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Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul

Do you dream of living in your own apartment that faces the Mediterranean Sea? Would you like to spend your summer evenings enjoying the sun and its warmth? Are you taken with the idea of a green, snowless winter? Contact International Wealth and let’s discover your dream apartment or house together. We offer a wide selection of apartments in the popular regions of Turkey, including Istanbul. Take our offer right now and tour Istanbul with us!

Copper Land

Istanbul  is the capital city of Turkey, which is world-famous for its unique culture, advanced economy and stability. Istanbul is thriving and booming. If you are willing to become a full resident of Turkey, you may take part in the Economic Citizenship Program. You just need to invest in the real estate sector of Turkey to make it possible. This is a matter of no little importance, especially given the current unstable political situation in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Purchasing your own real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, is a major long-term investment, and you need to learn how to invest your funds the right way:

  1. The country’s economy is booming, with new companies and enterprises being opened every single day. It is evident that the demand for real property in Turkey, is on the rise.
  2. Turkey is one of the most socially prosperous countries in the world. It is characterized by low crime rate and nearly non-existent corruption. The social emphasis of the government’s policy secures a nurturing living environment for the country’s population.
  3. The country’s laws protect private property. As a result, investing in Turkey is safe and successful in most cases.
  4. Turkey can boast mild climate, friendly locals, and a favorable geographic location.

All this makes investing in Turkish real estate your best investment choice. It may also become a good start, if you feel like moving to Europe or the US later on.

Copper Land Real Estate Project

Copper Land Real Estate Project is a large apparent complex with a wide range of amenities in the very heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Its total area is above 44,000 square meters. You can find 9 high-rise apartment buildings here with more than 1160 apartments. Business premises occupy the most of first floors, and only around 100 of them are vacant today. The project boasts unique architectural solutions. They combine elements of classicism and Art Nouveau. Most facades have panoramic windows, and the residents can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains.

Copper Land

Copper Land Amenities

The main concept of the Copper Land project goes: “Enjoy your life”. The most remarkable thing about it is that the Copper Land project turns this dream into reality. The apartment complex offers a wide range of amenities for its residents to enjoy:

  • You can savor your food in the best restaurants of Istanbul, Turkey, without leaving the complex.
  • The Copper Land Project offers well-developed amenities, especially for kids. It disposes of paddling pools, playgrounds, and child development centers that you can bring your kids to and spend quality time with them.
  • Those preferring to spend their free time outdoors will  seize the opportunity to actively use multiple bike lanes and walking alleys in the Copper Land neighborhood.
  • Local water ponds, garden houses and shady parkways will give you much-needed comport and silence amid the ado and agitation in one of the world’s largest cities.
  • You can relax and charge your batteries in Country Club SPA-Center.
  • The Copper Land residents may visit indoor swimming pools (one for men and the other one for women), as well as several gyms and workout rooms.
  • You can spend your free time in the open, sunbathing  by the outdoor swimming pool or relaxing in a bungalow.
Copper Land
Copper Land
Copper Land

Traffic interchange and location

You should use the Yakuplu neighborhood (Istanbul, Turkey) as your reference if you want to get to the Copper Land Real Estate in Beylikdüzü without any trouble. The properties nearby that are listed below may also be used as a beacon. They will  indicate the right way to the Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul. Here’s how long it will take you to get to the major landmarks in the neighborhood: 

  • 5 mins to E5 and E6 highways
  • 5 mins to Metrobus bus station
  • 1 min to the wharf
  • 20 mins to a second and third airports of Istanbul
  • 1 min to the Yaşam Vadisi (Valley of Life) park.
Copper Land

The Beylikdüzü neighborhood provides its residents with the opportunity to use the services of large shopping malls, the best stores and boutiques and grocery store chains, all in the same district. Fruit and veg markets, as well as top Turkish restaurants, never close the doors to their favorite customers.

Apartment prices

Price is certainly a key factor that ultimately speaks either in favor or against a certain purchase. Prices for the Copper Land apartments in Istanbul, Turkey, range from USD 216,000 to USD 301,000. Let’s detail this:

  • Apartments with 1 living room and 1 bedroom, with the total area of 60.24-84.6 square meters – around USD 98,000.
  • Apartments with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, with the total area of 110-165 square meters  – around USD 216,000-284,000.
  • Apartments with 3 bedrooms and 1 living room, with the total area of 145-191 square meters – around USD 187,000-325,000.

The Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul, Turkey, enjoys enormous potential, both from an investment and real estate point of view. Let’s summarize the multilevel profit you’ll receive if you invest into the Copper Land Real Estate:

  1. Turkey in general and the Copper Land Real Estate Project in particular offer affordable investment opportunities – an apartment in Europe will cost you a lot more.
  2. The real estate market of Turkey is booming, and it is not likely to stop growing in the near future. The price of your Copper Land apartment in Istanbul will rise significantly in a couple of years.
  3. Rental rates keep going up. The Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul is designed for not just family people with children, but also for tourists. Even at the moment, you’ll receive considerable profit if you decide to lease your apartment here. As time goes, your rent profit will only go up.
  4. Purchasing an apartment in Turkey grants you the right to become a Turkish citizen in next to no time.

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Professional assistance with investing in Turkish real estate

Owing an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey offers multiple advantages. At the same time, you need to remember that legal arrangements are complex and lengthy in this case. This is why it makes perfect sense to hire a pro to help you with all the formalities. It will simplify things for you to a great degree, and you are guaranteed to never find your expansive property under arrest or seizure. The buyer should seek professional help with the sale and purchase of their future apartment to stay away from trouble. Experts are eager to help you with lots of other legal formalities resulting from the transfer of title.

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International Wealth experts will assist you with this and offer you a wide selection of properties to your liking. With the help from our experts, you are guaranteed to select the best option for your budget.

International Wealth will give you a hand with closing the sale and purchase transaction in question, processing the related documents, registering the title to your newly acquired real estate with the corresponding state bodies, and lots of other formalities.

Contact us via, and we will take care of all your troubles. International Wealth experts are here to assist you with any complications or potential investment issues. We are professionals in what we do, and you may safely trust us with your time, money and assets.

What are the prices for the Copper Land real estate?

We offer you an opportunity to invest in Istanbul real estate. A new-built prestigious Copper Land apartment complex is a good buy. Below you will find the apartments offered, together with the prices therefor. A 2-room apartment of 60.24-84.6 square meters – USD 98,000. A 3-room apartment of 110-165 square meters – USD 167,000 – 260,000, and a 4-room apartment of 145-191 square meters – USD 187,000 – 325,000.

What is the geolocation of the Copper Land Real Estate Project?

The Copper Land Apartment Complex is comfortably located in the Beylikdüzü neighborhood of the European Istanbul. The Copper Land Real Estate Project is just 25 mins from the airport, 1 min from the beach, and 35 mins from the Downtown Istanbul, which makes it a very appealing and worthwhile investment opportunity.

Why does it make perfect sense to invest in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey?

Even if you are a foreigner, you can buy an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, without any major trouble. The Turkish law imposes no restrictions thereon. Buying an apartment in the Copper Land Real Estate Project is a great investment, both for you to live in or lease it in future to secure a stable income. To top it off, investing in real estate in Turkey is profitable for potential immigrants. Turkey launched the Citizenship by Investment program, and foreigners who purchase real estate over USD 250,000 in Turkey receive the right to get their Turkish passports in no time.

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