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Elite Magalie Ataköy Apartment in Istanbul is Calling Your Name

Turkey and real estate investors are like 2 peas in a pod. In 2021, the rise in demand for Turkish real estate amounted to 20%, and 2022 promises to be even more triumphant. With its appealing real estate market, clement climate, affordable prices, and delicious food, Turkey is the seventh heaven for foreigners wishing to settle down in a secure and comfy place. They feel protected and cared for in the country, as multiple medical centers and healthcare providers render services of the highest level.  Elite Istanbul apartments in the Magalie Ataköy neighborhood of Bakırköy, a modern and affluent Istanbul district, offer it all for future residents. 

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Bakırköy District of Istanbul, Turkey

The real estate properties for sale are in the Bakırköy district of Istanbul, known to be among the city’s most popular landscaped areas. The district consists of 4 neighborhoods: Emel Yurt, Yeşilköy, Ataköy, and Floria. The apartments in question are in the Magalie Ataköy quarter of Ataköy.

With its largest business centers in Turkey, the area is a famous commercial district, hosting lots of conferences and major business meetings. Many businessmen are happy with multimillion dollar deals they close here. 

Bakırköy is adored for its sights, including the Fildamı Sarnıcı Cistern, the Yunus Emre cultural center located in an ancient building, a Greek church (founded in 1832), and the Central Mosque with a fountain nearby. The district’s green and cozy streets provide shelter to the passersby on dog days. Vacationers will enjoy unforgettable holidays at the local beach, as the sea is just around the corner. Bakırköy is minutes away from the Downtown Istanbul. Avid shoppers will relish visiting several superb shopping centers, with Carousel, Capacity, and Marmara Forum among them.


Bakırköy is 43 kilometers from the Istanbul Airport and 80 kilometers from the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Taxis are a convenient way to go to Bakırköy from any of them, and you may book your taxi trip in advance. It will take you from 40 mins to 2 hours to reach the city, depending on where your starting point is. You can as well enjoy a bus ride from the Istanbul Airport to Bakırköy.


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Magalie Ataköy neighborhood 

The Magalie Ataköy neighborhood is conveniently located in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It borders Mahalle Şirinevler and the Bahçelievler district of Istanbul. The Magalie Ataköy quarter encompasses 4 neighborhoods with a multitude of apartment blocks. With such landmarks as the Ataköy marina,  sports arenas and competition halls, the Bakırköy conservatory, and the Yunus Emre cultural center, the stream of visitors and tourists is never ending. The latter enjoy comfortable transportation by buses and subway. City buses No. 71T and 71AT or the Ataköy-Şirinevler subway station is a convenient way to reach the Downtown Istanbul for most locals and tourists.

Magalie Atakoy quarter

Elite apartments in Magalie Ataköy

You are welcome to take a look at elite Istanbul apartments in Ataköy. Posh residences with panoramic windows facing the Marmara Sea represent high-end real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. You will enjoy breathtaking landscapes while sunbathing on a large terrace with wooden floors. Leisurely walks in the Baroque-style vehicle-free zone reminiscent of the French and the Ottoman palatial architecture will become a source of everlasting joy for you and your loved ones. With its 33,000 square meters of walking space, the vehicle free zone is pretty impressive, and crosses the lengthy coastline of 1200 meters.

The renown JumeirahTM 5-star hotel is within easy reach from the Magalie Ataköy neighborhood.

Project characteristicsCar park, playground, garden, elevator
Technical featuresCATV and satellite TV, water tank, 24/7 maintenance, electric power generator,  natural gas, and central hot water supply
SafetySteel entrance doors, automatic fire-fighting and sprinkler system, fire and smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, video intercom, and 24/7 premises security.
InfrastructureIndoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish hamam, restaurants, coffee houses, and other amenities
Apartment typeApartments
Distance from the beach1 min
Distance from the airport35 mins
Distance from the Downtown Istanbul17 mins
Substantial completion date2018

You may invest in a Magalie Ataköy apartment in Istanbul, Turkey to either live here together with your family or lease it out to secure a stable source of good income for yourself and your loved ones.

Project premises

Rooms + living roomsMinimum price, USDMaximum price, USDMinimum area, square metersMaximum area, square metersNo. of bathrooms

A Magalie Ataköy residence is an excellent buy, and here’s why:

  • superb unforgettable sea views
  • impeccable infrastructure
  • compliance with international construction standards
  • varying apartment types
  •  convenient transport junction nearby.

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A tempting bonus any real estate investor in Magalie Ataköy may enjoy is an opportunity to become a citizen of Turkey.

Assistance with real estate purchase in Turkey from International Wealth experts

Are you tempted by any of the Istanbul elite apartments in the Bakırköy district? The International Wealth experts are happy to offer you their services to make your life in a new country as cloudless as possible. We will cherry-pick ideal apartments to match your preferences to a tee, assist you with every aspect at every stage of your sale and purchase deals in Turkey, and consult you on any other industry-related issues. You are welcome to contact International Wealth at 

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May I become a Turkish citizen if I purchase an apartment in the Magalie Ataköy neighborhood of Istanbul?

Absolutely. Purchasing any apartment for sale in the Magalie Ataköy neighborhood of Istanbul authorizes you to partake in the government Citizenship by Investment program in Turkey.

What should I keep in mind when purchasing a Magalie Ataköy apartment in Istanbul?

We recommend you turn to International Wealth experts for assistance and consultations to make your sale and purchase deal in Turkey as transparent and safe as possible. This is the safest way to make such an important purchase on the real estate market of Turkey that you are not familiar with.

Are the Magalie Ataköy apartments far from the Downtown Istanbul?

It will take you approximately 17 mins to get from the Magalie Ataköy neighborhood to the Downtown Istanbul. Both public transport and city taxis will come in handy for this purpose.

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