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Commercial Real Estate in Turkey – Get Yourself Istanbul Office in Deluxia Park Business Project

It is clear why commercial real estate in Turkey enjoys high demand. Investors therein not only receive highly profitable properties, but also get a chance to become citizens of Turkey if the property price makes USD 250,000 and above. Apart from this, they enjoy certain benefits and incentives from the state. Istanbul office owners may profitably lease their properties or use them to do business. An investment like this is a highly liquid asset, both in short- and long-term. Real estate investors in Istanbul, Turkey, will find office premises of EUR 2000 per square meter in the Deluxia Park Business project. The project is currently under construction. The company in charge of the project development is Teknik Yapi, one of the oldest construction companies in Turkey. The commercial real estate project is to be commissioned in 2023.

Deluxia Park Business

Advantages of buying an office under construction in Turkey

Reputation is not a mere word for Turkish development companies. They are exceptionally thorough and disciplined where completion dates and deadlines are concerned. Under normal circumstances, it takes 2 or 3 years to commission an apartment complex or an office building. Purchasing an office under construction in Turkey offers a number of benefits to real estate investors:

  • Low selling price. A developer investing in the project is interested in achieving the best return  its investment.
  • High investment yield. The buyer will be able to sell their properties at a much higher price, approximately 30% above the original value. Such office premises may also be leased.
  • Transaction guarantee. An agreement with a reliable construction and development company secures investment success, with no risks for the investor. The Teknik Yapi construction company is in charge of the Deluxia Park Business project development, and it has been on the market since 1974.
  • Wide selection of properties. A potential buyer may choose an office to match their needs in any part of the building.
  • Own territory with well-developed infrastructure. New real estate projects dispose of everything necessary to work and live comfortably.
  • Convenient payment system. Property investors have an opportunity to pay for their future real estate by installments.  You may make a down payment of 50%, with the remaining amount paid within the next 2 years, to purchase an Istanbul office in the Deluxia Park Business project.

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Foreign real estate investors enjoy an opportunity to get citizenship of Turkey by investment, where the property price makes up USD 400,000 and above.

A new construction is tightly monitored by the government of Turkey, hence, unfinished construction is not typical. From foundation casting to interior finishing, the corresponding state commissions control every stage of construction. This approach results in the stellar reputation of Turkish developers worldwide. They use exclusively high-quality materials. With methods and attitude like these, high project quality is guaranteed.


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Deluxia Park Business project in detail

Deluxia Park Business is an office project in Istanbul. Known as the unofficial capital of Turkey, Istanbul  is the seventh-largest metropolis of the world and a new international financial center. Multiple major Turkish companies and international representative offices may be found here. Purchasing an office in the Istanbul Deluxia Park Business project opens a world of possibilities at the crossroads of the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa to any businessman. Both financial companies and major banks are about to move from Ankara to Istanbul, as and when the Istanbul financial infrastructure is improved and upgraded, the forecast says. Deluxia Park Business makes a part of the big Deluxia Park real estate project set up by the Teknik Yapi construction company. The developer also offers residential real estate for sale in the Deluxia Park Residence project

Overview of Deluxia Park Business project

Number of floors35
Total area81,356 square meters
Number of offices400
Number of commercial premises14
Building typeOffice building
Structure typeMonolith
Payment by installmentsPayment by installments is possible, with the down payment of 50% and the remaining amount paid within 24 following months.

The project is just a 2-minute walk from the Maltepe Park AVM shopping center and the subway station. It takes 4 mins to walk to the Lütfi Kırdar hospital and the Koşuyolu Cardiovascular center. Here are the other landmarks close to the Deluxia Park Business project:

  • IKEA shopping center and Anadolu Court – 5 mins
  • Metrobus station and Bostanci ferry terminal quay – 10 mins walk
  • Canyon and Zorlu centers – 35 mins.

The project enjoys a favorable location close to the subway station, the Е5 highway, the airport, and several other transport networks. It sits on the crossroads of Kartal and Maltepe, that are among the most dynamically developing Istanbul districts. You can reach any destination in the city completely trouble-free from here.

Future office owners and residents will enjoy a comfortable working environment in modern A+ offices overlooking the islands.

The Deluxia Park Business project boasts 24-hour security, CCTV cameras, an outdoor parking lot, an indoor parking lot, a coffee house, a restaurant, a fitness studio, a workout facility, a conference hall, a sauna, and a public promenade. Office employees may visit a large stylish restaurant on the 18th floor, and enjoy a fitness studio and a sauna on the 19th floor of the Deluxia Park project without leaving the building.

All LEED standards have been met by the project designers and developers. Solar energy will be used for lightening. The building boasts a rainwater treatment system. The Deluxia Park Business project follows the motto One Click Ahead in Your Business. With a slogan like this, the project is definitely ahead of its time, and businessmen enjoy a favorable working atmosphere.

Office prices in Deluxia Park Business project

Office typeOffice areaMinimum priceMaximum price
А93.66 square meters₺2,031,500 or €160,600₺2,161,000 or €172,000 
C133.04 square meters₺2,930,000 or €235,000 ₺3,113,500 or  €248,000 
D99.63 square meters – 99.74 square meters₺2,202,900 or €175,000 ₺2,338,600 or €248,000 
E122.1 square meters₺2,741,600 or €218,000 ₺2,741,600 or €219,000 
F114.88 square meters₺2,535,800 or €202,000 ₺2,535,800 or €202,000 
H106.41 square meters₺2,363,100 or €180,000 ₺2,363,100 or €188,000  
I99.11 square meters₺2,393,600 or €190,000 ₺2,431,500 or €194,000 
J84.15 square meters – 84.26 square meters₺2,003,400 or €160,000 ₺2,033,100 or €162,000 
K121.4 square meters₺2,854,400 or €230,000 ₺2,900,700 or €231,000 
L135.22 square meters₺2,847,900 or €227,000 ₺2,954,500 or €235,000 
B126.73 square meters₺2,856,400 or €228,000 ₺2,856,400 or €227,000 
E4122.12 square meters₺2,943,000 or €234,000 ₺2,943,000 or €235,000 
B4114.92 square meters₺2,737,300 or €218,000 ₺2,737,300 or €218,000 

Teknik Yapi development company

Teknik Yapi has been operating in the construction market of Turkey for over 40 years. It has built and commissioned over 6,000,000 square meters of properties. Teknik Yapi enjoys success as both an industrial and a residential developer. The company is headed by Nazmi Durbakayım, its founder and timeless director.

Assistance from International Wealth with commercial real estate purchase in Istanbul

Are you willing to purchase a comfortable office in the cutting edge Deluxia Park Business project? A wise step would be to turn to the International Wealth team for assistance and a piece of advice. The International Wealth experts will select the best real estate options for you, help with document preparation, and provide all the necessary transaction services. You are welcome to contact us at

Is it difficult for a foreign investor to purchase an office in Istanbul?

It won’t take you long to purchase commercial premises in Istanbul, Turkey, if you contact the International Wealth experts for help. The Deluxia Park Business project in Istanbul provides for several available office options with varying areas and prices.

May I pay for my Deluxia Park Business office in Istanbul, Turkey, by installments?

Absolutely. If you wish, you may pay for your office in the Deluxia Park Business project (Istanbul, Turkey) by installments. You shall make a down payment of 50%, with the remaining amount contributed within 24 months.

What benefits will I enjoy, if I purchase an office in Istanbul, Turkey?

When investing in Turkish real estate, you receive an opportunity to work in one of the world’s international financial centers, keep abreast of business life in Turkey, and many more. You may either lease your office or benefit from its sale. Real estate investors purchasing commercial properties over USD 250,000 receive an opportunity to become Turkish citizens.

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