per year.

If the sum looks high to you, you should take into account the fact that this is a fixed sum and you would not have to pay any other income nor property taxes in Switzerland. For some foreign investors, the tax agreement can be a very attractive opportunity, as a matter of fact.

You have to permanently reside in Switzerland for 10 years before you can qualify for citizenship of the country. Residence Permit Type C is the official name of the permanent residence permit in Switzerland.

Please send us a message to [email protected] if you would like to learn more about the opportunity to purchase a luxury suite in Val Val Hotel, Andermatt, Switzerland. We always respond promptly!

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