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Corporate Payment Account in UK System with Offices in London, Dubai, and Mumbai

Here and now, International Wealth comes with a superb opportunity to set up a corporate payment account in a UK system. With offices in London, Dubai, and Mumbai, the above system is licensed as a UK EMI and non-resident payment accounts therein may be enjoyed by all eligible applicants. Its customers that opened corporate payment accounts and international business payment accounts in the UK enjoy round-the-clock access to their funds. They seamlessly conduct payments from corporate accounts and hold funds in 55+ currencies, while dealing with 160+ states.

An opportunity to create an offshore account online and manage it remotely is available to customers with corporate payment accounts. If circumstances require, a non-resident offshore account may be set up online for overseas customers to manage it remotely on their own.

Payment system in the UK

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The list of countries and beneficiaries currently serviced by the UK EMI company has certain country limitations. The full list of prohibited jurisdictions may be found below.

UK system in London, licensed as UK EMI, to create corporate accounts for non-residents in

The UK system licensed as UK EMI aims to render international money transfer services to its customers with personal or corporate accounts. Coming with a possibility to set up both UK and offshore accounts online, it opens the window of opportunities between banking limitations and your own financial goals. Customers with either personal or corporate accounts, including, inter alia, international business accounts, are serviced by weathered and dedicated managers, assisting them with achieving their business goals and providing for secure cross-border transfers that are appropriate when clients require access to UK and offshore accounts online and have to manage them remotely.

Opportunities enjoyed by holders of payment accounts in UK system licensed as UK EMI

The above UK system with offices in London, Dubai, and Mumbai is licensed as a regulated UK EMI. It holds an Electronic Money Institution license in the UK (known as UK EMI license in the UK), necessary to render such services.

It is authorized to issue electronic money, set up e-money personal and corporate accounts to its customers, and make e-money transactions. What is more, as a licensed UK EMI, it has the right to provide all the services of a regular payment institution. The UK system is highly efficient for creating both UK and offshore accounts remotely that can be accessed and managed online.

The UK EMI can solve various international commercial tasks:

  • Staff salaries and commercial payments. Do you employ overseas staff and pay regular wages? Is transferring money to your suppliers a daily necessity? Do you need to create an offshore account remotely? The UK EMI system comes with a great and convenient way to make all corporate account or international business account payments in one sweep. With the opportunities it offers, you can effectively manage your FX exposures. No matter what payments you need to effect, the system can handle them all. It processes, inter alia, salary and dividend payments to keep customers happy and satisfied
  • Asset sale and purchase. Purchasing assets overseas may cause certain issues, and the company’s expertise in the area comes in handy to its customers and non-resident account holders, who enjoy an opportunity to create both UK and offshore accounts remotely and submit the necessary documents online. 
  • Overseas investment.  The system permits its users to create not only multi-currency but also multi-jurisdictional non-resident accounts and UK international business accounts online, providing for easier investment in both financial and non-financial overseas markets, with UK and offshore accounts serviced remotely.
  • Market expansion. Having one provider capable of solving multi-market tasks in various jurisdictions is a great and convenient possibility for UK international business account holders
  • Import and export payments.  The function is available to any compliant non-resident account owners in the above UK EMI system willing to conduct payments and create both UK and offshore accounts remotely. 

Other important business peculiarities are listed below:

  • unique named UK and offshore accounts accessed online and serviced remotely
  • multi-currency UK and offshore accounts managed online, allowing you to hold funds in 55+ currencies
  • multi-jurisdictional non-resident accounts accessed and managed online
  • FX exposure hedging
  • servicing both simple and complex corporate structures
  • sending money to and receiving it from 160+ states.

Currencies processed in UK EMI system with offices in London, Dubai, and Mumbai

Within the UK EMI system, you are welcome to open both UK and offshore accounts online, manage them remotely, and effect payments in all accessible currencies listed below.  BPS, Euro, United States dollar, Japanese yen, Croatian kuna, Philippine peso, Hungarian forint, Pakistani rupee, Israeli shekel, Polish zloty, Arab Emirates dirham, Indian rupee, Qatari rial, Australian dollar, Jamaica dollar, Romanian leu, Barbadian dollar, Jordanian dinar, Serbian dinar, Swedish króna, Swiss franc, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, to name just a few, may be used by the UK EMI system clients. 


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Industries serviced by UK EMI system

The company offers custom-tailored services with a personal touch. No matter what your worries and issues are, you may be sure they will be heard and addressed. Licensed business activities are the only exception. No customers trying to operate without a proper license (e.g., an unlicensed Saint Vincent and the Grenadines forex company) are allowed to proceed.

That said, the UK EMI system may even service pharmaceutical companies or adult toys producers. Any such customer is accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Prohibited states

Countries whose representatives and businesses are unfortunately not allowed to set up non-resident accounts or remotely open offshore accounts in the UK EMI system and won’t be serviced by it are listed below:

  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Libya
  • Myanmar
  • Russian Federation
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

Service fees and upfront fee

Be sure to ask the International Wealth experts about the current fees and costs.

Assistance with account creation – 2999 EUR.

Upfront fee (charged by the system) – depends on the risk level. Low Risk – from GBP 1000, High Risk – from GBP 3000.

Monthly fee – GBP 100 + VAT

Incoming payments: 0.35% (minimum fee – GBP 30)

Outgoing payments: GBP 5 for regular payments and GBP 10 for express payments

Account statement: GBP 25 for each currency

Account closure: GBP 250, if the account is to be closed within 12 months, and the service is free if the account is to be closed within a longer period.

Documents you shall submit to open corporate accounts in UK EMI system

The corresponding information is to be submitted to the People with Significant Control (PSC) registry. 

To be able to create both UK and offshore accounts online and service them remotely, companies incorporated in the UK shall file the documents listed below:

  • Certificate of Incorporation downloaded from the Companies House website
  • Young companies submit a certified extract from their shareholder register

Companies incorporated outside the UK about to set up both UK and offshore accounts online and service them remotely will need the documents listed below:

  • Certified incorporation certificate
  • Written legal address (incorporation address) confirmation
  • Certified copies of the documents statutorily required for company incorporation or any name change, e.g., Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certified Certificate of Good Standing or Legal Validity Certificate issued by a highly qualified lawyer
  • Certified shareholder register or member register
  • Certified register of directors

Original copies are advisable, but certified copies will do.

The opportunity to set up and service offshore accounts remotely is especially beneficial for Indian residents by making it possible for the latter to remotely send money offshore for various purposes. It is even more convenient, as since 2004, Indian citizens no longer need a special written permission from the regulator to send funds abroad and are free to open offshore accounts remotely.

If a company is older than 18 months, it shall submit its accounts, audited, where necessary.

Below you will find the list of checks all individuals holding 25% or more shares in the company as well as its authorized signatories shall pass:

  • Proof of identity, any one of the below documents will be enough
    • Passport with a Machine Readable Zone
    • Driver’s license
    •  ID-card with a Machine Readable Zone
    •  Submitted document shall be valid
  • Proof of address – document necessary to verify your residential address
    • UK driver’s license with the holder’s address
    • Credit card or a bank statement with the holder’s address
    • Bank statement of the holder’s mortgage in the UK granted within the last 12 months
    • Utility bill issued within the last 3 months
    • Other documents

Printed documents downloaded from the Internet are not accepted. 

Procedure for opening corporate accounts in UK EMI system

  1. Contact the International Wealth experts for a consultation at
  2. Pay fee for assistance with account creation – 2999 EUR
  3. Submit all the necessary documents
  4. Wait for the system to process your application and determine it
  5. Where the determination is positive, you will be granted access to your account and be free to proceed with any compliant transactions thereon, including, inter alia, creating both UK and offshore accounts online and managing them remotely.

If you wish to remit funds abroad, set up a UK or offshore account remotely, or create a business account in the above UK system to do business around the globe and profit therefrom, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth team at the above e-mail. You may also use our online chat in the lower right corner or any messengers mentioned in the website header.

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