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Corporate Account with a Liechtenstein Bank for a Setup-Fee

The service is not available.

In August 2020, the bank decided on voluntary liquidation and gave up its banking license.

Do you need to open a corporate account with a Liechtenstein bank quickly and effortlessly, without having to visit the country? We can recommend you a classic reputable user-friendly bank with a high level of privacy protection. It will be your reliable partner in Europe. Moreover, it can help you expand the horizons of your business beyond traditional banking operations.

This bank which we recommend is focused on customer satisfaction,  taking the clients’ business needs very seriously. You will be able to rely on its considerable investment experience, both in securities or futures trading, with a wide range of corporate services, classic and tailored trade flow products (such as letters of credit, standby letters of credit and bank guarantees), structured trade finance, and trade partnership banking.

Corporate Account with a Liechtenstein

If your company and you are aimed at the maximum possible use of advanced contemporary banking as a development, management and execution tool with long-term prospects, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to our offer.


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Why should you open a corporate bank account in Liechtenstein?

Today’s financial sector in Liechtenstein, specifically its banking industry, is one of the most developed in Europe. Whereas we used to consider the famous Swiss banks as the benchmark in this field, the current situation looks different. Time and the world do not stand still, and it turns out that Liechtenstein’s banks, established largely on the reliable Swiss model, have even surpassed it in some respects. In particular, they are superior in terms of clients’ privacy protection and banking secrecy guarantees.

Since 2016, Standard & Poor’s, the leading analytical rating agency in the financial market research, has confirmed Liechtenstein’s rating as AAA. The triple rating is the highest rating of a credit agency and indicates a more than the favorable business status of the country (in terms of its debt repayment capacity, probability of default, etc.).

Liechtenstein’s exceptional rating is due to the stability of its politics and economy, as well as its currency, the Swiss franc (the Principality is part of the European Economic Area but is not an EU member state).

The Liechtenstein banks’ average tier 1 capital ratio of 21.3% means that they are the best-capitalized banks in Europe and around the world.

The Standard & Poor’s Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment (BICRA) places the Liechtenstein banking sector in group 2 – among the countries with the lowest risk in their banking sectors.

Liechtenstein maintains a stable banking focus on private banking, prudent business strategies, and customized wealth management. Its excellent global reputation, the 150 years of banking experience and expertise in private wealth management is a solid foundation that guarantees protection from risky investments.

Since 2017, Liechtenstein has introduced and implemented the OECD standards, including the automatic exchange of tax information with other EU member states. It should be understood, however, that its banking institutions will not release any information about their customers, including taxation matters, without any reason, unless there are suspicious criminal aspects. Therefore, the transparent and legal business is the main prerequisite for cooperation with the Liechtenstein banking authorities.

To summarize, the Liechtenstein bank offers many advantages for a foreign client opening a corporate account. The main advantages are the following ones:

  • reliability (extremely low financial risks)
  • guarantees of confidentiality
  • financial commitment guarantees (deposits are guaranteed up to a maximum of CHF 100,000 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency)
  • resilience of the low-tax economy (minimal risks of investment and capital saving).

Go beyond classical banking with your corporate account  in Liechtenstein with the recommended bank 

Corporate clients are offered to open an account in EUR or CHF.

The minimum deposit required to open an account is 5 000 EUR.

The recommended bank’s commission for setting up a new client’s account, including the compliance check 2 500 EUR 
Annual maintenance fee for a corporate account in Liechtenstein with the recommended bank1 800 EUR
Incoming/outgoing payments processing fee0.1% of the transaction amount but not less than 100 EUR
Negative interest rate (if the balance is less than the minimum deposit or the account is inactive)0.5% for EUR accounts,0.8% for CHF accounts

IMPORTANT: The bank does not execute transfers in USD

The bank in Liechtenstein positions its loyalty and sensitivity to your business needs as one of its features. The bank’s main priorities will be your financial growth and security.

The bank’s so-called Beyond Banking (“more than a bank”) business model is an arrangement that renders each bank client a package of services through an ecosystem of different providers.

For your business, it would mean a profound menu of trading solutions:

  • classic trade flow products (including letters of credit, standby letters of credit and bank guarantees)
  • structured trade and export finance
  • structured commodity trade finance
  • trade partnership banking.

In international trade, such solutions can be your strongest support, minimizing risks of treading in a new unknown territory, accelerating revenue streams and optimizing your business process. 

In addition to sales and trading, the Liechtenstein bank can also provide your company with services for raising additional capital, offer advice, perform analysis and render assistance on the securities market, provide storage and clearing.

You can learn more about the resources and services available to you and your company after you open your corporate account in Liechtenstein with the recommended bank, by contacting our specialists at

List of documents required to open a corporate account in Liechtenstein

For all beneficial owners of the account, signatories, directors, principals:

  • notarized copy of passport (certification not older than 6 months)
  • notarized confirmation of residence address (utility bill, statement of account, not older than 3 months)
  • signed CV of the beneficiary (not older than 6 months)
  • detailed description of the company’s activity (in English).

The corporate Document Package for a company going to open a corporate account with a Liechtenstein bank:

  • Charter
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Protocol on the appointment of directors
  • Shares Certificate
  • Certificate of the sound financial status (for companies older than 1 year)
  • Documents confirming the physical presence of the company in the country of incorporation.

IMPORTANT: All documents must be in English, certified, and apostilled. Office lease agreements and contracts with employees must be provided on a mandatory basis. The bank also reserves the right to request additional documents.

Procedure for opening a corporate account in Liechtenstein

  1. Contact us at for professional advice on opening a corporate account with a Liechtenstein bank. 
  2. Please pay the set-up fee (starting from 3999 EUR) by a regular transaction via bank, card, or through any available payment services: Money Gram, Western Union, Web Money, Bitcoin.
  3. Prepare the necessary documents for opening a corporate account with a Liechtenstein bank, scan them, and send us.
  4. Upon receipt of all documents and full payment, we will proceed with the procedure of preparing and opening your account in Liechtenstein. The turnaround time may vary from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the correct processing and submission of your documents.
  5. Request our set-up service at right now and you will soon have a corporate account with the Liechtenstein bank which we recommend as your reliable partner. 
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