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Cost: at 2999 EUR


Corporate Multi-Currency Offshore Account with a British Fintech Disruptor

Open a corporate multi-currency account with a British fintech disruptor, providing consumers and businesses access to better, faster, and less costly international transactions. Since the objective of setting it up may turn out a sophisticated task, you are welcome to enjoy our assistance at a reasonable fee of 2999 EUR.

The offshore industry experts from Offshore Pro Group know what it takes and look forward to welcoming and encouraging you to take advantage of your own account with a British fintech payment provider.

You might as well open an account in a classic offshore destination, provided that financial statements are available from companies older than one year. If your classic offshore company has not yet prepared financial statements, we can help you handle this task. It is also possible to open personal accounts.


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Obvious advantages of a multi-currency offshore account with the British fintech:

  • Transparency. No hidden fees or extra charges
  • Global coverage. Over 40 currencies including USD, EURO, GBP, RUB
  • A single multi-purpose payment and banking platform
  • Multi-user access to the platform 24/7
  • Full control over all your transactions
  • Easy monitoring and review of your payment history
  • High degree of protection and security. Segregated client accounts
  • All services are regulated by the FCA (Financial Services Authority in the UK)
  • Account opening and maintenance is performed online – a completely remote registration process
  • No costs to open an account. No obligation to make payments
  • No maintenance fee for the account.

Send us a request for our services at [email protected] to benefit from our experience and advice in this time of uncertainty and to get assistance in opening a new international multi-currency account with a UK-based fintech payment company.

When you make up your mind to prepare your application, it is strongly recommended that you read the details given below and fill out the questionnaire as fully as possible.

British fintech solutions for international corporate payments

This UK-based fintech company offers comprehensive payment solutions that enable companies to simplify their international transactions by performing them faster and cheaper. By increasing transparency and offering beneficial exchange rates in real-time mode, this financial provider renders its clients all the necessary payment tools to process and execute multiple transactions easily and securely through a single payment portal.

This company has its head office in London and offices in Moscow, Kyiv, Singapore, Riga, and Antalya.

The company is proud of its team of experienced finance professionals, including private and investment bankers, directors, and owners of companies, traders, and corporate finance experts.

The highly qualified staff is fluent in 10 languages, including Italian, Russian, and English, enabling them to assist their clients around the world as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fintech payment solutions pave an innovative way to risk management in international payments and greater competitiveness of your business. With these solutions, you can convert funds into another currency and send them to your business partners anywhere in the world. This process is highly automated and make cross-border payments more efficient and cost-effective for your customers. This service is especially relevant for companies with funds in banks that are not large enough to negotiate more favorable exchange rates.

This company is truly focused on the requirements of each of its clients. The goal of the team is to fully understand your business and financial expectations to provide you with the right services. Our professional staff is always ready to provide expert advice and offer payment solutions that are profitable for you.

High-security fintech payment solutions

This company’s largest scope is aimed at creating a cheaper, more transparent, and safer payment process. This payment provider complies with FCA (Financial Services Authority) regulations which require compliance with the standards in the following aspects:

  • Segregated accounts

According to the FCA rules, the company’s client accounts are segregated. They are segregated from corporate accounts and are only available to execute foreign currency purchase orders initiated by the client.

Client accounts are deposited with financial institutions, such as custodian banks. This company works only with first-class deposit banks and liquidity providers. The payment platform uses the leading British banks.

  • Reliable management of internal risks

This payment provider maintains strict internal control, accuracy in operational matters, and conducts regular inspections of processes for compliance with security requirements. Besides, their partners’ and suppliers’ processes are regulated by the FCA (Financial Services Authority). To obtain this license and be authorized by the FCA, a company must comply with several procedures on an ongoing basis, in particular – with the anti-fraud and anti-money laundering regulations. Also, when a company submits an application to the FCA, it must be demonstrated that it complies with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD). This directive, among other things, requires companies to have transparent and secure systems to store and protect customer funds.

  • Compensation in case of default.

In the unlikely event of a payment platform’s failure, funds will be kept in segregated accounts and the client will be able to withdraw the money from the bank where it is deposited. If the partner bank of the company is liquidated, the client will be able to receive compensation up to £80,000.

Cost-effective payment solutions for your business

These payment solutions allow you to open a multi-currency corporate  account remotely without visiting any offices. Once your account is approved, you will be able to process and execute transactions regardless of location, payment method, or currency of recipients.

Compared to traditional systems, the payment company provides payment services faster and cheaper, with the same level of trust.

Optimize your economic benefits when converting currencies.

Traditional Payment Systems                            
Fintech Payment company
The sum in Euro you buy100 000100 000
Your total payment in USD111 014109 893

The largest expenses for your business in international transactions are those that the bank will never tell you about. According to the chart, you can lose up to $2000 when converting currencies.

To open a multi-currency offshore account with this British fintech, you need to take several simple steps:

  • Send us an email at [email protected] to establish initial contact.
  • We will render you a professional service that relies on our knowledge and experience so that you can seamlessly open a new international account with our British fintech provider.
  • To open an account you need to send the following documents  to Offshore Pro Group at [email protected]:
  • A set of registration documents (scans, with English translation, if the original documents are not in English, such as those of companies registered in Panama).
  • Your balance or bank statement
  • Copies of passports and utility bills of owners, holders of power of attorney and signatory rights
  • Agreements and invoices with major counterparties
  • KYC survey
  • We will check them and after we make sure that your portfolio complies with the requirements we will pass it on to the finite provider. 
  • You will then have to wait approximately 5-7 business days for your new multi-currency account to be created and opened for your use.

To start the process of opening your new international account, just send us your message today to [email protected].

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