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Cost: from 45 000 THB


Company Registration on Phuket, Thailand

Thousands of entrepreneurs from across the globe visit Thailand on an annual basis thanks to the progressive foreign policy course of the Thai government that is aimed at creating conditions that will contribute to the stable economic development and preservation of the country’s high reputation in the international arena. Set up a company on Phuket to become a part of Thailand’s business community and appreciate all the advantages of this decision by yourself.


Why Thailand?

Thailand’s advantageous geographical position provides easy access to other regional markets. The government encourages foreign investments by offering various incentives. This is an ideal place for business with a prospect of expansion to neighboring markets in Southeast Asia.

Advantages of company registration in Thailand:

  • This is ASEAN’s second-largest economy. Thailand’s economy is enjoying an upward trend, and it offers a wide range of possibilities to entrepreneurs.
  • It has a large domestic market and a well-developed infrastructure, which serve as a basis for unique business opportunities.
  • Flexible taxation policy. Competitive tax rates, benefits, and exemptions for some kinds of business.
  • Straightforward company registration procedure. There are several types of companies you can register, including limited liability companies (LLC), subsidiaries, and representative offices of foreign companies.
  • Access to local talents and resources. A large amount of workforce and resources may be useful for businesses. In addition, the country offers a well-developed infrastructure and access to advanced technologies.
  • No requirements for the residency of business participants. Both residents and foreign applicants can incorporate a company in Thailand. Businesses with 100% foreign capital are allowed.

Please keep in mind that many kinds of activities have limitations as to share distribution between residents and non-residents.


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Company Registration on Phuket

Our aim is to simplify the registration of a company in Phuket, Thailand.

General Information

Requirements for authorized capitalTHB 4,000,000 
Number of work permitsUp to 2 foreign employees
Permitted kinds of activityNo special licenses
Requirements for residents employed in the companyAt least one resident director, two Thai founders for the period of registration, and one permanent resident shareholder
Company name reservationYou will need to provide three names that are easy to pronounce, the approval term is up to 7 days. 
Cost of registrationTHB 45,000 

You will need to provide the information about the office premises (non-residential housing). Here are the documents you will have to prepare:

  • Office map
  • A copy of the lessor’s ID card or documents of the leasing company
  • A copy of the Chanot land paper
  • A copy of the house book

After you have received a work permit, you can change the composition of directors and shareholders (that is, modify the constituent documents) only once. The cost of modification registration is included in the total cost of the service of company formation in Thailand.

If the company needs to sign agreements or open a corporate account with a bank before receiving a work permit, we will help you by appointing a resident as a second company director. Such actions can be performed 16 days after company registration.

Cost of Our Additional Services:

ServiceTerms of provisionCost (THB)
Opening a corporate account with a bank3 daysfrom 5,000
Each subsequent registration of changes in the constituent documents (except for the first one) 10,000
Obtaining a Non-B visa for 3 months in a consulate abroad3 weeks45,000
Preparation of documents to obtain a Non-O visa for a family member (we will need a marriage certificate or a birth certificate along with translation into English)3 weeks5,000
Obtaining a Thai work permit*3-5 weeksIncluded in the cost of company registration
Changing directors and shareholders (49%) to foreign ones (3 business days)7 days after obtaining a work permitIncluded in the cost of company registration
Non-B visa extension for 1 year.
1) A stamp for 30 days.
2) A visa for 11 months**.
Non-B visa extension for 1 year45,000
Non-O visa extension for a family member for 1 year 15,000

*FYI: you will need to submit the documents to obtain a work permit 30 days from the date of obtaining a letter from the Labor Department. Otherwise, the visa documents will have to be submitted once more.

**You will need to be present in Thailand and transfer the passport to us to extend the visa for 11 months 5 days before the stamp expires. The extension procedure may take up to 2 weeks. Your passport will be in the immigration service during this period, and you will have to stay in Thailand until the process is over. A foreigner is required to independently submit a report on his presence in Thailand to the immigration service every 90 days from the date of receiving a long-term visa.

Notice blue

ATTENTION! Non-B and Non-O are Single category visas. If you want to leave Thailand, make sure to receive a Re-entry stamp before you exit the country or you will get an entry stamp when you return to Thailand and your Non-B and/or Non-O visa will be canceled!

How to Obtain a Visa at the Consulate

The entrepreneur has to independently read the requirements of the consulate he or she is going to address and make an appointment to submit the documents. Keep in mind to book a meeting in advance as the consulate will not accept your package of documents on any random day.

Requirements to comply with:

  • Photos of a required size
  • Funds to pay the consular fees (about USD 100)
  • A duly completed application

Our employee will fill out the application form if necessary. The cost of this service is THB 500, and it takes 1 business day. Photos are made in the office upon arrival – that is, you will have to be present in person. The services shall be considered duly provided from the date on which the package of documents is transferred to the customer. If the consulate refuses to issue a visa to the customer for reasons beyond our control, no refund shall be made.

Notice blue

KEEP IN MIND THAT the documents to be submitted for the visa are valid within 30 days from the date of their issuance. Otherwise, you will need to obtain them one more time.

Annual Expenses

Balance sheet. Term: primary documentation should be transferred no later than 3 months after the end of the reporting year
THB 20,000 
Work permit extension for 1 yearTHB 22,000 (+ THB 3,000 if the company rents out cars, motorcycles, and real estate and has no office and 4 Thai employees per one foreigner)
Work permit extension for 2 yearsTHB 25,000 (+(+ THB 3,000 if the company rents out cars, motorcycles, and real estate and has no office and 4 Thai employees per one foreigner)
Non-B visa extension for 1 yearTHB 45,000 
Non-O visa extension for a family member for 1 yearTHB 15,000 
An office on Phuketfrom THB,70 000 
Total approximate annual expenses per 1 personTHB 157,000 
Total approximate annual expenses per 4-member familyTHB 203,000 

Monthly Expenses

Monthly maintenance (before registration as a VAT payer)from THB 4,000 
Monthly maintenance (after registration as a VAT payer)Up to THB 5,000 (the cost does not include processing and analysis of the documentation transferred by the customer)
Payroll taxFor EU citizens— from THB 1,800 
Deductions to the Social Insurance FundTHB 1,100 — 1,500 per each Thai employee except for the director
THB 1,500 per each foreign employee except for the director
Total approximate monthly expenses on the employment of one foreigner THB 8,860 
Total approximate monthly expenses on the employment of two foreigners THB 15,220 

The prices do not include additional services:

  • Translation of documents
  • Participation in negotiations
  • Interpretation
  • Search for goods/services
  • Search for suppliers or partners
  • Drafting and checking agreements (lease agreements, employment contracts, etc.)
  • Staff recruitment
  • Search for office and warehousing premises
  • Keeping primary documentation (drafting invoices/receipts, agreements with customers)
  • Sending correspondence
  • Courier services
  • Consular fees
  • Travel expenses, etc.

All prices exclude VAT.

How to Register a Company in Phuket, Thailand

If you are interested in an opportunity to start a business in Thailand and set up a company here, please get in touch with our experts using the communication channels specified on the website. Our professionals will provide overall support at all stages of the process.

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