Cost: 85000 GBP


Comfortable Studio Apartment in Caesar Resort in Northern Cyprus

Caesar Resort is a modern residential complex with comfortable apartments in Iskele, on the coast of Northern Cyprus. The complex is located 600 meters away from the famous Long Beach. Here you can profitably buy a completely new furnished studio apartment and immediately move into it.

Studio apartment in Caesar Resort

Caesar Resort in Detail

Caesar Resort is a modern residential real estate development situated on the coast of Northern Cyprus not far from the city of Iskele. One of the best Cypriot beaches – the famous Long Beach – is just a three-minute walk away. This beach is famous for the cleanest Mediterranean Sea water, a three-kilometer sandy spit, and magnificent sea views.

The Caesar Resort Residential Complex is located just a few minutes’ drive from the key cities of Northern Cyprus: Bogaz, Famagusta, and the ancient Salamis. Investors from all over the world buy real estate here, appreciating the unique merits of the offer. Favorable maritime climate, magnificent nature, the closeness to historical sights – all that combined with modern and comfortable apartments equipped with the latest appliances and amenities creates an unbeatable mix that provides the property owners with pleasant comfort and deep satisfaction.


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Buying an open-plan (studio) apartment in the Caesar Resort Residential Complex means immersing in Mediterranean comfort and the famously friendly Cypriot atmosphere. The complex is perfect both for permanent residence in the apartments and for making occasional visits. The total area of the Caesar Resort is 17,000 m2. The premises show off some beautiful landscape design, with green lawns and flower beds and a carefully created ensemble of flowering trees and shrubs. The place is cozy and comfortable at any time of the year.

The carefully designed infrastructure offers a wide range of services:

  • playgrounds;
  • swimming pools;
  • a kindergarten;
  • a learning center for children;
  • SPA salons and restaurants;
  • a mini-market;
  • security service;
  • several hot tubs;
  • a sauna;
  • a barbecue area;
  • beauty salons; and
  • a gym.

In addition, there are some free bicycles, a car rental, laundry, and mini-golf fields at the guests’ disposal. There is a water park on the premises of the complex as well.

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Does moving to Northern Cyprus sound like a good idea? Maybe you can actually afford something a bit more upscale? Then why not buy one of the luxurious villas in Arbatu Hills? Or maybe you would prefer a premium-class apartment in the Grand Sapphire Resort? Contact us today to learn about the most popular and lucrative offers from our developers.

Buy a Cozy Studio Apartment in Northern Cyprus

We offer a comfortable studio in one of the best residential complexes in Northern Cyprus called Caesar Resort. The apartment is sold with final finishing and furniture, so there is no need to deal with those – you can move in and start living in your property immediately after the purchase.

General data about the property:

  • second floor;
  • Total area of 42 m2 and a balcony (8 m2);
  • built-in kitchen;
  • plumbing and kitchen appliances;
  • modern furniture to provide for comfortable living.

The price of the studio (open-plan) apartment in the Caesar Resort Residential Complex is 85000 GBP.

How Can You Buy a Studio Apartment in Northern Cyprus?

If you are considering the prospect of moving to Northern Cyprus, buying an apartment in the Caesar Resort Residential Complex is the best option as the effective first step towards your goal. This property can become either a comfortable place for a vacation getaway or your cozy permanent home. A studio in Northern Cyprus can also make a profitable investment that will bring you regular rental income.

We can provide assistance with the following:

  • Providing comprehensive information (including photos, videos, and documents) about the property you are interested in located in Northern Cyprus. The information will be fully adjusted to your individual preferences. We will then give you full support at all stages of the purchase and sale transaction.
  • Registration of a residence permit in Northern Cyprus. We offer a turnkey Cypriot residence permit service. Our employee will accompany you to all the relevant government agencies.
  • Relocation of your assets, including complex currency and financial transactions in the banking sector. We will help you to open a personal bank account in the bank of Northern Cyprus or, if you are interested, start a corporate bank account in the republic.

·    We provide 24/7 round the clock support for all sorts of issues and transactions. Our consultants are always available for questions about a wide range of problems and business areas.

We will not only help you both with the purchase of the real estate of your choice in Northern Cyprus, but also provide assistance with possible employment, help register your dependents, get your children admitted in a kindergarten / school / higher educational institution / language school, etc. To contact us, please use the information in the Contacts section on our website.

How hard is it to buy a studio apartment in Northern Cyprus?

If you decide to contact us for help in buying real estate, we will take care of almost all the hassles connected with it. Email our experts at today!

How much is an open-plan apartment in North Cyprus?

Offer from our real estate experts: a fully furnished studio apartment in Caesar Resort, one of the modern and popular residential complexes in North Cyprus. Cost – 85000 GBP.

Can I get a residence permit for North Cyprus if I decide to buy a studio there?

Yes, you will be able to get a TRNC residence permit. Our experts will assist you in this matter at all stages.

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