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Cost: from 20 000 USD


Economic citizenship of St Lucia

When we talk about exported goods, we usually think of natural resources, crops, and manufactured products. However, some small countries that have little to offer to foreign buyers have invented quite a peculiar product to sell abroad: they ‘export’ their national passports. Following the example of its neighbors, St Lucia joined the group of such countries in 2016 and now foreign nationals can acquire economic citizenship of St Lucia, that is, they can ‘buy’ citizenship of this Caribbean country.

At the moment, the country offers the easiest and the least expensive method of obtaining a second passport. Would you like to find out how to ‘purchase’ citizenship of St Lucia? If yes, please read on and learn important details about this opportunity. If you are already aware of the St Lucia economic citizenship program, please go on to filling out the questionnaire straight away (just follow the link below). Answer the questions that you will find there and we will help you choose the second passport opportunity that will appear most suitable to you personally.

Fill in the form below of second citizenship

To become an economic citizen of St Lucia you do not even have to leave your home country. The applicants to the St Lucian citizenship-by-investment program are not obliged to live in St Lucia neither before to nor after receiving the passport. As a matter of fact, you can obtain citizenship of St Lucia without visiting the country as the immigration agency will deliver the passport to you wherever in the world you are located. In addition, the procedure of citizenship acquisition is plain in St Lucia, the prices are affordable, and the timeframes are rather short. The St Lucian citizenship-by-investment program looks ideal indeed!

The cost and the procedure of acquiring economic citizenship of St Lucia

In accordance with the St Lucian legislation, wealthy foreigners wishing to acquire citizenship of the country can choose from four investment options. These are as follows:

  • A donation to the SLNEF (St Lucia National Economic Fund). The donation is not returnable.
  • An investment into a Government-approved development project (you can buy a piece of real property and be the only owner of it, you can establish joint ownership of the property, or you can buy shares of a construction company). The investment is returnable.
  • An investment into Government-approved business projects (such as restaurants, piers, quays, and other seaport infrastructure, motor road infrastructure, agricultural product processing, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research, educational institutions, and so on. The investment is returnable.
  • An investment into Government bonds that is also returnable.

In the cases of returnable investments, you have to hold the property in your possession for five years minimum. After this time expires, you can sell the property back while still retaining citizenship of St Lucia.

We have to make a special note about the possibility to invest into Government bonds. Citizenship-by-investment program applicants can purchase only zero-interest bonds. These can be purchased from a licensed broker of directly from the Ministry of Finance. Currently, there are two licensed brokers in the country: First Citizens Investment Bank (FCIB) and East Caribbean Global Investment Solutions Limited (ECGIS, Ltd). The program requires that in order to qualify for citizenship of St Lucia the investor shall notify the authorities of the country about the purchase of the bonds within 21 days since the date when the deal is finalized.

The amount of the non-returnable donation and the minimum required investment amounts:

  The main applicant alone The main applicant and the spouse A family of four members (the main applicant, the spouse, and two more dependents of any age) A family of more than four people
1. Non-returnable donation to the SLNEF
Required donation amount US$ 100,000 US$ 140,000 US$ 150,000 US$ 150,000 + US$15,000 per extra (fifth, sixth, and so on) family member of any age
2. Returnable investment into Government-approved development project
Required investment into real property US$ 300,000 US$ 300,000 US$ 300,000 US$ 300,000
Non-returnable administrative fees US$ 30,000 US$ 45,000 US$ 45,000 (for the main applicant and the spouse)+ US$ 5,000/ US$ 10,000 per each dependent under 18/ per each dependent over 18 The conditions specified in the box to the left apply to four family members.Additional US$ 10,000 per any extra (fifth, sixth, and so on) family member of any age
3. A returnable investment into a Government-approved business project
Required investment (made by a group of investors into a joint project)* US$ 1,000,000  (and minimum 6 permanent jobs) US$ 1,000,000  (and minimum 6 permanent jobs) US$ 1,000,000  (and minimum 6 permanent jobs) US$ 1,000,000  (and minimum 6 permanent jobs)
Required investment (by a sole investor) US$ 3,500,000  (and minimum 3 permanent jobs) US$ 3,500,000  (and minimum 3 permanent jobs) US$ 3,500,000  (and minimum 3 permanent jobs) US$ 3,500,000  (and minimum 3 permanent jobs)
Non-returnable administrative fees US$ 50,000 US$ 85,000 US$ 85,000 (for the main applicant and the spouse) + US$ 25,000/ US$ 35,000per each dependent under 18/ per each dependent over 18 US$ 85,000 (for the main applicant and the spouse) + US$ 25,000/ US$ 35,000per each dependent under 18/ per each dependent over 18
4. A returnable investment into Government bonds *
Minimum cost of the purchased Government bonds US$ 250,000 (applicable until the end of 2021) US$ 250,000 (applicable until the end of 2021) US$ 300,000 (applicable until the end of 2021) US$ 550,000+ US$ 25,000 per any extra (fifth, sixth, and so on) family member of any age
Additional fees and duties
Non-returnable application processing fee US$ 2,000 US$ 3,000 US$ 5,000 US$ 5,000+ US$ 1,000 per any extra dependent family member of any age
Due Diligence and security check fees  US$ 7,500 US$ 12,500 US$ 12,500 (for the main applicant and the spouse) + US$ 5,000 per each dependent over 16 US$ 12,500 (for the main applicant and the spouse) + US$ 5,000 per each dependent over 16

* This investment option also requires payment of a US$ 50,000 administrative fee per one application no matter if it is an individual or a collective application.

** The total amount of joint investment into a business project in the country shall be US$ 6,000,000 minimum. The application for citizenship of St Lucia by use of a joint investment project may include the names of up to six participants.

Before December 31, 2021, you can acquire economic citizenship of St Lucia by investing into Government bonds at a reduced price. The required investment amount has been cut by a half but it is a limited-time offer only.

Please find the specific payments to be made in the table below:

Option numberNumber of applicantsRequired investment amountRequired possession period
1Main applicant aloneUS$ 250,0005 years
2Main applicant and one dependent applicantUS$ 250,0006 years
3Main applicant and maximum three dependentsUS$ 250,0007 years
4Main applicant and maximum three dependentsUS$ 300,0005 years
5Every extra family member (fifth, sixth, and so on)US$ 25,0005 or 7 years depending on the investment amount: US$ 300,000 (option 4) or US$ 250,000 (option 3)
6Administrative fee (per application)US$ 30 тыс. 

Important: Within the framework of the limited-time offer, the application processing fee is waived.

As far as investment into real property is concerned, at the moment, there are two Government-approved development projects in St Lucia where you can invest to acquire citizenship of the country. These are Zoetry Resort Canelles and The Alpina St Lucia Hotel. Both hotels are currently under construction. The construction work has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected that after the lockdown is over, the work will continue.  

Zoetry Resort Canelles is a world-class resort complex with cozy rooms. It promises unforgettable vacation experience and romance. The main characteristics of the hotel are as follows:   80 roomsTotal area – 16,000 square meters (over 172,000 sq. ft.)A SPA centerA swimming pool with a panoramic view
The Alpina St Lucia Hotel is a resort complex offering a number of entertainment opportunities. It is located close to the city and a horse race track is nearby. The main characteristics of the hotel are as follows:240 rooms that will host business travelers mostly  A number of shops and storesA casino

The investment in the required amount has to be made only after the application for St Lucian citizenship has been approved by the country’s authorities. Both individual and collective applications are accepted. 

Besides, you can add a dependent to the application post factum. If it is a newborn child below twelve months of age, the required additional donation amount is US$ 500. If you are adding your spouse to the application for St Lucian citizenship after it has been approved, you will have to pay additional US$ 35,000. If you are adding any other dependent, the additional required donation is US$ 25,000.

We would like to put a special emphasis on the fact that foreign nationals have to use the services of a licensed immigration agent in order to file an application for St Lucian citizenship. The local legislation does not allow avoiding this and filing the application on your own. 

Applicants have to draw up certain papers in their countries of origin. Certain papers are provided by St Lucian officials. E.g., blank forms are available for applicants and their relatives for downloading via CIP Saint Lucia official website

We cooperate with one of such licensed immigration agents that has helped hundreds of families to acquire economic citizenship of St Lucia. When calculating the total cost of the St Lucian passport, you have to take the agent’s service fee into account.

The cost of the licensed immigration agent services:
If a single person is applyingUS$ 20,000 
If a family is applyingUS$ 25,000 *
This sum is charged when a family of maximum five people is applying for St Lucian citizenship (the main applicant and up to four dependents). If the family has more than five members, additional fees will be charged.

Thus, what you have to do is to make the investment, go through the due diligence checks, and become a full citizen of St Lucia! Well, almost. One more thing to do is to make an oath of allegiance to your new home country and this will make you qualified for the passport of St Lucia. You can make the oath and pick the passport in St Lucia or in any embassy or consulate of the country abroad.

There is one more opportunity that we have to mention here. Making the donation or the investment can be postponed. However, each case is considered individually and there is no guarantee that your request for the postponement will be approved.

We also have to make a note here that is less pleasant. Legally, the child born to economic citizens of St Lucia becomes a citizen of the country only if he or she is born there. The Constitution of the country does not permit granting citizenship to the children of ‘naturalized’ St Lucians if they are born outside the country. Some officials are talking about amending the Constitution but doing this always entails certain challenges. Therefore, the amendments are unlikely to be introduced soon.

On the other hand, in practice, citizenship is granted even to those children of ‘naturalized’ St Lucian who are not born in the county. The Government makes every effort to attract foreign investments to the country so it likes to turn a blind eye on small issues.

You have to bear in mind, however, that if the main applicant loses St Lucian citizenship for some reason, all his or her dependent family members will lose it too.

The benefits that economic citizenship of St Lucia brings

St Lucia is a small and extremely beautiful Caribbean country with lush jungles where monkeys live, high mountains, and sunny beaches. It boasts some luxury resorts where tourists from all over the world love spending their vacations. But you do not have to be a tourist in St Lucia: you can make it your second home country! Apply for St Lucian citizenship and you will have a second passport within three to six months only!

The passport will bring you numerous benefits that include the following ones:

  • St Lucian passport holders are entitled to travel without a visa (or obtain a visa on arrival) to around ten dozen national states listed below.
CyprusGreeceMaltaGreat Britain
San MarinoRomania  
Other parts of the world
AndorraDominican RepublicMalawiSouth Korea
Antigua and BarbudaEcuadorMalaysiaSaint Kitts and Nevis
Armenia*SalvadorMauritania*Saint Martin
BahamasFijiMauritiusSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bangladesh *GambiaMicronesiaSuriname
BarbadosGrenadaHong KongSwaziland
Bolivia*GuyanaNepal*Timor-Leste *
SingaporeHondurasPalau *Tonga *
Cambodia*Iran*PanamaTrinidad and Tobago
Cape Verde*JamaicaPeruTunisia
ChileJordan*PhilippinesTuvalu *
Comoros *KiribatiSamoa *Vanuatu
Costa RicaLao People’s Democratic Republic *Somalia*Vatican
Djibouti *ZimbabweSolomon islands *Zambia

* The visas to these countries are granted on arrival.

  • When you and your family members acquire economic citizenship of St Lucia, you will be able to live, to work, and to study in a country that has a stable political system and few economic problems. What is more, your family will become citizens of the Caribbean region, as a matter of fact. You will be able to live, to work, and to study in any of the CARICOM member states.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed in St Lucia. This means that when obtaining the passport of the country, you will not be obliged to renounce your current citizenship. (This holds if your home country also permits dual citizenship.)
  • Nobody is going to know that you have acquired St Lucian citizenship. The authorities of the country are not going to inform your home country authorities that you are now a citizen of St Lucia. They can disclose this fact only on an official request. Each such request is considered individually and it has to be well grounded.
  • With acquiring economic citizenship of St Lucia, you can also make a profit. Your investments into real property, a business venture, or infrastructure in the country have good chances to pay back after a while.
  • If you choose to become a full citizen of St Lucia via a donation to the SLNEF, you will make an important contribution to the country’s economic development. The money that the Fund receives is used to finance important social projects that create new jobs and promote the well-being of the local people. The Finance Minister compiles a list of such projects every year and then submits to the Parliament of St Lucia for approval.
  • Acquiring citizenship of St Lucia will allow improving your lifestyle greatly. The quality of life in this small country is higher than in a large number of other national states. The crime rate on the island is rather low and the infrastructure is well developed. You can gain access to all the up-to-date technologies in St Lucia and enjoy a wonderful tropical climate at the same time. The temperature there is about 25 °C to 27 °C (77 to 80 °F) all year round, the northwestern winds bring coolness, while rains usually last for a few minutes only. In St Lucia, you can find premium-class residential accommodations, luxury hotels, top-class restaurants, and high quality service.  If you choose to reside in St Lucia, your choice of opportunities is going to be large indeed. You can live in a suite in a large city or in a countryside bungalow. In case you choose the latter opportunity, you will still be close to all the modern facilities: it takes only a bit more than an hour to cross the island from one endpoint to the other.
  • Another advantage that St Lucia offers is the possibility to make your fiscal burden lighter. Besides, you can make use of various tax planning instruments to be found in the country. The flexible fiscal legislation in St Lucia allows new economic citizens to protect their assets effectively and grow their wealth.

Why you should seek to acquire economic citizenship of St Lucia and forget about all other opportunities in Europe and elsewhere

Apart from St Lucia, a dozen other countries of the world grant citizenship by investment to foreign nationals. St Lucian competitors do have some advantages. St Kitts and Nevis, for example, has been running the national citizenship-by-investment program for over thirty years while St Lucia started it only in 2016. Dominica requires the donation of US$ 100,000 (same as St Lucia) but Dominica is a bit friendlier to applicants with large families. Malta and Cyprus offer foreign passports that give visa-free access to a large number of foreign countries…

How does St Lucia manage to remain successful when the competition is so tough? What makes its citizenship-by-investment program attractive to foreigners? If we look at the local law ‘On Citizenship’, we will find that St Lucia offers some unique advantages that are not to be found in other states issuing their passports to foreigners for money:  

  • You can choose from four investment options in St Lucia while other countries offer lesser choice. Malta, for instance, provides for a single opportunity to acquire its citizenship, namely, it will accept a donation of 650,000 euros. Some St Lucian neighbors in the Caribbean allow making a donation or an investment into real estate and that is it. Thus, when applying for citizenship of St Lucia, you have more investment choices that will let you invest your money in the wisest manner.
  • Both St Lucia and Dominica offer their citizenship for US$ 100,000 to a single investor. If we take all the additional charges into account, however, St Lucian passport is going to work out a little more expensive even though only by a few thousand dollars. You have to invest nearly ten times as much to become a citizen of Malta and almost twenty times as much to acquire citizenship of Cyprus. Without doubt, the price of St Lucian citizenship is very attractive.
  • Moreover, acquiring economic citizenship of St Lucia does not take a long time. Normally, three to six months pass between the moment when the application for citizenship is filed and the moment the passport is issued to the applicant. For the sake of comparison, Maltese citizenship cannot be obtained within less than a year. The timeframe of foreign citizenship acquisition can be important as the political and economic situation in your home country can change overnight.
  • Another advantage that the St Lucian economic citizenship program offers is the opportunity to file an application for citizenship via electronic media. This makes the applications process faster and more transparent.
  • Unlike with most other national citizenship-by-investment programs, the St Lucian one allows adding new dependents to the application for citizenship after the main applicant has been granted citizenship of the country. During the five years since you obtain the passport of St Lucia, you can add your spouse or your children to the original application and they can become citizens of the country too. You have to bear in mind, however, that additional fees are due in this case.

Please complete the questionnaire below to acquire a free consultation on selecting the citizenship-by-investment program that will suit you best. Use the chance to obtain a second passport WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES.

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