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Cost: from 175 150 USD


Comfortable EVIN PARK Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey

Considering the relatively low investment amount necessary to get Turkish citizenship, the keen interest of foreign investors to Turkish real estate is hardly surprising. If you wish to live your life in a top-class apartment with superb panoramic windows facing the ancient peninsula, take a look at the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Real estate prices here start from USD 175,150. 

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Do you feel like you can’t handle complex real estate issues on your own and need professional assistance to purchase properties in the EVIN PARK Apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey? The International Wealth experts will help you through everything. It will all go well with your real estate purchase, for you are in safe hands with International Wealth. Our professional team will offer you a variety of real estate options in Istanbul and other attractive cities of Turkey. 

EVIN PARK Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey – comfy life close to the Kadiköy beaches

With its luxury new real estate projects, the reconstructed Fikirtepe district in the Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the city’s most prestigious locations. This is an expensive and privileged neighborhood, where real estate prices go up annually. 

You may purchase an EVIN PARK apartment in Istanbul, Turkey to live here together with your family or to lease it out and receive stable passive income in the long term. Real estate investment provides for investment portfolio diversification and maximum protection of your fiat money from inflation. Even more, the project makes it possible for you and your whole family to qualify for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program.  

The Kadiköy-Fikirtepe district of Istanbul, Turkey is a privileged location that boasts superb infrastructure. It offers marvelous modern residences with the highest living standards to its dwellers. 


Every EVIN PARK apartment comes with tempting benefits:

  • turnkey real estate project
  • 3 apartment blocks A, B and C totaling 8274 square meters
  • 3 buildings from 7 to 24 floors, with modern design and architectural solutions 
  • breathtaking city and sea views
  • project’s own large 5-story shopping center
  • around 100 shops for the project’s residents
  • superb amenities (swimming pools, a sauna, hammams, a fitness center and a workout facility, plus various shops). 

Professional facility management offers the following opportunities: 

  • swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • satellite TV
  • common facilities cleaning and maintenance. 

Depending on the particular property you choose, apartment prices in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul range from USD 175,150 to USD 893,633. 

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The International Wealth experts will calculate any extra expenses involved in a sale and purchase deal for your EVIN PARK apartment in Istanbul, Turkey and arrange a personal property tour for you. We provide a full range of legal support services for any real estate sale and purchase deals, and you may count on our assistance if you decide to take part in the Citizenship by Investment program in Turkey.

EVIN PARK real estate in Istanbul – residences for sale  

The project includes 467 condominiums and 96 commercial premises. This new building was commissioned in August 2021. You may choose from 1+1 to 4+1 residences when considering an apartment purchase in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Residents of the project have the right to use local indoor and outdoor parking lots. 

Below you’ll find the apartment types foreign investors may purchase in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey: 

TypeArea, square meters Minimum price, USDMaximum price, USD
1+177.74 – 126175,150287,822
2+1140.64 – 247.24365,042547,845
3+1238.28 – 330.06588,092772,800
4+1327.73 – 366.83743,520893,633

Various properties are currently for sale in the EVIN PARK project in Istanbul, Turkey, including small but spacious studios and maisonettes with penthouses. Take a look at the 1+1C residence. It is a 2-room studio of 66.89 square meters, with a living space of 43.72 square meters. The studio comes with the living room of 28.42 square meters, the bedroom of 10.83 square meters, and the bathroom of 4.47 square meters. The 3+1 А apartment is a spacious residence totaling 154.30 square meters, with a usable area of 100.85 square meters, 3 separate bedrooms, a large bathroom, and a Turkish hamam. This apartment offers a spacious dining area combined with a recreation area of 26.42 square meters and a closed kitchen of 12.16 square meters. 

We are happy to offer you both virtual and personal property tours. You may also order a full service package, including the legal support of your real estate sale and purchase deal and your move to Turkey, where you’ll get your Citizen by Investment status a bit later on. We will assist you with this every step of the way.

Below, you will find our best offers for foreign investors: 


Contact the International Wealth experts to choose the best financial service provider. We will take into account all your wishes and preferences, analyze your business needs, and offer the most suitable options.  

EVIN PARK apartment complex in the Turkish capital – facilities and general safety 

Find a way into a brand-new life – this is the motto of the project’s developers. One apartment block here offers you a whole package of the necessary facilities. You will be able to shop for consumer goods without leaving the neighborhood, and your safety will be secured. Don’t forget the high-class technical facilities in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey when considering your investment options. Here’s what each apartment offers to the residents: 

  • oven, air extraction, and stove
  • sanitary ware
  • VRF air conditioner 
  • closed kitchen
  • lacquered doors and racks
  • bathrooms with stall showers
  • hardwood interior doors
  • fiber optic Internet connection. 

You will get your own 1-car garage, if you purchase a 2+1 apartment, or a 2-car garage, if you buy a 3+1 or 4+1 residence. The other amenities you may enjoy in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey are mentioned below:

  1. electric power generator for public areas
  2. 3 passenger elevators in each apartment block
  3. 1 fire elevator in each apartment block
  4. video intercom
  5. 24/7 security service 
  6. video surveillance cameras at the main entrance and in all common areas (all CCTV records are archived)
  7. fire alarm system with smoke detectors 
  8. automatic fire-fighting and sprinkler system 
  9. fire safety stations on each floor. 

The project disposes of various amenities providing for absolute comfort. Here’s what it offers to the residents:

  • parking lot
  • fitness center
  • sauna, hamam, and sweating-room
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • locker rooms for men and women
  • large entrance areas (entrance halls with high ceilings)
  • Wi-Fi
  • music broadcasts. 

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If you wish to learn more about the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, with its lush residences and the district amenities in the Kadiköy-Fikirtepe district, you are welcome to book a personal property tour at International Wealth. Our highly-qualified experts will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

EVIN PARK residences in Istanbul: favorable location   

The EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey enjoys a convenient location with great transport connections. The EVIN PARK project sits right at the E-5 highway, which allows for all possible public transport, including Metrobus, METRO & METRO MARMARAY, etc. Large transportation hubs within a walking distance from the project connect the EVIN PARK neighborhood with nearly all Istanbul districts. If you need any essential goods, you can go straight to the local 5-story shopping center – no need to go elsewhere for this.

These are by far not all the perks – the unforgettable Kadiköy seaside is just a couple of steps away. 

The EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is easy to reach. Here’s how long it takes to get to the main local landmarks from here: 

  • 11 mins by foot – to Akasaya shopping center
  • 30 mins – to the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport
  • 9 mins – to the Kadiköy seaside
  • 1,5 kilometers to the beach.

With great number of restaurants, schools, universities, this prestigious neighborhood is the right place to purchase real estate in and settle down. Due to its multiple bars, cinemas, and bookshops, the Kadiköy district is a true cultural center of the Asian Istanbul. Most local buildings boast Roman style architecture. Some of them are being restored and the rest were turned into pubs and restaurants offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine to their guests. 

The EVIN PARK real estate project offers a wonderful view of Downtown Istanbul (the European part on the Bosphorus strait). The M4 subway line is close by, and you can get to the Söğüt Çeşme railway station from the last Metrobus station in the European part of Istanbul. 

If you like crossing the Bosphorus strait to travel between the Asian and the European parts of the city, you may enjoy the local ferry service. The bus station is close by, and the central district market is also easy to reach from here.   

These are the places and things favored by avid shoppers in the Kadiköy-Fikirtepe district of Istanbul, Turkey: 

  • main Turkish food market
  • wide range of seafood
  • large Tepe Nautilus shopping center
  • lots of street vendors
  • popular book stores and boutiques
  • music stores. 

Narrow local streets are filled with cafes and restaurants that most foodies will fall in love with. Various eateries will satisfy every taste, no matter what your food preferences are. With both Turkish and exotic cuisines to be found here, you can never go hungry. Unlike in Beyoğlu, night life in the Kadiköy-Fikirtepe district of Istanbul is not particularly eventful. It is a much calmer place, with lots of residential properties and industrial areas brought together for a comfortable life.

Residences in the colorful and cozy EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey are highly likely to go up in price in the near future. Just think that the real estate prices in Turkey keep growing (Izmir came in first as far as the real estate price hikes in Q3 2021 are concerned), hence, your investment may earn you a good profit. 


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Kadiköy-Fikirtepe amenities

The district will catch fancy of a demanding immigrant, considering a real estate investment in an EVIN PARK apartment in Istanbul, Turkey to live a quiet family life. With its expensive shopping strip along the seaside, promenades by the water, multiple boutiques, and other sights, the Kadiköy-Fikirtepe district  makes any visitor get lost in time and space. The area with its many churches is favored by believers and church goers.  Lycée Saint-Joseph and Kadıköy Maarif College  (or Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi in Turkish) are among the oldest and most prestigious educational establishments in Turkey. The Erenköy quarter boasts a girls college, and in case of need you can visit the Hastanesi medical center, which is just a few steps away from the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey.  

Investors in the local real estate get ideal living standards, with the comforts of home, high security, a dedicated residential management team, and all the necessary amenities. Local lifestyle will work out well for both business people looking for a comfortable quiet place and families with little kids or teenage children.  

It is a good idea to seek professional assistance when you are about to purchase real estate in Turkey. This will come useful if you want to apply for the local Citizenship by Investment program. With their powerful knowledge and skills, the International Wealth experts will take you through all the legal formalities at the touch of a button. We will select the best properties matching all your requests, arrange for a personal or virtual property tour, and ultimately assist you with moving to Turkey and adapting to local lifestyle and realities. Professional investors will get an opportunity to open foreign accounts, diversify risks with asset protection instruments (take a look at our know-how, Nevis Offshore Trust and LLC), and structure your business in order to minimize your tax burden and protect yourself from competitors. Fuelled by the foreign investment inflow of 2021, the Turkish real estate market is booming. Due to the latest global political developments and economic turmoil, the Citizenship by Investment program remains extremely appealing to foreign investors. Turkish citizenship is an excellent Plan B. It increases your mobility in case the pandemic with its restrictions on movement becomes our reality once again. For more information about the EVIN PARK properties and real estate investment in Turkey, contact International Wealth and we’ll be happy to assist you in every possible way.    

What residences may I buy in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey?

The choice is wide. You may purchase 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, or 4+1 residences in the newly-built EVIN PARK real estate. They are offered in any of the A, B, or C apartment blocks. Spacious sunlit apartments totaling 77.74 to 366.83 square meters are currently for sale in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. You may choose from 1-bedroom apartments or lush penthouses and maisonettes to either purchase them for your own use or lease the properties out later on. All residences have high-quality bathroom equipment, built-in kitchen appliances, and fiber optic Internet connection. The local property management company is in charge of all public spaces.

Where can I find the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey?

The new real estate project of 3 apartment blocks totaling 8274 square meters sits in the quiet and comfortable Kadiköy-Fikirtepe neighborhood. This is a prestigious district with excellent transportation hubs that make it possible to reach any other destination in Istanbul. A large mall is right opposite the EVIN PARK apartment complex, and around 100 different shops may be found in the project’s own large shopping center.

May I apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey if I purchase an apartment in the EVIN PARK apartment complex in Istanbul?

You may. After you have received your title certificate, you may apply for a citizen by investment status in Turkey. If the apartment you have eyes for is relatively cheap you may purchase several properties totaling USD 400,000 or above to be eligible. For more information please contact the International Wealth experts and book a consultation. Remember, all initial consultations are free of charge.

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