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Company formation in Fujairah Creative City free zone (UAE)

Fujairah Creative City free zone (CC FA) was established in 2007 in the UAE emirate of Fujairah to provide excellent conditions and encourage activities in the fields of creativity and innovation, design, media communications, and technology. This zone registers companies that wish to obtain a service license in such areas as publishing, broadcast management, marketing and media services, music and entertainment, consulting, message production, film production, and IT services.

Fujairah Creative zone is a part of the ocean port. In addition, it is located near the international airport of Fujairah emirate. Such a favorable location allows the free zone to provide its customers with access to world trade markets not only by land but also by water and air.

Open a company in FEZ Fujairah

Fujairah free zone Creative City is aimed at accumulating businesses that work in the creative direction. Fujairah companies can obtain up to 15 visas for owners and employees.

Fujairah Creative City company: features and requirements

Fujairah Creative City company types:

  • CC FZE – a new company with one individual shareholder.
  • CC FZ LLC – a new company with two or more shareholders (it can be individuals or legal entities).
  • Local Branch – a branch of an existing UAE company.
  • Foreign Branch – a branch of an existing company incorporated outside the UAE.

Share capital:

The recommended minimum share capital is AED 100,000.

The share capital can be only declared in the company’s documents without the requirement for mandatory payment.

Such simplified requirements are very important as not many entrepreneurs can easily contribute AED 100,000 to the share capital of their company.

License validity period:

After obtaining the necessary license in Fujairah Creative City, it will be valid for one year. After that, the company needs to renew it. This may be done in advance or within 30 days of the prior license expiration. The penalty for each license overdue day is AED 100 (maximum AED 6,000 for 60 days). After 60 days, the free zone authorities will cancel the license without the right to restore it.


Director and shareholder requirements:

  • The company shareholder can be either an individual or a legal entity, a resident of any jurisdiction. Citizens of Arab countries can become Fujairah company shareholders only if they have a UAE resident visa.
  •  The company director can be only an individual, a resident of any jurisdiction.


Fujairah Creative City company can have virtual (Baby Business, Freelancer Office) or real office (Actual Space Office).


FREELANCER COMPANY package provides up to 4 visas, BABY BUSINESS package – up to 6 visas, and GENIUS PACKAGE – up to 15 visas.

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Read our article on how to get UAE Golden Visa or a long-term entry permit.

Accounting and auditing for Fujairah Creative zone company:

  • Annual Return – no requirements
  • Financial Statement – no requirements
  • Bookkeeping – recommended.

Prices for company registration in Fujairah Creative City

Company typeActual Space Company
VisasUp to 15 visas
Company registration feeIncludes a license fee and a one-time company registration fee. Office rental – by agreement.Total cost is USD 9800 + office rental.
Annual company renewal feeUSD 5481 + office rental.
Company typeBaby Business
Visas6 visas
Company registration feeIncludes a license fee, a one-time company registration fee, and shared desk rental.Total cost is USD 14,254.
Annual company renewal feeUSD 7,945
Company typeFreelancer Company
Visas3 visas
Company registration feeUSD 3,700 – new license fee. USD 1,100 – one-time company registration fee. USD 2,055 – shared desk rental.Total cost is USD 12,473.
Annual company renewal feeUSD 6,576 + cost of company renewal legal services
Company typeCommercial License – FZ LLC (2 or more shareholders)
Company registration feeUSD 9,620
Annual company renewal feeUSD 6,166
Company typeCommercial License – FZE (1 shareholder)
Company registration feeFrom USD 6,225
Annual company renewal feeUSD 6,166
Additional servicesPrice, USD
Bank account openingFrom 2,000 (depending on the bank)
Package of apostilled documents’ copies390
Document certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for consular legalization)884 + certification by the consulate of the country in which the document will be used (if available in the UAE)
Making changes to the license or company structure1,300
Duplicate document (certified by the registrar)195
Company liquidation2,600
Audit (not mandatory, but can be done at the client’s request)From 1,780 per year
Storage of statutory documents390 per year
Postal service195 per year
Sending correspondence on behalf of the customer195 per year
Reporting storage390 per year

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Company registration term is 2-3 business days.

Procedure for company registration in Fujairah Creative zone

Company registration in Fujairah Creative City is possible without the shareholder’s arrival in the Emirates. This requires documents’ copies and a UAE entry stamp (even if you visited the country several years ago). However, citizens of Arab countries can register a company in Fujairah Creative zone only if they have a UAE resident visa.

To start the registration procedure, you need to pay our assistance fee in registering a company in Fujairah Creative City free zone. You can do it via bank card or transaction, via WebMoney or Western Union systems, or using cryptocurrencies. Company registration cost starts from USD 6,225.

After receiving the payment, we begin the process of preparing the documentation.

To register a company in the UAE Fujairah Creative City free zone, individuals will need the following documents:

  • A completed application with details of the business type, directors, and shareholders (citizenship, country of residence, address, profession, etc.).
  • Copy of passport or other acceptable ID (photo and signature pages). Pages with UAE entry stamp are also required (even if it was several years ago).
  • Contact information (the address where we can send your company’s documents).

If you have a UAE resident visa, the registrar does not require a NOC from the local sponsor.

Please, contact us at for advice and start registering a company in the Fujairah Creative City free zone. Be sure we will provide you with the best financial products.

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