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Cost: 3999 EUR


Corporate Account with the Belize Bank International

Belize is a country located in Central America. It attracts investors not only from America, but also from Europe. Thanks to its advantageous location, Belize was able to develop both the offshore financial services sector and the offshore banking sector. Our company, the Offshore Pro Group, offers you not just an opportunity to get your offshore companies incorporated in Belize, but getting your offshore bank account opened as well. You can request company incorporation or bank account opening by email to [email protected].

Banks of Belize offer favorable conditions for both American and European as well as East Asian customers. All of that is possible thanks to a wide range of not just classical banking services, but also excellent investment opportunities.

Many of those who come to Belize on vacation, turn their vacation into a business trip during which they can get their wants and needs met. Belize is very attractive to numerous tourists thanks to the fabulous tropical islands that stretch for 200 miles along the Belize Reef, the second largest reef in the world.

The bank I am going to tell you about today is called the Belize Bank International. This is a bank that belongs to a Group which has twenty years of experience in the industry, the Belize Bank Group. Belize Bank International started its history in 2006 and continues developing to this day.

Regarding the Belize Bank International, it is worth noting that the bank provides its services in English and willingly cooperates with foreign clients. The fact is that the country of Belize is an English-speaking country with a modern and flexible legislation, and regulatory system. In addition, Belize does not have an investment interest tax, no foreign exchange control. The country’s economic and political systems are stable.


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Multicurrency Corporate Account with the Belize Bank International

Belize Bank International pro-actively cooperates with a large number of corporate clients from all over the world. This can be both offshore and onshore companies. But whichever company you own, the bank will always provide you with the highest level of service.

Having become a customer of the Belize Bank International, you will be able to operate your company’s funds from anywhere in the world. You will also be able to have a corporate account in USD, CAD, GBP or EUR.

So, your settlement account with the Belize Bank International is an opportunity to operate your funds 24/7 while keeping your funds in a reliable and safe bank. In addition, you can attach a Visa and a MasterCard Credit Card, Visa Debit card, and order a checkbook tied to your checking account.

When you open an account, you will be provided with a modern Internet banking system by means of which you will be able to trace all of your transactions and form statements on the account. Being the customer of the Belize Bank International, you will also be able to request an overdraft from the bank to your account.

The Internet banking system will allow you to keep track of all of your transactions, download and save the history of transactions, as well as see, perform and track all of your credit and debit card transactions, check the details of your loan and more.

The minimum deposit amount for opening an account is USD 1,000, or the equivalent in another currency.

The bank does not work with Ukrainian citizens.

Corporate Merchant Account

Belize Bank International understands how relevant and profitable it is to do business via the Internet. Many businessmen choose this type of business since it is the least expensive and risky option.

The bank willingly cooperates with offshore companies and offers them its merchant services. E-commerce services of the Belize Bank International will allow you to run an online business by accepting Visa and Master Card credit cards and carrying out payments online across the world.

Belize Bank International offers the following e-commerce-related services:

  • Competitive bank fees;
  • Internet banking services;
  • Fraud-prevention instruments.

Opening of merchant accounts is available to the companies incorporated in Belize only.

Lending and Financing

Belize Bank International offers its corporate clients commercial lending and the construction financing services. The bank offers rather flexible loan repayment conditions so that the customers can successfully achieve their goals. The main business areas in the case of lending and financing are the following:

  • Construction of condominiums;
  • Financing of hotels;
  • Purchase of condominiums;
  • Housing/commercial development;
  • Tourist accommodation development;
  • Real estate, etc.

Terms and conditions in financing and lending:

  • The service is available in USD, CAD, GBP or EUR;
  • A unique structure will be established;
  • Repayment is very simple thanks to the settlement account;
  • No restrictions on currency.


  • The applicant must be a non-resident private individual or a corporation;
  • The applicant must have a sufficient cash turnover to be able to repay the loan.

Payment Cards with the Belize Bank International

The bank offers a wide range of card products that will definitely be able to meet all the needs of your company in accordance with its business activities. Credit cards allow corporate customers of the bank to make purchases anywhere in the world, as well as to have access to their funds wherever there are ATMs and the Internet. The minimum credit limit for a secured credit card is USD 2,500.00.

The bank also offers the possibility of acquiring debit cards. The amounts of transactions using Visa Debit Card cards will be directly written off from the customer’s settlement account.

  • These cards are accepted all over the world where Visa and MasterCard operate;
  • These cards allow you to shop online;
  • There is a free 24/7 access to the cards via the Internet banking;
  • Fraud monitoring services are provided;
  • Travel insurance, accident insurance, rental car insurance and other benefits are provided.

Holding a corporate card issued by the Belize Bank International you will be able to:

  • Have round-the-clock access to your funds at ATMs or outlets;
  • Attractive exchange rates;
  • Confidence in safe storage and easy access to your funds;
  • Secure transaction limits;
  • Convenient cost management thanks to the possibility of tracing the Internet banking transactions, or on the basis of your bank statement.

Prepaid Cards

Belize Bank International offers issuing a personal or confidential prepaid Visa card. This is an excellent opportunity to optimize your business by handing your employees, partners, suppliers, etc. prepaid cards to which you will be able to deposit money at any time. This can be salaries, payments for services and goods, etc.


Belize Bank International offers its international customers an opportunity of international trading thanks to the brokerage services provided by the bank’s American partners.

The bank’s customers will be able to trade online and purchase or sell the following products:

  • Shares;
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs);
  • Bonds (treasury, corporate, municipal);
  • Unit Investment Funds;
  • Options.

Brokerage Services for shares, bonds, ETFs, etc.

The brokerage services for these securities are offered using an international business company that will be established by the Department of Corporate Services together with your bank account. Thanks to this structure, the customer will be able to obtain direct access to trading various shares, unit investment funds, options and other securities in various exchanges around the world.

Please read more about the bank’s services in the

Foreign Account with the Belize Bank International

Directions for Opening a Corporate Account with the Belize Bank International

1. The first and the main step for you to take is to become certain that you want to be the holder of a corporate account with the Belize Bank International. After that you can contact us by email to: [email protected]. This e-mail address is protected from spam bots, so you will have to enable Javascript in your device to view it and inform us on your intention to get a professional consultancy regarding opening a bank account.

2. In accordance with the service agreement, you will need to pay a fee for the services to be provided and the assistance in getting your corporate bank account with the Belize Bank International opened. You can do that with a card, via PayPal, Western Union, WebMoney, or make a banking transaction. The product cost is 3999 EUR.

3. Next we will move on to collecting and preparing the information that will be required for getting your account opened.

In order to open an account you will need to attach the following documents for all beneficiary account holders, signatories, directors, nominees, company officials:

  • Filled out, printed and signed copies of the bank papers for opening an account;
  • Notarized copy of travel passports of the Authorized Person and the Attorney Holder (if any), of all Directors/Managing Directors/Owners of the Company or other appropriate Identification Document (pages with photo and signature).

Note: It is possible that the notary may say they do not certify copies of the travel passports. In this case, get an official English translation made and sewn to the original copy (pages with the photo and signature) at the sworn translator’s, and get it notarized.

  • Proofs of residence (utility bills);
    Notarized copy of utility bills or original utility bills or bank statements of the  Authorized Person and the Attorney Holder (if any), of all Directors/Managing Directors/Owners of the Company to confirm their addresses of residence.

Note: This document must be no older than 2 months by the time the registration package is submitted, and must be translated into English and notarized. Or it can be a notarized translation of your civil passport into English (the main page with the photo and your signature, as well as the address page).

  • Recommendation Letter from your bank and from a professional (a notary, a certified accountant, etc.) for the Authorized Person and Additional Attorney Holders (if any) as well as for all Directors/Managing Directors/Owners of the Company.

Recommendation Letters must be no older than 3 months and issued by financial institutions with which the customer has had a relationship for at least 2 years. It should also contain the type and status of this relationship described;

  • Notarized copy of the share certificate (if the company has registered shares); the declaration of the trust, if the company has a corporate shareholder(s).
  • Notarized copy of the Letter of Attorney if the company has a Corporate Director(s).
  • Notarized copy of the General Meeting Minutes and the Articles of Association of the legal entity/structure/operating agreement and the Memorandum. (Articles and Memorandum of Association or By-Laws)
  • Signature samples of the company’s owners.
  • Notarized copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of The Company’s Good Standing (if the company has been in existence for more than one year).
  • Letter of undertaking (applied in the case of shares to bearer). 
  • Certificate of shareholders/subscribers.
  • Subscribers appointment of the company’s director.

Note: all the documents must be translated into English and notarized.

It takes 1 week to get the account opened after all the documents are filed.

If you are interested in the opportunity of opening a foreign corporate bank account with the Belize Bank International, please email us to [email protected].

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