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Company Registration in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) – UAE Rapidly Developing Free Zone

We offer company registration services in Sharjah Media City free zone (SHAMS). It is also possible to register a branch of an existing company in this zone.

You can do it without a personal visit to the UAE if you have already been to the Emirates before. In this case, you need to provide a scanned stamp in the passport that confirms visiting the country (even as a tourist).

Sharjah Media City free zone company will be a resident of the UAE. This means you will be able to obtain UAE resident visas and tax residency certificates.

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

Benefits of SHAMS company formation

SHAMS free zone locates in the Emirate of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE. It was launched in January 2017 to become a world-class hub for creative and media projects.

SHAMS makes creative entrepreneurship accessible and aims to spur business growth in the region. The free zone community supports a unique innovation ecosystem promoting distinctive lifestyles, ways of learning, and joint creativity.

Sharjah Media City offers a wide range of business activities, aiming to become a top-tier media hub with innovative features and services. This free zone mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all start-ups, small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, SHAMS company formation will be an excellent decision for business development locally and globally.

SHAMS is an initiative that attracts and connects talented people from all over the world. This zone offers smart, innovative services and a community-centric approach to further development.

Key benefits of company registration in Sharjah Media City

  • A wide range of activities available under the same license is available.
  • There is no need for shareholders to be physically present in the UAE for registering a new company.
  • The company will have limited liability.
  • There are no restrictions on capital return and profit remittances.
  • The company can be 100% foreign-owned.
  • There is no corporate and personal income tax.
  • The registration process is as fast and easy as possible.
  • Renting a shared desk provides the opportunity to get up to six visas.
  • There are no requirements for the authorized capital contribution.
  • The free zone is close to Sharjah and Dubai airports.

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The Emirate of Sharjah benefits for business set up in SHAMS free zone

In the UAE, a country known for innovation and business, the Emirate of Sharjah is the center of history, culture, and heritage. Sharjah joined the United Arab Emirates in 1972. Located between Asia, Europe, and Africa, this emirate allows entering markets with more than 3 billion people.

In 1998, UNESCO awarded Sharjah the title of Arab Capital of Culture. This emirate keeps the spirit of its history and incorporates tradition into every aspect of modern development.

The Emirate of Sharjah provides a secure and progressive environment for setting up a business. It offers such advantages as no corporate tax and no restrictions on capital return and profit remittances to foreign investors. In addition, the UAE is well known worldwide as a trading hub, having a large non-oil sector, which is almost 70% of GDP. In turn, 45% of it comes from Sharjah’s trading activities.

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Using our services, you can join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have already registered companies in Sharjah and become part of a thriving business community!

Company registration in Sharjah free zone

LLC registration in SHAMS free zone

A limited liability company (LLC) is a corporate structure that forms a separate legal entity. LLC main advantage is that any company liabilities do not relate to the personal liabilities of the shareholders. The company assets, in turn, belong only to it and are not the personal assets of the shareholders.

Key benefits of registering LLC:

  • an independent legal entity separate from shareholders
  •  the right to get a license
  • the right to hire (sponsor) employees
  • the right to open a corporate bank account in the UAE
  • the right to own assets

Branch registration in SHAMS free zone

A branch is a structure owned by an existing parent company. All profits, revenues, receipts, and assets of the branch belong to the parent company. The parent company covers all its costs, expenses, debts, and other liabilities.

Key benefits of registering a branch:

  • the right to get a license
  • the right to hire (sponsor) employees
  • the right to open a corporate bank account in the UAE
  • the right to own assets

Types of business licenses for SHAMS free zone companies

SHAMS business license is a permit that allows a company to conduct certain activities in this free zone. There are several types of licenses depending on the intended activity.

Service license in Sharjah Media City free zone

The service license authorizes services provision as the main purpose of the company activity. It also authorizes the use of different goods to provide these services.

You will need a service license if you provide services that do not involve any goods or use certain goods for the specific purpose of providing these services.

SHAMS free zone trading license

The trading license allows you to sell goods inside Sharjah Media City as well as import and export goods. This license authorizes the movement, the wholesale and retail sale of goods, and the provision of services related to the sale of these goods.

This license will be required if you need a customs code or if you are importing, exporting, or selling goods.

Industrial license for SHAMS free zone companies

An industrial license allows your company goods production, re-production, transformation, and manufacturing.

Holding license for companies registered in SHAMS free zone

This license allows you to own assets or shares in other companies.

You will need such a license for controlling another company or assets such as real estate, patents, trademarks, shares, etc.

Available infrastructure for companies in Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City’s rental services cater to every need of the clients, considering the mandatory office space requirements.

A shared desk offered by this free zone provides a co-working environment, which is a great solution for startups that need to interact with other entrepreneurs. In addition to shared desks, SHAMS also offers dedicated desks, shared offices, dedicated offices, and creative blocks. Wi-Fi is available for each option.

Renting a shared desk for a company in Sharjah Media City

A shared desk is a common workspace used by several like-minded people. This option is ideal for today’s entrepreneurs who prefer flexibility in working. This is a modern and practical space that creates a pleasant working environment.

Renting a dedicated desk for your business in SHAMS

A dedicated desk is an individual workplace that is surrounded by desks of other people involved in creativity and business at the same time.

Renting a shared office for company registration in Sharjah

A shared office provides a more private environment than renting a desk.

Renting a dedicated office in Sharjah Media City free zone

A dedicated office is lockable office space used on an individual basis. Such spaces vary in size and can accommodate one or more desks.

Creative blocks for companies registered in SHAMS

The creative blocks in SHAMS are intended for stimulating brainwork and innovations implementation. In addition, economical and ergonomic designs create a unique working environment for any company or individual looking to grow and develop.

These facilities include stand-alone offices, office studios, showrooms, and public areas.

Opening a bank account for SHAMS free zone company

When registering a company, you can open a corporate bank account in any bank of the UAE. There is no need to provide a bank statement for verifying the capital contribution along with the application.

Our experts will help you open an account in any bank of your choice. Using it, you will not face currency restrictions, which is important when doing international business.

The cost of SHAMS company formation

The cost of our services for a company registration and support in Sharjah Media City

Our assistance in registering a company in Sharjah Media CityFrom USD 2200 (AED 8000)
Additional fee for a branch or subsidiary registrationUSD 822 (AED 3000)
Our assistance in the company’s annual renewalUSD 1100 (AED 4000)
Amendments to founding documentsUSD 1370 (AED 5000)
Our assistance in closing a companyUSD 2740 (AED 10000)

Business licenses fees

 Any class of service or commercial trade licenseIndustrial or general trade license
1 yearUSD 3140 (AED 11500)USD 4500 (AED 16500)
2 yearsUSD 5650 (AED 20700)USD 8100 (AED 29700)
3 yearsUSD 8000 (AED 29325)USD 11500 (AED 42075)
Additional class (up to 5 additional classes possible)USD 545 (AED 2000) 

UAE visa fees

The company right for an additional resident visaUSD 436 (AED 1600) for every additional visa
Employee visa (valid for 3 years)USD 840 (AED 3080)
Investor/partner visa (valid for 3 years)USD 955 (AED 3500)
Status changeUSD 260 (AED 950)
Visa change (free on renewal date)USD 545 (AED 2000)
Visa cancellationUSD 137 (AED 500)
Deadline violation fineUSD 68.2 (AED 250)
Visa re-stamping in case of passport lossUSD 195 (AED 715)
Employee visa transfer (within SHAMS)USD 686 (AED 2515)
Investor/partner visa transfer (within SHAMS)USD 754 (AED 2765)

Migration services cost

Pre-approval (valid for 30 days)USD 409 (AED 1500)
Migration card (valid for 3 years)USD 409 (AED 1500)

Company registration fees in Sharjah Media City

Name reservation (valid for 30 days)USD 137 (AED 500)
Shared desk rentalUSD 955 (AED 3500)
MailboxUSD 409 (AED 1500)
Confirmation lettersUSD 54.5 (AED 350)
CertificationUSD 95.4 (AED 500)
License correction (free on license renewal date)USD 545 (AED 2000)
License liquidationUSD 545 (AED 2000)
Company documents duplicateUSD 137 (AED 500)
Employee disappearance reportUSD 2030 (AED 7450)
License administration fee refund (possible only if the migration card is rejected)USD 545 (AED 2000)
Visa administration fee refund (possible only if the visa is rejected)USD 273 (AED 1000)
Company stampUSD 40.1 (AED 150)

Certificate of tax residency fees in Sharjah Media City free zone

For individualsUSD 1120 (AED 4106)
For legal entitiesUSD 3300 (AED 12106)

Service packages for SHAMS company formation

The price does not include an immigration card cost – USD 409 (AED 1500) (valid for 3 years)Type of activityPrice  
Shared desk rental cost is already included, except for 0 visas option 1 year license2 years license3 years license
0 visasServices, tradeUSD 3140 (AED 11500)USD 5650 (AED 20700)USD 8000 (AED 29325)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 4500 (AED 16500)USD 8100 (AED 29700)USD 11500 (AED 42075)
1 visaServices, tradeUSD 4530 (AED 16600)USD 8420 (AED 30900)USD 12160 (AED 44625)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 5890 (AED 21600)USD 10880 (AED 39900)USD 15640 (AED 57375)
2 visasServices, tradeUSD 4960 (AED 18200)USD 9300 (AED 34100)USD 13470 (AED 49425)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 6330 (AED 23200)USD 11750 (AED 43100)USD 16950 (AED 62175)
3 visasServices, tradeUSD 5400 (AED 19800)USD 10170 (AED 37300)USD 14780 (AED 54225)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 6760 (AED 24800)USD 12620 (AED 46300)USD 18250 (AED 66975)
4 visasServices, tradeUSD 5840 (AED 21400)USD 11040 (AED 40500)USD 16090 (AED 59025)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 7200 (AED 26400)USD 13490 (AED 49500)USD 19560 (AED 71775)
5 visasServices, tradeUSD 6270 (AED 23000)USD 11910 (AED 43700)USD 17400 (AED 63825)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 7630 (AED 28000)USD 14360 (AED 52700)USD 20870 (AED 76575)
6 visasServices, tradeUSD 6710 (AED 24600)USD 12780 (AED 46900)USD 18670 (AED 68625)
 General trade, industrial activityUSD 8070 (AED 29600)USD 15240 (AED 55900)USD 22180 (AED 81375)

SHAMS Holding company package

0 visasHolding company activityUSD 2180 (AED 8000)Annually

Documents required for company registration in Sharjah Media City

  • Application form for company registration

Documents of shareholders, managers, directors

  • Clear color copy of passport
  • Clear color copy of the entry stamp/copy of the UAE resident visa (if available)
  •  2 passport size photos (for migration card application)

Documents of corporate shareholders

  • Parent company’s Registration Certificate
  • Good Standing Certificate (if available)
  • Memorandum of Association copy
  • Parent company’s Board Resolution copy
  • Documents of authorized persons:
  • Passport copy
  • Clear color copy of the entry stamp/copy of the UAE resident visa (if available)
  • 2 passport size photos (for migration card application)

Passport copy requirements

  • The passport must be valid for at least seven more months
  • You should also provide a copy of the page with the changes

Photo requirements

  • White background
  • Teeth should not be visible
  • No bright shirts
  •  No jewelry and glasses

Sharjah Media City free zone company registration procedure

Day 1

We submit documents and pay SHAMS fees.

Day 2

Copies of the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and Lease Agreement are sent by e-mail for signing.

Day 3

Constituent documents are issued (Certificate of Company Registration, Business License, Share Register, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and Lease Agreement). From this moment, you can start working.

Day 4

We initiate the process of Migration Card acquiring.

Day 9

SHAMS issues a Migration Card. After that, you can apply for visas.

Day 10

We submit the necessary documents and pay SHAMS fees to apply for UAE resident work visas.

Day 17

Work visas are ready. If you are outside the country at this moment, you will need to enter the UAE on a new work visa. Authorities prohibit a tourist, visitor, or arrival visa entry.

Day 18

You get a work visa. Next, you need to change the status by doing one of the following:

  • Change of status within the country (4 working days)
  • Departure and entry to the UAE
  • Entry to the UAE if you are outside the country

Day 22

When you change the status, you need to pass a medical check-up in any preventive medicine department of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Day 24

After obtaining medical test results, we submit the necessary documents for a residence visa.

Day 31

SHAMS issues the UAE residence visa.

Terms deviations may occur

The specified terms can change both up and down depending on working days.

The security check terms also affect the overall registration terms. Delays may occur during the Holy month of Ramadan, mourning days, national and religious holidays.

It is advisable to submit applications and fees before 1 pm. Applications received after this time will be processed the next day.

Processing terms for migration cards, work and residence visas for citizens of some countries may be longer due to a more extended check by the security department. They may also require additional documents.

What should you consider when applying for UAE visas?

The minimum age for expats to obtain a UAE investor or work visa is 18 years.

If you cancel the visa application, you will not get a refund. To restart the process, you will need to submit a new application and pay all fees. In addition, for visa application processing, you need to pay any applicable late fines.

SHAMS keeps the original migration card, and you will receive only an electronic copy.

The Medical Authority may approve medical eligibility for one-year residence only at its sole discretion.

SHAMS free zone is not responsible for any employee payments if shareholders or managers disappear. It has the right to cancel any visas of the company.

Notice blue

To maintain UAE residency, you need to enter the country at least once every 180 days.

Late fines continue to apply until completing the status change process. A person cannot leave the country after completing the status change before obtaining a resident visa.

If you are leaving the country to change your status, it is better to check with your airline for an OK to Board status requirement.

Sharjah Media City company registration features

The maximum number of shareholders is 50, directors – 4. Each business license can have up to four managers.

The minimum shareholder age to obtain a partner/investor visa is 19 years. The minimum age for a work visa application is 18 years.

Shareholders under 69 years may apply for work visas. Non-shareholders applying for work visas must not be older than 59.

The Memorandum of Association is issued only for companies with more than one shareholder. Companies with one shareholder may request it for an additional fee.

Authorities may require additional documents from companies with specific activities such as:

  •  Legal field – a copy of the manager’s education certificate is required.
  • Education or financial field – manager’s CV is required.

Licenses for some activities require additional external approvals from competent authorities before starting this activity.

SHAMS authorities will issue constituent documents originals only after you sign and submit the Memorandum of Association (if required) and the Lease Agreement (if required).

How to start the process of company registration in Sharjah Media City?

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To start the registration process, contact us at, and you will receive a professional piece of advice on opening a company in Sharjah Media City.

Then you will need to pay our fee for assistance in registering a company in SHAMS free zone. You can do this with a bank card, bank transaction, WebMoney, or Western Union.

The company formation cost starts from 6225 USD. This price does not include license, rental, or additional services fees.

Immediately after payment, we begin to collect the documents necessary for company registration.

The average time to open a company in Sharjah Media City is five working days.

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